Friday, April 11, 2008

Burying Brickendonbury....

I know many Malaysians will rejoice over this piece of news.

I remember people -- homemakers, students, lawyers, doctors, sportsmen (yes!) -- wondering why we would want to spend so much money on this project.

Even Youth and Sports ministry officials found it difficult to defend this project.

It was being carried out with the best of intentions (for Malaysian sports), a close aide of the then Youth and Sports Minister told me.

Well here's the piece of news (source: NST) --

The Youth and Sports Ministry has shelved the Brickendonbury High Performance Training Centre (HPTC) project in London as a forward base to prepare Malaysian athletes for the 2012 Olympic Games.

“As we are aware, our application to build the Brickedonbury HPTC had been rejected by the East Herts Council Development Control Committee.

“The ministry can appeal against the decision and file a fresh application.

But after studying it from various angles and considering the views of all parties, the ministry has decided to shelve the project. So we will not make an appeal and file a fresh application,” said its minister Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob at a press conference here today (Thursday April 9).

He said the decision was made at the ministry’s post-cabinet meeting yesterday and it was endorsed by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who is also the Cabinet Committee On Sports Development chairman.
The East Herts Council Development Control Committee rejected Malaysia’s application to upgrade the Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre (TARRC) in London in November last year.

Please read The Sun's C
itizen Nades on Brickendonbury here.


Anonymous said...

thank god for saving the people money in this project. Use the money to build more school and improve the school facilities

donplaypuks said...

It's a no brainer the Brickendonbury project was doomed to fail.

If the authorities in M'sia had any sense, they would take a leaf from London and ban any development of University Malaya 'underutilised/unused' Green Lung land.

Our so-called learned professors have zilch understanding or concern for the environment and seem to be blind to issues of Ozone Layer depletion and Global Warming.

What's worrying is the involvement of the ONE touted to be our next PM - Rosemajib in the Brickendonbury project. Whenever she is involved somebody gets a fat non-tendered contract or huge unheard of 10% commission like baginda altantuya.

Our athletes cannot even acclimatise to conditions in Camerons & Frasers Hill. So, whither London?

It was announced yesterday that M'sia is now ranked 171 by FIFA, the worst ever in M'sian history.

Immediately, we had the M'sia team manager saying that no one pays any attention to FIFA rankings. So, what, do they go by the rankings in the Sentul League or what?

Ostrich with head in the sand!! Pathetic!! Sack them all and put Nicol David in charge, I say.

Old Fart said...

But i think it is Citizen Nades' account of it in today's TheSun which is required reading to have abeeter understanding of the nature of the corruption that Azalina intended to do on us.

Anonymous said...

Turn Brickendonbury into the Tun Abdul Razak Ibn Khaldun Institute of Occidental Studies jointly managed by a Consortium of the Top Research universities of Malaysia ie. UM, UKM, USM

and have Visiting Professors from the UK and Europe and USA to give lectures there to be complemented by our own Professors and Research Fellows to embark on PhD programs jointly supervised by European and Malaysia professors ...

and also allow Professorial Fellowships and Senior Fellowships for post-doctoral work ....

in 10 or 20 years time we would be a pool of reserach materials and Malaysian "experts" of the Occident.

So , new Minister of Higher Education do your part !

Ibn Badawi.

Anonymous said...

tuahyong said...

Thank God that the project is abandon. I wonder why C4 and "Lina" was so adamant about this project? Is this a project sapu $$ or to make it a free transit while on a shopping spree in London? We could build more HPC in Malaysia to train more Malaysians!!

Zawi said...

It was bad intention all the while. Najib can be considered as abetting the minister to commit such a huge sum of money for a cause that many doubts of the benefit if there is any at all.

aware said...

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