Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We're Bebas Reps Now...

NST report:

KUALA LUMPUR: The two Parti Keadilan Rakyat assemblyman embroiled in controversy -- Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu -- now consider themselves independents.

They are grateful for the Election Commission's decision yesterday not to call for by-elections in their constituencies after the hue and cry over the drama of their disappearance and purported resignations.

Jamaluddin, the Behrang assemblyman, said he accepted any decision taken by the EC.

"I thank God that the EC's decision favours me.

I am no longer a member of PKR as they have kicked me out. There is nothing I can do when they do not need me any more.
"As of now, I consider myself an independent assemblyman."

Jamaluddin also said he would not resign in writing from PKR, either as a party member or state executive councillor.

"There is no need for that as I have been chased away by them. The state assembly speaker's move to inform the EC of my seat's vacancy shows that I am out of the party.

"I will consult my lawyers on any subsequent action."

Changkat Jering assemblyman Osman said he was happy with the EC's decision and needed time to decide on his next move.

"For now, I consider myself an independent assemblyman. I have not decided whether to join any of the other political parties," said Osman, who is also a state executive council member.


UMB said...

They have wriggled into a delima themselves as the voters are watching them and they are fully aware to do so they have to face the rakyats backlash.

With the Corruption Charges against them, they do not have a choice and have told NTR that they can remain as independant till the next GE which NTR do not buy.

Hence their value as frogs diminish.

How stupid can they be. If I am them, I am really malufied to face the Public.

Anonymous said...

As a eligible voter I wonder can my rep just quit from the original party and say I am a Bebas? If he wants to be bebas then he have to get the consent from all the voters that voted for him. Simple stand again as a bebas and lets have a by election. Right? TQ

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

The next thing to watch is the court's proceedings on the corruption case of these duo on 10 Feb., 2009.

The Election Commissions law that bars a person to recontest in an election when he has vacated his State or Parliament seat should be reviewed. The person should be allowed to recontest if he vacates his seat due to resignation from his party. Better still, make it mandatory for the person to vacate his seat when he hops to another party or becomes an independent.

amoker said...

They should return their gaji and cars too. Cakap kuat...

Missing for so many days and no reachable by their very own constintuents. very good service .

Anonymous said...

I believe Karpal Singh made a statement today, defending the EC ruling, citing a similar case in the 80's.

So, we have a 'rojak' case here.

Some say this, some say that, some say this and that, but legally, it is ludricrous that an elected representative could simply lift a magic wand declare " I want to be anything I wish ".

It does not work that way in a civilised society, my friends.

Where is the rule of law poser in this case?

Looks like the rule of confusion has superseeded everything.

Is this about divide and rule policy or a side show for something bigger?

I'll sit back and watch this amusing comedy. At least it's free, as opposed to watching Allen and Indy at the Actors Studio.


Unknown said...

You like it or not, having a rep to pre-sign a resignation letter is an illegal act.

It tantamount to an act of extortion.

Furthermore, in law, the one who gets elected is not the party. It’s the very person whose name appears on the ballot paper.

So, only him – exclusively, have the right to decide on his own action.

As it is an illegal act, the status is deemed to be 'void ab initio' - not binding from the very start.

The problem is that, our legal fraternity nowadays prefers to politicize every issue.

They even are willing to lie for their own vested interest.

At the same time, they won’t shy away from accusing others to be ignorance.

RULE OF LAW? Who cares..??

Anonymous said...

Come 10 FEb, all corruption and sex charges against these 2 will be drop ! That's the gift for joining BN.