Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Continuing Drama In Perak

Now before I lose the plot -- among which is to implicate DPM Najib Razak -- let me quickly update you -- there'll be no by-elections in Perak because as far as the Election Commission is concerned, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (PKR-Behrang) and Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu (PKR-Changkat Jering) are still Perak state assemblymen.

So, the EC has ruled that
the Perak State Legislative Assembly seats for Changkat Jering (N14) and Behrang (N58) are not vacant as they are still held by the incumbent assemblymen.

The NST report HERE.

Some people say it may look like a whole load of drama, but the plot is sinister.

Meanwhile, former Malay Mail/Berita Harian news editor Aziz Hassan smells a rat. Not just a sandiwara. It's a conspiracy, he says.
Read what he has to say in his blog, Mana-Mana.

Oh. Remind me to slap my kids if they want to be politicians.


Anonymous said...

The two PKR guys in question is doing a balancing act.

While in PKR, they say that the corruption case was fixed.

If they jump ship, then they were paid millions to do so.

In the interest of their, they should resign on their own accord, not by their undated letters of resignation, and call for a 'bye' election by standing as independant candidates.

By the way, the saintly PKR jokers used to preach democracy, transparency blablablabbers, but how is it that all their machais have to sign undated resignation letters?

Where's the preaching gone to? It's less than a year and their heads are getting bigger than the shoulders.


Anonymous said...

we Are a Mickey Mouse nation after all...


Anonymous said...

No wonder why God said that the first group of people to be questioned (after this life)are politicians and lawyers..look at the mess they are creating to the country...I used to waste my time and energy (even good thoughts)for what is happening in Malaysia...now I couldnt be bothered anymore (as far as political drama is concerned)...as they say the opposite of love is not hatred (or complaining)...it is feeling nothing...observing from thousands of miles away one cant help but to feel grateful for not being there...maybe a good man really should do nothing...

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...


just call for fresh election and InsyaAllah we Perakians will kicked BN into the straits of Malacca..

MB nizar we are firmly behind you....


Anonymous said...

There is something that is just not kosher about what the EC is doing.

If, as anon@6.32 says, the two jokers were to resign on their own, should they address their resignation letters to the EC or the state government?

In any case, as anon@6.32 had so eloquently put it, if there are by-elections, it would certainly be "bye" elections for these two idiots.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha...BN thought they have EC on their side with two PKR traitors with them they can rule....., but “Thirty against 27 is still a majority,” DAP Ngeh said. Sorry BN the costly frogs didn't workout as plan. BN really no brainer and now back to the drawing board.

Lee said...

The Election Commission's role is to conduct election.The Chairman of the Commission had been informed by the Speaker regarding the two vacancies resulting from the resignations of the two renegade PKR politicians.It is not the Commission's function to decide whether the resignations are valid or not.That is the job of the Judiciary which the Commission had blatantly usurp!The two so-called 'missing' politicians can challenge the Speaker's decision.Whether there will be any by elections or not is for the Judiciary to decide and not the Election Commission.

Anonymous said...

HEY ! EC xxxxs, just do what u r told
to fix the dates 4 the 2 by-elections & tutup mulut, @#$%^&* !!

amoker said...

"Buy" election.

THe PR was very concerned with the behaviour of UMNO of using money to buy politicians.

I do wonder how the EC knows that their photocopied letters are false or true , since both jokers is still missing. How do they determine that the said letters are actually signed by both?

Did the EC interviewed all parties?
Or by hearsay?

They are setting a precedent that EC is now the judiaciary.

Yeah, i would slap my kids too..

Anonymous said...

to be frank, both PKR adun is formerly umno people. So kak, basically all PKR men are from umno. So they can be bought le!!!

zamri, sunway

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a 'good' drama.
Shame on all these so-called representatives.
They only look out for themselves.
See where the wind blows and jump.
To blazes with the rakyat.
We have all been hoodwinked.
- Perakian

Unknown said...

Why the hell is Anwar and that Puppet Menteri Besar suddenly scream 'Evil Work'???

Isn't Anwar who promised his followers that he shall govern Malaysia through the Back Door?... he sure likes this entrance kan!!!!

Isn't Puppet Nizar only last week proudly declared that the UMNO 'frogging act' was an act of pure democracy?

One man full of shit smells skeletons.

Another, a confuse ngeh’s puppet.



Anonymous said...

All roads lead to Putrajaya...Loads of drama in Perak but then all of them are pointed directly to those in Putrajaya...I smell something fishy here, somebody needs to remain in his seat after March....

Wan Nordin Wan Hussin said...

I have a teaser for you.
What if they want to marry politicians? Are you going to give them a tight slap too, Sis Ena? Hope we can meet again soon. It has been so long ...

Anonymous said...


Don't be silly. If your kids want to be politicians, they can be decent politicians aiming to serve the rakyat sincerely.

But by all means please slap them if if you think they are rotten and of weak character and are likely to abuse power like UMNO. Also slap them if they decide to join parties like UMNO.

Otherwise, they can be decent politicians, like Hannah Teoh (DAP) and Nik Aziz Nik Mat (PAS).

So have a bit of faith in your kids, because not everyone will turn into a depraved and incurable despot like Mahathir or shamelessly corrupt policitians like those Barisan Nasional leaders.

All the best.

And oh, the Election Commission has no right/no jurisdiction to determine whether an election should be held or not (that's up to the Speaker -- this is in the constitution) and if there is any dispute, the courts decide -- not the EC.

Our EC is in the wrong.

Get that clear, Nuraina.

Don't be blinded by Barisan Nasional's propaganda.

Truly understand both sides of the story before writing.

And don't lump Nizar and V. Sivakumar in the same sentence as Najib and Pak Lah and calling them all useless politicians -- it is a dirty and mischievious way of putting good people together with the bad people like Najib and making your readers think the good ones are also bad.

Learning a lot of spinning techniques from Rocky are you?


panglima teluk intan,


thank you for the comical selingan.:-D


panglima teluk intan,

oh...normally i don't respond to comics. but this i cannot resist.

"learning a lot of spinning techniques from Rocky are you?"

well...not half as much as he's learnt from me. :-)

perhaps you should consider dropping that "panglima".

Anonymous said...

As the Yang DiPertuan Agung duly appointed Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof to the Chair of the Election Commission after receiving the oath to uphold the sanctity and neutrality of the Chair, so the Yang DiPertuan Agung has the power to remove Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof from the Chair for betraying the trust.

Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof should also be stripped of his "Tan Sri". He has to decide whether he wants to be a politician or an employee of the State. He cannot be both.

The Yang DiPertuan Agung is duty bound to protect the System to ensure abuse of the various institutions making up the System is abused and the nation thereby mismanaged by men of questionable honesty rising to the top of the System.

Let the System be a vanguard against criminal abuse by politicians with no moral underpinnings.

Anonymous said...

Behrang Assemblyman Declares Himself An Independent

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

My entire family members and close friends voted for Opposition during the last election, regardless who stood for election. So we crossed DAP, PKR and PAS. We were hopeful.

Now, we see that PKR and DAP are as bad and even worse than BN in many circumstances. I am sure in this case the devil was infact better than the dark blue sea....

I wish for a change ... I tried by voting for change.... Yes, we got change but we are no better than what we were before. The change only made us more bold in revealing all, bare all...
We have less shame now, we have less pride and are definitely not respectable people.

BTW, What is the point hitting out at Nuraina or Rocky. They write stuff in their blogs and we analyse them as we see fit.
Don't stoop so low and exercise emotional blackmail just because you don't agree with the words or the tone of the writings. This is also why I think we are becoming really horrible people, you don't get sweets with the flavour or colour that you like you, then be abusive.. GROW UP!!

Unknown said...

aku dapat tahu yang kedua-dua wakil rakyat dari Behrang dan Changkat Jering yang penuh kontroversi tu sudah secara rasminya diumumkan sebagai bukan lagi exco negeri Perak.itu bermakna mereka tak boleh lagi datang ke mesyuarat exco ataupun sesi dewan rakyat.insentif dan kelebihan sebagai exco juga ditarik balik.

tapi kerajaan Perak takde hak untuk menafikan hak Jamaludin dan Osman sebagai wakil rakyat bagi kawasan masing-masing sebab SPR dah umumkan tiada prk dan mereka masih layak menjadi wakil rakyat kawasan mereka.