Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oh! For God's Sake, Enough .....

...of this nonsense, a not-so-amused Kijang Mas (of the blog, Demi Negara) "pleads".

A word of warning, though...if you can't take his tone or his message or both, DO NOT click on his LINK. Okay. I've warned you, haven't I?

He asks: "Why now? Why so insistent? For who? Demanded by who?"

Let's not beat around the bush, Kijang Mas says.

All this insistence on wanting to use the word "Allah", he believes, is part of a grand global Christian design.

He doesn't believe for a second that it's driven by the love of the Malay language. Nothing remotely close.

By the way, Pure Shiite's "The Devil In The Data....." has something about this issue too. warned. You may not like what the blogger SatD has (to say).


Old Fart said...

It's bullocks. And if it is so, why are you promoting this anyway? And why now?

Is it because some among you need to show what ketuanan can do and what ketuanan is all about?

I have already said before, this is not a life or death issue.

When ever it was that someone found it discomforting seeing Christians also use Allah in their liturgy, it could have been communicated on the sly. Just a whisper in the ears of the right person. And who knows, by now it would ahve all gone out and you guys could have achieved what you want in a dignified way.

But no. You think this is some kind of a fight that you must have in an open ring so that you can show how mighty you are. You got to show that any wins you make for Islam must be through the exercise of power. Not brains. My method of achieving it would not have registered for you a win.

Maybe it is because you want to be able to be identified with at least one victory for Islam, and this is it as a mark or a measure of the ketuanan UMNO has been trying so hard to give the Malays. After all the ketuanan that derives from the accumulation of wealth cannot really be shared out as this has to be limited to the war lords alone.

Once again I say this. This is totally unnecessary and Nuraina, I am trully disappointed with you as you join in this flaming of a fire that is just not needed. Maybe the check on you that was provided by someone you looked up to is not around and this is what you have become!! Sad!!

Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim once said " Action leads to reaction".

This is what we are seeing now.

And why do people quarrel? Because they cannot argue.

The cycle goes a full circle begining with whisper, ending with whisper :

Whisper-talk-shout-argue-quarrel-warning-fight-war and whisper last words to God.

Hmm wonder what God's middle and last names were. Could it be Damn It?


Anonymous said...

Elderly Fart,

Waaa. I can sense the vigor and spite admonishing Nuraina in your post. Feeling so disappointed? For what, just cutting and pasting an article? Why don’t you just go for the jugular vein itself: enter the blog in question, dissect the argument of the author and make your stand there? Tadak belani? And you belani only with women? Fart I know describes you, but are you sure you have balls to confront KijangMas, the author in question?

For those who think a lady like Nuraina can be subjected to intimidations from the likes of this Tua Kentut here, then know that it is only grace and finesse that camouflage the iron-willed fortitude encompassing this lady. I know her and trust me: you don’t WANT to mess too much with her.

But then coming from a genealogy of the nation’s first family of journalism, she has to cover all sorts of grounds and ideas. It is the height of extreme immaturity that whenever she posts ideas not conforming with what one likes, she suddenly is accorded a status of mediocrity and alleged to be taking sides. Knowing Nuraina, she bashes the “other” side more than she praises them and now she is what: a disappointing writer? She's a JOURNALIST, damn it. Someone reporting what she sees and hears, not a prosaic partisan political analyst.

If only you could write half as long and a quarter as sensible right in Kijang Mas’ blog, Old Fart, I would probably at least think you ARE worth considering after all. If not, pengecut is what aptly describes you.

Oh yes that, and your nick too.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be the more sensible and unbiased blogger between Rocky and DemiNegara (who by the way refused to post my comments in response to his bangsa malaysia blog) so why only present one side of the story? Why are you not presenting the other side?

Let me also ask questions:

why govt only make noise now when some Christians have been using the words for ages? Why is the govt so confrontational and why did it threaten the Herald like that? Why not friendly discussion first and ban later? Why so quick to attack? Why try to intimidate the Herald?

Muslims who think like Rocky/DN like to have the victim mentality when it is clear that it is the Herald that is under attack.

And let's not forgot the various forms of prosecution upon Christians such as not granting land to build churches etc. So how are Christians supposed to feel now with the government going around threatening to ban literature and telling them what words they can or cannot use? How are east malaysians supposed to feel with this attack from west malaysian muslim malays? Are they supposed to just quietly accept this treatment?

Hope you can ask some of these questions too rather than only repeating Rocky, DemiNegara and Acropholist.

Anonymous said...

Old fart is a sissy because he hides behind a veil ...

On the contrary, Nuraina reveals her identity!!!

Hey!!! No wonder you're an old fart...

Anonymous said...

But then again, aren't all of them typically like Old Fart ...

They all seem to be able to roar like lions behind "veils" and only on the net ... tapi face-to-face berani pun tak ..

They complain they've been victimised, marginalised, and what have you .... when simple math will tell you that the 45% of the population (which is them) controls 70% of the economy ...

Let me ask some questions here ..

Are the majority of the Chinese here poor?
Are they not free to practise whatever religion they choose and keep their culture?
Aren't they allowed to keep their Chinese names?
Aren't they allowed to let their children attend Chinese schools to learn their mother tongue?
Are they not allowed to vote?
Are they not allowed to accumulate wealth here in Msia (but they keep it someplace else)?

Sebenarnya, apa yang korang nak ni?

Why is it that the Chinese in the States speaks English with an American accent, in Australia speaks with an Australian accent, in UK speaks with a British accent, but the Chinese here in Msia can't even speak proper Malay? Is it because you look down on our language? ....

So why do you tempt us?
Why do you always provoke us?
Why do you always want to pick a fight with us?
Why do you always find faults with us?
Why do you always think that you are better than us? ... If you are, then why did the British equate you all to dogs and referred to the Malays as the gentlemen of the East?

Who brought corruption, vice, prostitution, drugs, organised crime & gangsterism into this country?

So Old Fart! Go read your history books!!!

Btw Old Fart, even if you were to reply to my comments, I won't bother to read them coz I don't think I wanna my waste time with "veil wearing men in skirts"

Have a nice day!

Btw, I may be wrong but I've yet to come across a Malay holding a key finance (like CFO for example)position in a Chinese-owned company .. but a Chinese finance man in a Malay company? Wah!!! Plenty lah ... I guess you guys are much more racist than we are ...

You guys advertise for job openings in your company and put "road-block" requirements such as ... knowledge of English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin will be an added advantage and then have the cheek to add ... Bumiputeras are encourage to apply...

Anonymous said...

Bangsa Melayu at its finest.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a Malay girl who topped the Singapore Primary School Leaving Examination last year 2007/2008 and whose marks broke all previous records?

Tanjong 2

Anonymous said... you have correctly admitted that this is not a life or death issue, that is why you call yourself Old Fart.

I find it difficult to disagree.

Tanjong 3

Anonymous said...

What is your agenda really? Nowadays you sound, talk and write like one of those Rocks!be impartial!

selampit said...


You asked, "..why govt only make noise now when some Christians have been using the words for ages?"

Now, where do you get this "Christians have been using the words for ages.."? Sunday school? The word Allah is only used by Arabic speaking Christians, and they generally add the world 'Al-Ab' (meaning father) after 'Allah' to distinguish it from the Islamic 'Allah'.

Why government make noise? Because it OFFENDS Muslims in this country. Now let me ASK YOU a question. Does it OFFEND you not being able to use the word 'Allah'? If yes, then WHY? Christians worldwide ever since the days of the Apostles have been practicing the faith without using the word Allah, and most of them were, and are pious followers of Christ.

You asked "Why is the govt so confrontational and why did it threaten the Herald like that?" What the Herald did (and still doing) could very well drag this peaceful country into a bloody religious conflict. DO YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN?

WELL I SURELY DON'T, and I bet my bottom dollars the government too don't want that happening, and since it is COMMON KNOWLEDGE that Christians will not LOSE PARADISE without the sacred word, so the government kindly warned the Herald not proceed with their plan.

But no! If Melayu CAN, the Herald also CAN! This is FREEDOM what? Next thing the Satanists want to build their own temple. The atheists want to build their own institution - ALL IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM.


You wrote .."And let's not forgot the various forms of prosecution upon Christians such as not granting land to build churches etc"

Prosecution? Ohh you mean like Melayu workers in non-Muslim owned premises NOT ALLOWED to perform Friday Prayers and wear tudung. Those kind of prosecutions eh?

Do you know HOW HARD IT IS for Muslims to build a mosque in a non-Muslim country? On my recent trip to Bangkok, I met with a group of Muslims who complained that they have been TRYING 20 YEARS to build a small surau in their community, but to no avail. Pretend to be Muslim in Singapore and APPLY for a permission to build a mosque over there, and YOU'LL KNOW WHAT PROSECUTION MEANS.

And you come here BITCHING about prosecution?

Anonymous said...

Christian persecution? I thought it was the other way round...

Maybe they've got short memory? ...

Have they forgotten about the Spanish Inquisition!

Or what the Christian Crusaders did to they to the population of Jerusalem when they ran over the city?

So many examples, go read the history books!