Monday, February 02, 2009

Drama In Perak

I so agree with so many people that the political scene in Perak now is a lot of "drama"...
Hard to deny that it isn't.

I'm trying to keep up with the drama and the shenanigans of the players, and you know, the who, what, where and how...

In case, you've been hiding or meditating in a cave the last week or so, I'll give you the rundown -- the main players are PKR state representatives for Behrang Jamaluddin Mat Radzi and Changkat Jering, Mohd Osman Jailu.

Main supporting casts are Perak Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin and Speaker, V. Sivakumar,

Guest appearances by PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, DPM Najib Razak and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

The plot -- abduction, treachery, betrayal, corruption and surely, a lot of lies.....

The victims -- the people, most certainly.

Well...tit-for-tat. BN and PKR, in the final analysis, are A-OK with defections.

BN welcomes anyone from the Opposition and, PKR, for sure, believes in it to make up the numbers.

Oh. just

(of course, there's more ....)


Suraya said...

Seorang pemimpin nak cover malu dek tahi yang terpalit di pantai timur sehingga sebuah negeri bakal bergolak.

Lepas ni giliran Yob dan Yong pula merasa gula2 pilihanraya kecil. Jangan nanti orang Perak pula conteng tahi kat muka Najib.

Ini lah padahnya kalau pengundi berpandukan parti semasa mengundi. Kita sepatutnya memilih calon. Lupakan parti yang dia wakili. Kalau kita kurang yakin dengan peribadi semua calon, lebih baik jangan mengundi.

Kenapa harga maruah seorang wakil rakyat sangat murah? Mereka tak fikir halal haram ke? Amanah pengundi yang diberikan, tak takut balasan dunia dan akhirat ke?

Semua watak dalam sitcom ini adalah Melayu beragama Islam.

Sungguh memalukan!

Short Talk

Anonymous said...

The PKR guys just don't get it. They've been given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show the Malaysian people that an alternative to BN is possible.

So far, there's been too much said and not enough done. As you said "drama"

The key message: "we need more time to undo the faults of BN", is starting to get old.

My advice to them is, stop effin' up now, and get to work. Or else, you can forget about being re-elected.

Forget about winning Federal government for now. Get the job done in the states first! IS THAT TOO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?!

This battle is theirs to lose. So far, they haven't been great. My opinion at least.

Lee said...

Legally the Constitution allows people to have the right to associate and ,therefore, also the right to disassociate.Whether leaving a party for another can be construe as courageous or despicable depends very much on the reasons for the move.If the reason is giving in to corruptions ie receiving monetary rewards or some positions, or just to avoid going to court, then it is obviously despicable.On the other hand,if the reason is based on one's principles ans integrity, and
one has nothing to gain except the support of one's contituent, then it is courages.

Anak Perelih said...

Some people said that the resignation letter is against the constitution like the anti hopping law.. but they forgot the differences which makes the letter is not against the constitution…

Anti hopping law forbids Wakil rakyat to jump to another party… but, The resignation letter only makes them to lost their wakil rakyat status… but they still can jump to another party… Thus the ‘freedom to join organization” is still there for the “letter of resignation” case… You can hop to another party.. but left your jawatan to its owner, ie the rakyat….

Anonymous said...

too many drama la involves of what happening right now in's just like we are experiencing the survivor series but in Malaysian political version.haha.

type "defect" and send to 666 to vote of which party gonna gain the most from all of this issue.hehe.

Pi Bani said...

And what perfect timing too. Tomorrow, 3rd Feb is a holiday in Perak in conjunction with Sultan Azlan's 25 years as Sultan. And the politicians in Perak from both BN and PR are making fools of themselves by staging this drama as part of the celebration...

Makes me wonder why I wasted my time voting in the first place. Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Guest appearances dah ada. What about guest disappearances?

Anonymous said...

The whole thing wasn't simply an ordinary drama but a prelude to a more interesting politically motivated, premeditated conspiracies, a plot to dislodge PAKATAN RAKYAT from power in Perak.

You need to reshuffle your cast!!

Pak Zawi said...

Datuk Nasarudin cluttered BN's attempt to topple the state government of the day when he crossed over to PKR after realizing that 2 state reps from PKR were being bribed and coerced into defecting. Can't blame the two vanishing clowns either. The prospect of going to jail for something they may not have done and the dream and temptation of making it rich like most other ONMU elites are too much for them to resist.
Th Perak MB had to accept Datuk Nasaruddin just to save his sinking ship from the Machiavellian ways of ONMU leaders. Now ONMU is dropping the two clowns like hot potatoes. getting just two ADUNs won't be enough with their own going the other way. The two clowns may lose everything. No gift of millions, no job and the prospect of going to jail on a trumped up charge.
The moral of the story is: It doesn't pay to be crooked.

Anonymous said...

aina dear, ' medidating in a cave ', hehehe.....'medi'?, NO lah !
'dating' ? hehehe,..YES(malulah)! GODBLESS !!

Anonymous said...

At least with the Bota assemblyman who defected to PKR, he had the integrity to resign publicly and unambiguously. This surely speaks well of his principles. Applying blogger Lee's (@ 1.45pm) reasoning, THIS IS COURAGE.

The same cannot be said of those 2 PKR men who disappeared for what, 5 days (?), creating uncertainty as to their motivations and indeed concern for those they were elected to represented. Ultimately, they cast doubt upon themselves.


Good riddance to such bad rubbish. BN can have these 2 drama queens. Absolutely no loss to Pakatan, for sure!


Anonymous said...

Memang tak dinafikan, banyak kes yang telah dikaitkan dengan Najib sejak kebelakangan ini termasuklah kes terbaru ini. Semuanya boleh menjatuhkan kredibiliti beliau sebagai bakal PM dan Presiden UMNO. Ia juga merupakan 'point' yang kuat bagi pembangkang untuk menjatuhkan UMNO. Maka dengan 'point' yang ada ditambah pula dengan perencah tambahan, maka jadilah isu itu lebih sensasi...

Anonymous said...

The Hindi movie has just begun.

Sit back and watch.


AyKay said...

look at the timing..

it happens when the global communities are talking abt retrenchment, factory closing, production stop etc... our leaders are more concern with party hopping, March09 election, new cars, etc.... what is the future?..Gula mungkin naik herger!