Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eli Takes A Break Abroad...

The NST online:

State executive councillor and Bukit Lanjan assemblyman Elizabeth Wong has left the country.

Wong, who left for an undisclosed location, said in a statement that she had been informed that there would be a fresh assault on her and even more lewd, graphical and sensational stories of her private life would emerge.

“This is the darkest episode in my life. I have never felt so alone, vulnerable and humiliated. I need to rest and to search for peace of mind to get away from the stormy events surrounding me.”

Nuraina:I hope the break will do her a lot of good and that she comes out of all this, unscathed.
What? More on her private life? Emerging from where?
I'm sure right now, Eli does not know who her friends are. For certain, there are people who want to bring her down.

Let's hope that they get the rat (or/and rats) who are doing all this!


Fhez said...

Eli, you are not alone. Most Malaysians are standing behind you. We will support you all the way

Anonymous said...

Kak what morals do we have left in Malaysia be it bn or pr as i have mantained politicians- one a thief another a robber.

amoker said...

It is quite sad how things are. She is so degraded that it so saddens. The people who are doing this is just unforgiveable.

Anonymous said...

it's your ppl lah

ChengHo said...

This is a value at clash between Very Liberal vs Malaysian and Islam
take your pick but then again we have to respect the majority of the population
Looking at yb zuraidah and women wing of Adil and yb dr Loloq of PAS with their muslimah attiture, even they can accept very liberal value
let move on..

Anonymous said...

Bah kata Dtk Ibrahim Ali wakil rakyat adalah public property...nak jadi wakil rakyat make sure tiada cerita yang orang boleh korek...dan bila dah jadi wakil rakyat jangan fikir ada tempat tempat yang amat sulit yang kita kalau pergi orang lain tak akan tahu...itu silap...kalau lakukan juga benda yang tak bermoral kalau orang kita tak tahu CIA akan tahu..dia orang pula akan gunakan untuk uggut kita dan jadikan kita pengkianat Negara...Nak jadi pemimpin kena berlajar lah

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's time to take a needed break
After nightmare of political streak
Nobody wants to be others' fat steak
Let the guilty one(s) be given the big stick

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 200209
Fri. 20th Feb. 2009.

Old Fart said...

What creep takes the kind of pictures that have so far come out? And then he publishes it!

My sincere hope is that if there is more to come out that Eli did not willfully partake in the taking of those pictures or videos.

So far whats out there redeems her! She has nothing to feel humiliated about. Why should you when you have been violated!!!

As for t5he creep who took those pictures, stored it, and now whether knowingly or unknowingly has gotten them into the public domain, he is the one that needs to be dragged through the cesspool of deviants where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

You can steal from the rakyat but don't get caught or not share your loot with the investigators.

You can committ adultery but don't get caught or get recorded.

You can kill but don't get caught or you can blame others.

The secret to success is not to get caught!

We shall worry about the afterlife later OK?

Anonymous said...

It is not easy being in public limelight when the public watches every wrong move you make.

How many others have fallen victim to intrusion of their private lives?

Vijandran,Chua Soi Lek, Anwar Ibrahim and so many others but everyone clapped their hands when they come from the 'other side'.

Poor Eli has to face reality too, because in politics, dirty games are normal. The issue will not end. They will dig deeper and deeper.

All I can say for public figures is wear a mask .... if you must!


Anonymous said...

I kesian pada dia. She has been a very good exco. Rajin dan berdedikasi. But I guess the people that she tructed most is blackmailing her for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I pun kesian kat dia. Walaupun I support BN, tapi dalam hal macam ni kita tak patut kira kepentingan politik. Memang betul, Eli tu sebenarnya orang baik dan idealistik. Sayangnya dia jatuh cinta pada orang yang tak patut dipercayai. ya lah, bukan salah dia, mana dia nak tau nak jadi macam ni. harap-harap dia ok.

Anonymous said...

What a joke , Eli!!!

Mengangis kono. Apa gunanya mau mengangis minta simpati?

Bila dia belasah orang lain buat perkara tak senonoh, dia minta YB tu letak jawatan?

Sekarang dia pula yang mengatal dengan lelaki orang tak pulak nak kata minta maaf kepada keluarga isteri boyfriend dia? Apa punya manusia ni?

Adakah ada keadilan bila orang lain dari pembangkang boleh melakukan hubungan seksual dengan lelaki/wanita lain tapi YB dari pihak kerajaan tidak boleh?

The worst part is you trying to gain sympathy by cheating and crying in the public. What a fine actress you are? A big clap to all who believe in you.

The moral of the story is when you are a public figure ...please do not sleep with anyone especially if the person is married man...ooopppps sorry married muslim man.

straycat's strut said...

Sorry kak if this comment would be out-dated or ketinggalan zaman.

But the thing is, we were teached "not to mendekati zina" even if we don't do it. That includes being in the same room with a non muhrim.

I was quite amazed sometimes how accomodating we are as muslims when commenting on this matter. Even the so-called learned like PAS would say the politically-correct thing to the point of "menghalalkan" something that is definitely not "halal."

As a muslim, I have to admit that I crossed the lines time and time again but I definitely would not say that Eli was doing the right thing. I sympathize with her, I could even empathize with her but I just could not say what she did is okay. I am a muslim first, kak and I am not supposed to menghalalkan yang haram even if the not halal practice is already normal and acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, although I follow our political scenario, I do not know much of Elizabeth Wong. Of course, now I know who is Elizabeth Wong. Well, she's a great looking lady, and as I get to know more about her achievements, she's really a great lady. So what's the big fuss. Hey, Madonna's got nothing on you. Take it as a compliment. Do you know how many UMnoooo guys are salivating just seeing that snap of you sleeping? Everybody's getting excited. Me included, and that's good, I meant that in a good way. Stay and stick it to them. You are a winner.

Anonymous said...

more malays support her on issue of principle, umno is using underhand tactics, unbecoming of a ruling party.....

Da Real Deal said...

Blame UMNO for everything. Blame the politicians for everything that goes wrong with your sorry backside!!!

What has other people got to do with Eli or any other person's failure in maintaining the right stud in her sheets huh? You suck in bed, blame UMNO. Can't get it up, blame UMNO. Have your period when you finally get the man of your dreams in your sheet, blame UMNO. WTF?

Politicians are scum including Elizabeth Wong and her comrades. But journalists are filthier because they conspire with the "rat" just to sell their issues. They are also corrupted and can be bought to write good stuff about one party and run down an unfavoured one.

The best part of it is journalists, bieng filthier scums think they are above the rest. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kak Nur.

Good news.Your Friend Dato Johan will be new chairman of Media Prima.Good news?

Anonymous said...

the theory now is that its a battle within PKR to discredit her due to her good standing in the party and unshackled determination to fight for the democratic principles.

Instead of calming down, I see that things are getting worse.

Anonymous said...

At the other angle....the victim had a relationship with a married man.And the wife of the married man can be considered a victim too. What if the married man's wife is a known personality or an MP?

Elizabeth Wong is not the only victim in this circumstances.

The man who did the filming can't be forgiven...after all like all relationships it started with a nice footing. Like most women Elizabeth is just too trusting.


Anonymous said...

a lady's private life is her life but exposing her private parts to the public is a sin.
just find the fellow that did that to the lady and expose him in public.
an eye for an eye justice !
let the law carry out the search and investigation, lets us not pass judgement until the law run its course,,,,till then.


Anonymous said...

A pro-gov newspaper which we are suppose to believe reported that the ex-bf of eli might be charged in the syariah court.I m stumped a bit.Razak baginda gave a sworn statement about"berzina" with the mongolian model and yet this zahid hamidi guy said nuthing about that.Is it alrite to "berzina" if you are a member of a certain party?

Anonymous said...

A 'mole' you mean... =)

Anonymous said...

muslim or NO muslim, we r of flesh & blood = sound or unsound mind is individual own business , better than hurting & harming others SO we must NOT judge or be judged !
dr. chua should NOT coz he's married & bini still kicking !
Eliz as single has her right & freedom to live her way which is NOT jeopardising anyone what more an indon tukang gigi who is frustrated over the waterloo-loo on 8th 0f march !!!!

Amir Hafizi said...

I agree. For taking such crappy photos, the pixman should have his hands cut off. Off with his arms!

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Eli

The world is most unfair and indeed cruel and mean.You are a good YB and a humble leader.Hence,you are very popular with the people.What you do in your own private lives should be your own business and not others.

I think this Hilmi guy is a low class life form and should be brave to face the law instead of running away.

Everyone must learn from one's mistake and I guess you will now stay away from married man.

Just one point for you to ponder,there is another victim in this episode,i.e Hilmi’s wife.
Don’t you think you should at least apologize to her for your actions?I am sure you have met her at one of the PKR functions.

Anonymous said...

IF & only IF the 'agony' persists, pls let her GO = GODBLESS !!

The Phoenix Foundation said...

This is absolutely true.
There is a drug called "ice", which is colorless,odorless,slightly sweet.
When it is slipped into a drink {hot or cold}& drunk,
it hits your brain and makes you happy.
However, this "happy" state makes you an automaton - in that when someone says cry, you will cry and laugh at the same time.
When someone says jump, you will be jumping.
The drug will remain in your system for less than 24 hrs and then is flushed out automatically.
When you awake you will not remember what you did or what was done to you.
When you are then reminded of what you did,
you will be amazed,shocked.... at your own behaviour!
When you are presented with "documentary" proof of your behaviour - YOU ARE BURIED!
As I always say :
Watch what you drink when you are being "served".

Anonymous said...

Wong Chun Wai wrote

"....As for Hilmi, we are told that he is now in Indonesia, and by a strange coincidence, Wong is also said to be in the same country...."

Amir Hafizi said...

"I think this Hilmi guy is a low class life form and should be brave to face the law instead of running away."

Well, we don't know if Hilmi did it. It could have been anyone.

Khir Toyo, Khalid, Tian Chua, Jeff Ooi, Miss Kok, self-inflicted - hell it could have been you or me.

To say that Hilmi is a low-class life-form before his role in all this is revealed is jumping the gun.

Anonymous said...

more to come?
Its already started to spin on some blogs relating to a senior PKR Malay MP in Selangor which is also under MACC investigation.

If its true, and looming Anwar's trial is really not to Anwar's favour, maybe we might see an unprecedented early general Election, now that Najib has to get his mandate.

Anonymous said...

betul ke boyfriend dia tu dah berkahwin? betul ke?

Anonymous said...

In the Linggam video shoot, the cameraman stood for Member of Parliament and won.

Perhaps PKR should ask the cameraman who took Eli's photos to stand for the by- elections at Bukit Selambau or Bukit Gantang.

He or she would win hands down.


Da Real Deal said...


You're right. His the mole in Eli's Fanny!!!! hahahahha!

Anonymous said...

There is a tinge of hypocrisy in your tear jerker press conference so contrived. You make an admission where one is not yet necessary. No one yet convincingly has demonstrated or led any proof of the existence of nude photos of you. In admitting to it by your conduct you accept the truth of the allegations against you. At least that’s the inference you now compel us to draw by your actions or inaction on the matter.

It is also evident that the purpose of your whole press conference and your failure to deny or to assert the substance of the allegations about your personal life captured supposedly in pictures was to elicit sympathy and the adulation you associate with the office you hold.

Such histrionics is to be expected of you with your long history of courting the media to further your personal causes like the other narcissistic parliamentarianTheresa Kok. Your contrived grief is also understandable to a point since, the euphoria that followed you and your party’s election into office quickly degenerated into an internal orgy of bickering by a foul cacophony of mudslingers with little or no real political objectives other than wild accusations which they failed to substantiate ending in the debacle that is Perak.

More important the failure of your group to demonstrate a clear and unequivocal agenda that would be an alternative to the current BN has driven your credibility into the sewers of politics where you find yourself now crying foul struggling to get out. There was a well orchestrated chorus of “dont resign” like the cursory encore at a boring ballet not genuine yet repeated because it is the thing to do.

You took an alternative morality with you into government with an impressionable permissive generation of youth in tow who expect the party to rage on forever. Thats youth. But with the privileges of your office comes responsibility. You failed to discharge that responsibility to a standard expected of an elected member of parliament. But then so too did most of your Pakatan colleagues who stand metaphorically naked for all to see. Full of rhetoric, promises and threats and little of substance if any other than self help.

This is not the first dalliance of yours where you clearly left yourself open to the sort of perfidious actions of a former lover through your own dance with lust. Power as Henry Kissinger once said “is the greatest aphrodisiac”. You attracted it not once but also flaunted it as often as there was an audience.

This is not an attack on your sexuality. If that what you are trying to make of this situation you are clearly out of step. It is of your promiscuous behaviour which you attempt to equate with women’s rights and privacy that’s at the core of this situation. And yes a conservative in every camp will reject what you see as right.

If you promote promiscuity, an act that should be reserved for the privacy it deserves then advocate it as a virtue so liberally equate it with democratic and liberation feminist doctrines typically using feminism and women’s rights and democracy as your fig leaf, the leaf is too small a cover. It will fall off as it just did for you.

This is an issue you cannot simply internalise or localise to suit your own personal situation. As a public figure you are public property. Thats a fact of the life you now lead.

The western liberalism you and Anwar promote has its pitfalls. It may be okay to “let a thousand flowers bloom” as Mao proclaimed in the cultural revolution a philosophy of unleashing unbriddled youthful energy against established conservatism you and Anwar now exploit for your powerbase. However remember it cuts both ways.

What about the other young men and women who are exploited daily whom you pay lip service to? Prostitutes held to ransom by Tai Kongs and OKT’s? the police protection of money lender sharks, the murders of young people in police custody? they don’t have that luxury of switching boyfriends and living out of wedlock for all to see? again they do not rate for you, Anwar, Theresa Kok and that old fool Kit Siang.

Why should anyone see your misfortune as anything more than something to comment about in coffee shops today and forget about tomorrow? yuo too after all engaged freely in unsubstantiated claims against other public figures, the chickens perhaps have come home to roost.

This is Malaysia where there are no privacy laws or did you just realise it. Remember what happened to the former MCA chief ?. This scandal will circulate throughout the world. Some will see you as a martyr of free and unbriddled passion in bed, a carefree soul who cares little about discretion and then uses the effect of her indiscretion as a political tool to further her dying popularity.

Elizabeth, from Australia’s universities where you learned your craft, you have failed to realise that you cannot change a conservative culture that is Asia overnight with a foreign degree, foreign ideas and then seek to impose it on the vulnerable, the youth. Together with freedoms come responsibility.

At least in consolation I can say this. if you and Theresa Kok both ran down the streets of KL naked, it will be the offence for which attention will be paid to you not for anything more. Nothing personal;. But learn to be discreet and not to champion those causes that end up biting you in the Behind.

Gopal Raj Kumar

Anonymous said...

Salam, saya harap sesiapa yang dibelakang kerja2 yang kurang senonoh ini dibawa ke mahkamah. Kalau memang benar ex-bf dia punya angkara yang married muslim man itu,, dia sepatut kena 'sebat'. Silap minah ni, apa hal ada affair dengan married man. Hishh,,cintan punya pasal, lupa semua. Not worth it.
melor juga. (ml)

Anonymous said...

Wahai nuraina yang maha bias, please read the article bellow

Anonymous said...

What is wrong is wrong.

To survive in politic is not to get caught. You failed that then you're not a successful politician. If you can't play the political game then quit.

Thats why politic is dirty and thats why many-many good people does not enter politic.

Eli entered politic, and paid for being naive.

Thats life.

Anonymous said...

Zahid Hamidi yg jadi ahli parti yg tolak hukum islam tu kata boyfriend Eli tu kena hukum zina. Sekarang pandai cakap fasal hudud pulak!!

dpd: tak hipokrit

Anonymous said...

Gopal Raj Kumar - why such scorn? you seriously think that you are educating anyone by punching in such angry words?
don't know of your beef with eli or just with us women in general but you are just a shallow xenophobic who is not offering any wise words.
you may think that your little piece is clever and high brow but i can see right through your small little mind.
pity woman that ends up with you.