Friday, February 13, 2009

Simultaneous By-elections For Bukit Gantang And Bukit Selambau

The date is April 7. Nomination day is March 29.

The by-elections will be held simultaneously " to preserve public order", according to Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof.

He said the commission did not want to hold one by-election after another as this could mean a long campaign period.

“We do not want the campaign period to be too long, not one after another, as we fear this could disrupt peace and stability. We have studied all angles, the situation and everything before reaching this decision," he was quoted by the NST.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds fair. But what are the issues that will be played up?

Let me guess. It will be nothing for the benefit of the electorate except :

Mr. So & So is sleeping with Miss So & So.

Mr and Mrs. So & So drives a big car, so must we.

The issues will be personality based and bashing, kissing babies, walking to the markets, street demos with or without permits and other nonsense.

The real issues of how to raise the standard of living, income, education, nation building etc will simply be ignored.

This is the reality these days.

People are too obsessed with personality conflicts and no body gives a hoot to a better future.

But at least by-elections are a temporary boost for local tourism.
The gossip corners or warong will be selling more Kopi Jantan than usual.



Anonymous said...

aina dear, by-buy-bye (?) elections !!
pls enlighten, ok, tq !

Anonymous said...

The Election Commission chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Yusof is a disgrace to the Chair.

His decision to hold the by-elections on a working day is not acceptable. It does not facilitate registered voters in these two constituencies concerned to go and vote but on the contrary hampering the voting process.

I strongly suggest the Yang DiPertuan Agung and Mr Abdullah Badawi sack this SOB!

Anonymous said...

studying all angles?
EC should be transparent enough to let us know what angles they covered? maybe a full case study for the rakyat?
oh wait, did the guy finish school?
oh wait, EC is the control'ee, there's a remote control, controller is none other than ..... fill in yourself!
good gracious i wanna puke with this outlandish one sideness already!!!!

ChengHo said...

PR means Perosak Rakyat....

Anonymous said...

Pakatan is already questioning the SPR about the dates of the by-elections.

They crying "unfair".

Macam tahu nak kalah saja ....

Monsterball said...

EC Chairman "We have studied all angles"

Kakaka...the most important angle, I think was that it must be after the UMNO General Assembly, otherwise the UMNO elections would get far more care and attention than their election machinery.

Anonymous said...

i thought elections is too get as many people to vote and therefore hold it on a holiday or weekend.

Really strange will the next general elections be held on a wednesday?

The former EC chief was a joke..this one is a jackass

Anonymous said...

The quality of your blog postings is now atrocious !

Common, if you have since changed from an anti-establishment to one of pro-establishment I can understand,its your rice bowl. Maybe you should just take a complete break as now the circumstances that prompted you to start your Blog (as is exactly like Rocky ) has changed and you both are withing striking distance of your old order.

Its time to lift the veil and just say it , so that you don't become another so called LD in the eyes of the original anti-establishment blogosphere. That way you maintain your sincere dignity

Anonymous said...
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i accidentally let your inane/stupid comments thru.

you really have a problem with what i blog? too bad.

as for what you think i was and what i am now...too bad...that's your problem as well.

and i sure as hell won't make the likes of you my problem. :-D

Anonymous said...

YB Elizabeth Wong's in the picture, as predicted, oh well almost.

Of course, she has the right to be defended by her supporters.

But what about other previous victims? Her supporters were waiting to spit their venom on them.

Well, let's see the latest reaction when it happens to 'one of them'.