Thursday, February 19, 2009

Will The Circus End?

Looks like there is no end in sight.

The circus of Perak politics proves one thing -- anything is possible in politics. In fact, it makes "pushing the parameters" seem so lame and tame. if I don't already know.

It goes both ways and it is practised by leaders from both sides of the divide. So let's not preach and judge.

Well, the way I see it, subterfuge, skulduggery and tricks are not any one party's monopoly. They are every political party's right of practice and to practise. Some have perfected all that needs to be perfected.

Can it get any worse?

State Legislative Assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar has ordered that Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir and all six state executive council members be suspended and barred from the state assembly for showing contempt for the House. Click HERE.

He has now threatened to have them removed from the State Legislative Assembly if any of them turn up for the next sitting. Click HERE.

Predictably, that decision has already been questioned.

A constitutional law expert said that the suspension showed that “the constitutional powers are being stretched to the utmost limit and quite questionably too.” Read more HERE.

The Prime Minister has asked Dr Zambry to lodge a police report against the Speaker.

He said he had spoken to the MB about his suspension and felt that he should lodge a police report. Dr Zambry, he said “was of the same opinion.”

Dr Zambry himself has described his suspension (and that of the 6 exco members) as a joke and a mockery of the system.

He said the Committee of Special Privileges which suspended him was not allowed to make such decisions without referring the matter to the state assembly.

“The committee’s decision is in total disregard of the Sultan’s power in appointing the Mentri Besar and excos,” he said, adding that the committee’s actions were deemed sub judice as there was a court case pending at the Kuala Lumpur High Court on his appointment. (The Star)

Dr Zambry accused Sivakumar of lying that he (Dr Zambry) and his exco members failed to give satisfactory explanations to the committee during the inquiry yesterday afternoon.

It won't stop there, I assure you.
So, you see. There seems to be no end to this circus.

But, heck. What do I know? I'm just a spectator. And I don't vote in Perak.

I know one thing though...the longer this goes on with the kind of shenanigans on display, the better I am able to assess....the situation, and (some) people.


Lee said...

The easiest way to end the jokes and mockery of the "democractic" system in Perak is to let Perakians decide who they want as the legitimate government of Perak.So easy yet so difficult, and sadly, it is at the expense of Perak and Malaysia.The Constitutional Crisis is no laughing matter, and if it is prolonged indefinitely, it will affect Malaysia adversely.

Anonymous said...

Salam Nuraina,
Yes, circus indeed it has become, the politics in Perak specifically, and Malaysia in general! I miss your Tuesdays... it would be a good panacea/escape to all these political headaches! All these, while the country's economy is going down the drain... wherewither is our leadership? Sometimes bila pikir2 ada jugak baiknya with absolute monarchy like Saudi ni... susah2 panchung saja! Regards.

Anonymous said...

Why bother with elections...if the sultans does not respect the peoples' choice. What is so difficult for the Sultan to agree to fresh elections when the status of reps are in doubt?

Take the Hee woman, why must she run away from Perak. Stay and fight if you have done no wrong.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry being insensitive to say this. If LKY at one point of time bar your dad from entering Singapore, what makes you think Siva can't
Just as Najib says. Who started this? I fully agree with LKY's decision of barring your dad and many others from entering Singapore.



it's politics, Lee. power and greed.

no one's the winner.

thank you.



you get to a point that you just don;t care anymore. whatever-lah. go on go on...bend backwards to make a show of how bad you want to be...bah!
that's perak politics now.

hmmm...i've been tempted to revive Tuesdays...

thank you, Dhahran



i'm not with you on this. i wouldn't be so sweeping as to say that the sultan does not respect the people's choice.

I wouldn't for one minute absolve the PKR of any blame or responsibility over what's happening in Perak.

The BN too, has to take some blame.

ChengHo said...

Dissolve the state assembly UMNO have the right number only MIC , MCA ,and Gerakan having the problem

If Umno take away all the seat allocated to MIC ,MCA and Gerakan , Umno can win and form the state goverment but then again some quater will complaint on multi racial representation , for the sake of fairness we hope Umno will not do it...

Anonymous said...

Some people say Perak Sultan is legally right when he dismissed Nizar. I've challenged those people to show under which article of Perak constitution does he derive his power. What is clear in the constitution is that only DUN can dismiss the MB. I want Perak constitution not Gamuda's. I think Agong's advice to follow the constitution is for all including Sultan Perak, a former Lord President. Now Perak Speaker is giving back the same bitter pill to BN side to taste!!

frm: tit for tat

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


What are the actual rules of the game
Are they constantly still much the same
Regardless of the players with or without fame
Who are we then to apportion the blame?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190209
Thu. 19th Feb. 2009.

Anonymous said...

Ini macam mengundang MAGERAN macam diKelantan pada tahun 1975 dulu (kalau tak silap) dimana KSN jadi ketua Pentakbir Negeri Kelantan...
Itu sebaik baiknya sebelun pilihan raya...



and exactly what is your point???

becos I just don't get you.

Anonymous said...


simple solution, isnt it. just dissolve and let the peopel decide. thats ultimately democracy isnt it and circus show will end, rite.
who started the charade in Perak? they want the same in Kedah and Selangor now. Whos the circus master?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand, Nuraina, why are you so hesitant in supporting new elections in Perak? UMNO started all this by kidnapping 3 ADUNs, I don't see you questioning the very fishy occurences when these 3 ADUNs went missing, and "play cue suspense music", they suddenly declare they are becoming BN-friendly independents.

It would be nice in a while if you called out UMNO for what they did in Perak. Be fair, Perakians deserve their elections.

Anonymous said...

why BN so scared of election....give the power back to perakian to decide NOT NAJIB....

Anonymous said...

It is best to leave them alone and let them all go on long leave to sort the mess out.

When power gets to the head, things can go awfully bad, and little knowledge does not make it any better.

But isn't the Speaker supposed to be impartial?

This is also a lesson to be learnt from democracy. It has become like 'kids in a toy shop'. More like democrazy in the making.


Anonymous said...

There is 2 choice to solve this.

Either we continue with 2 MB and the circus OR dissolve the state assembly and have a fresh election.

I would rather have a new election than see a shame of our country. What do you think other country are saying of us?
At a time of recession, we cannot afford to have this. It's suicide.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nuriana,
If i m correct your father was once a famous writer with an open mind but suddenly went into the black book of the umno guys and was branded into something {a commie}and tortured until he was'nt sure of himself!Was i right?
They fixed him when he was innocent and today its sad you are singing to their tune.That isnt bright and you forget easily!



yep, my late father was a writer/journalist.

the rest that you have said, exactly as you have put it.

and he was never NOT sure of himself etc...

and i am singing whose tune, exactly?

it's a pity you have chosen to wear blinkers and see only what you want to see.

very obvious that you do not understand what i've been writing.

my apologies if my writing is so nebulous.

Anonymous said...

Return the power back to the Rakyat in Perak, that is the most honour thing to do. No two way about it.

Anonymous said...

its my first time leaving a comment in ur wonderful blog.u blog without bias and prejudice.thats y i like ur blog.anyway, like many fellow perakians, i m at lost at what to say, but would like to put it this way. in malaysia, there seem too be 2 sets of rules, one for the BN people and another for u and me! they do evil, its alrite but you and i dont do evil but do gud, we might be packed off to do u comprehand that?

Anonymous said...

zzzz : " aiyah ! the BEST solution & way is to let bn rule for the good of perakians lah, understand ...zz