Friday, February 27, 2009

Toll Hike Postponed Until Year-End

This applies to the five highways -- PLUS, SPRINT, Akleh, Besraya and NPE.

That's good news...for now.

My appeal to YOU -- please think carefully before announcing any hike! Make sure to deliberate long and hard....

Sakit jiwa, sakit hati dan sakit jantung tak pasal-pasal.....


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


The problem is merely postponed
But it is still not solved
Will it be somehow quietly siphoned
And the matter is considered dissolved

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 270209
Fri. 27th Feb. 2009.

Anonymous said...


Karpal Singh telah memberi pita rakaman Ketua Hakim yang mengaku rasuah kepada Agong!!

Lihat di sini.


Speaker Perak V. Sivakumar telah meminta agar sidang tergempar Dewan Undangan Perak diadakan pada hari Selasa untuk mengundi usul percaya/tidak percaya kepada Dato' Seri Nizar dan usul memansuhkan Dewan!

Lihat di sini.

selampit said...

Two thumbs up for DS Najib! A wise decision indeed.

I know, I know, some of you people would get sudden nausea over the fact that I saluted DS Najib.

Well, you can go ahead and puke on your keyboards and laptops.

However, the only kind of postponement with regards to highway tolls that I'd really love to hear is the indefinite kind.

Better yet, abolish highway tolls altogether. If our country is capable of sending a man into outer space, I believe it could find ways to make our highways free to all.


Anonymous said...

good news for now? I beg to differ.

The govt has to compensate the hiway operators...and whose money is it..your money my money..taxpayers money. Both ways the rakyat get f$cked.

The Gerakan Chief has asked for a relook into the concessions. Is it so difficult? Why are concession so lopsided?

Anonymous said...

From a layman's musing, did it ever makes you wonder about the timing and rescinding of the toll increase? A decision to increase tolls on multiple entry points would not be taken without cabinet approval. The irony of this is, just days before, there were the abolishment of toll on two entry points. Now folks are praising the PM and DPM for their magnanimous gestures in overturning the minister's supposedly unilateral decision. Nobody said anything about a connection to forthcoming by-elections. PM himself denied such ulterior motives. Makes you wonder???

Anonymous said...


its really pelik, actually.

mohd zin made the announcement on thursday. why cant he wait just for another day for the cabinet meeting?

or is there any provision that allows any minister to make such a decision without the cabinet consent?

mengarut la semua tu....

tengah marah lagi ni... sebab sakit jantung belum ilang! baru je malam tu nak drive ke alor star, terpaksa kensel!


Old Fart said...

All these announcements and then reversals of those announcements...looks more and more like headless chicken, no?

What is more scarry is that we actually have a body of persons, the highest in any nation, called the Cabinet making 3 decisions in a row and then having it reversed in quick succession.

Blimey, get this feeling somebody is being had and made to look a fool and basically to take any wind that might be left in his sail!!!

Ahmad Sadli Ibrahim said...

tima kasih pak lah.
selampit dok bodek najib tu apahal?

Anonymous said...

good news !? rubbish lah = the 5 CO. will be compensated with RM287 juta of our BLOOD tax money !!

Monsterball said...

Any government, would at some point, find it necessary to announce potentially unpopular even unpalatable decisions.

A responsible government would make sure the pros and cons, including the public backlash has all been considered properly, well discussed within the government, then only announced - and fully prepared to defend and explain the decision to the public.

Announcing the decision and backtracking it 24 hours later is not the sign of a responsible government.
Najib ? He was clearly not on top the issue.

Donplaypuks® said...

The Rayyat are being shafted either way! Now, Zin, like his predecessor Samy Velu, will rush out an pay the compensation of $287million before anyone can stop him.

Most of the toll increases are in the order of 25% to 33%, which is about 6 to 8 times the increase in the RPI. How is it that increase in traffic flows have not been factored into the compensation clause?

All these Toll/IPP/Water privatisation causes are one-sided and absoluyely against Public Interest.

The Govt, if it has the goolies, should declare these contracts void and re-negotiate then in line with fair and arm's length terms and best international practices.

Then Mahaa Firaun, Samy Velu and all the other EPU and Civil servants involved during Maha Firauns' administration should be prosecuted in our courts for dereliction of duty, negligence and acting against pubic interest!!

Anonymous said...

In the first place it shows the poor management decision on the part of government. How could it be possible to defer the decision in less than 24 hours after it was announced?
Are they saying the PM will not be aware of decisions of such important issues? If this is possible, one needs to question the wisdom and decision making methodology in deriving at such insensible decisions. With this kind of administrative ability will we be able to face the challenges and compete with the world?

Anonymous said...

ehhmmm... some says the differment only until after by-elections!

Anonymous said...

RM287 juta of our BLOOD money as 'ganti rugi' lah ,@#$%^&* !!

ChengHo said...

why flip flop again?....

Anonymous said...

We all should thank the impending by-elections for this postponement. Otherwise no way.

frm: election every day

Anonymous said...

artchan said...

good news for now? I beg to differ.

The govt has to compensate the hiway operators...and whose money is it..your money my money..taxpayers money. Both ways the rakyat get f$cked.

The Gerakan Chief has asked for a relook into the concessions. Is it so difficult? Why are concession so lopsided?

Ehy ant the fed govt buy out these concessionaires??
Strange, juat like Selangor water stuff.
how come fed govt is keen to increase water tarrif in Selangor and refuse State Govt from buying Puncak Niaga???



of course the govt has to find a way to compensate. and yes...our money. everything is our money. but we will not feel the pinch.

oh come on.. at least we don't have to now fork out from our own pocket everytime we use the toll.

don't tell me that will hurt us...

Anonymous said...

aina, u mean RM287juta wont hurt your purse, right !?

mad said...

"Rakyat kononnya bergembira akibat penangguhan kenaikan tol. Walhal hakikat sebenarnya ialah kesemua pemilik konsesi lebuhraya terbabit. Ini adalah satu gimik yang dibuat oleh kerajaan untuk mengaburi mata rakyat. Ini kerana jika dinaikkan sekali pun tol dikelima-lima lebuhraya berkenaan, semua konsesi terbabit belum tentu akan dapat mengutip keuntungan sehingga RM5 juta menjelang akhir tahun ini. Namun, apabila dibatalkan ia menyebabkan mereka mendapat untuk yang berlipat kali ganda kerana kerajaan terpaksa membayar RM500 juta pampasan akibat penangguhan itu. Jika diagihkan mengikut konsesi terbabit, kerajaan terpaksa membayar RM195 juta kepada PLUS, RM36 juta kepada SPRINT, RM27 juta kepada AKLEH, RM9 juta kepada BESRAYA dan RM20 juta kepada NPE untuk tempoh masa 1 Jan hingga 31 Dis tahun ini, di samping RM245 juta yang telahpun dibayar kepada PLUS, AKLEH dan SPRINT sebelum ini. Rakyat sebenarnya tertipu dengan permainan "politik kotor" pemimpin UMNO dan BN. Bayangkan PM boleh mengarahkan penangguhan dari jarak jauh, padahal sehari sebelum itu menteri terbabit beriya-iya benar mengumumkan kenaikan akan bermula pada 1 Mac iaitu hari ini. Ia bermakna, formula ini adalah satu trick untuk merompak wang rakyat tanpa disedari sebenarnya. Wang hasil bayaran cukai rakyat digunakan sewenangnya untuk memperkayakan suku-sakat mereka yang sudah kaya raya itu. Apakah kita harus berdiam dii dalam hal ini. Pemimpin UMNO sanggup merompak RM500 juta semata-mata untuk menyelamatkan kroni-kroni dan proksi mereka dalam konsesi lebuhraya berkenaan. Sedangkan rakyat terpaksa menanggung derima akibat masalah ekonomi hari ini. Bayangkan jika wang RM500 juta itu digunakan untuk bantuan kepada rakyat miskin, sudah pasti mereka akan menolaknnya kerana tiada kepentingan politik dalam hal itu. Inilah dia tabiat puak-puak UMNO sejak dulu kini dan selama-lamanya selagi mereka terus berkuasa di negara ini."

- pahang daily online