Thursday, February 05, 2009

Escalating Crisis In Perak..

Events continue to unfold in Perak after BN claimed power.

As everyone knows by now, the Sultan of Perak did not consent to dissolution of State Assembly and asked Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin to resign as Menteri Besar of Perak and if he failed to do so, the post is considered vacant. The Sultan also asked for the resignation of the state exco.

As at 6.25pm, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi left Istana Kinta after an audience with the Sultan.

The police and FRU have taken control of state secretariat building. State police chief Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah however said security is under control.

Earlier, according to Star alert, Pakatan Rakyat was planning a mammoth gathering at the MB's residence. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim will be there.

There is no closure yet, of course. God knows what will happen next. The crisis deepens.

Keep yourself posted....


Unknown said...

Raja Petra’s Website is promoting the Rally against the Sultan’s Decision tonight

One of the articles in that website even proclaimed Nizar as a MODERN JEBAT

For me both Anwar and RPK are MENTALLY SICK people

They have been going hand-in-hand for many years spreading lies under the pretext of JUST DEMOCRACY

Today, for me, is the pinnacle of their MISLEADING PROPAGANDA

Their REAL AGENDA is for Anwar to rule this country; BY HOOK OR BY CROOK

SADLY there are many SMART AND BRAINY PEOPLE easily felt to their obvious trap

They became the best platform for both Anwar and RPK to voice their agenda via ‘the End Justify the Means’ MODUS OPERANDI

At the end, these BRAINY & SMART people become the real DISSERVICE to the very democracy they long for

In the meantime, BN continues to RULE comfortably knowing their opposition has LOST THE PLOT completely


Anonymous said...

Perak triggered political landscape since British time. Will this be another one?

Unknown said...

Perak sultan had written on the monarchy, the sultan should follow my advice as leader of the house to dissolve the assembly. Sultan Azlan Shah has written in Constitutional Monarchy, Rule of Law and Good Governance in 2004 that no sultan or agung had withheld consent to dissolve legislative body, except in Kelantan in 1977

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Is ‘democracy’ technically dead when there’s no longer any meaningful rule of the people by the people directly themselves?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

Walinong Sari said...

Apa yang berlaku berkenaan Kerajaan Negeri Perak itu adalah amalan politik. Biarlah begitu ianya dikatakan Politik. Apa pandangan saya biarlah kita mempunyai pemerintah / pemimpin politik bermaruah, bebas dari amalan pelbagai bentuk rasuah dan akhirnya berkhidmat untuk bangsa dan tanah air kita. Inilah pandangan saya.
Pemerintah / pemimpin parti jangan sekali-kali mengambil kembali ahli yang meludah dan ia jilat kembali. Parti yang berkenaan kenalah ada maruah parti bukan ikut hati hendak menang sahaja.
Bila parti berkenaan mempunyai kuasa, jangan beri apa-apa jawatan, kontrak kepada calun ini. Rakyat akan tahu apa sebenarnya kemelut yang lalu Kerana kalau ini di janjikan ianya pun rasuah juga. Mengapa pemimpin buat janji begini tidak di anggap rasuah. Adakah MACC tidak cukup kuasa lagi. Ianya lebih lagi kerana pemimpin mempunyai ramai ahli yang mengamalkan rasuah. Orang luar dari parti memperhatikan hal ini, mereka akan membuat pilihan semasa PR akan datang, Keputusanya mereka tidak akan memilih calun yang mengamal rasuah seperti yang dikatakan tadi. Mereka akan piiih lain calun biar pun bukan kehendak mereka. Meraka berasa pusat hati jikalau tidak memilih calun yang mengamalkan rasuah. Ingatlah pemimpin, jangan merosakkan Negara saya.
Walinong Sari 6 Feb 2009

Anonymous said...

I don't know what this world is coming to. Everything is just getting worser and worser by the day. It's sad to see how politicians are serving themselves instead of the people that got them elected in the first place. It's also sad to see how some malays who call themselves muslims can be so racist. I hope najib doesn't make george w bush look like an angel when he is PM.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

bang nuar tak putus asa. kena teruskan berjuang Sep 16.

DAP senyum je dari jauh, Penang diam je. dibuangnya makrip timbalan CM yang pemalas tu, sengap je semua...

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a gradual transformation of your Blog , as though you know you are going there. Looks like you are almost there , as is Rocky the bru. What a shame.

Gone is the sincerity .and the innocence. suppose you have to make a living too

ChengHo said...

The Fed must act on TREASON
The founding father of Perseketuan Tanah Melayu fighting with the Brit to uphold Malay and Malay sultanate and the history will repeat itself..

Anonymous said...



Tengok video ni:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of 12:11 AM parrots what other commenters lament about this blog owner's (as well as Rocky Bru's) "Transformation".

Well there is no transformation, dildo head. These two are Journalists, reporting what they see/hear. In your deluded mind, as well as that of RPK's, not supporting the BN (which these two aren't) is a sign of fairness. But once they start to report BN in a positive light, they aren't?

Actually it's the Pakatan supporters who are delusional. Remember how a few months ago they were trying to gain political mileage by campaigning to install BACK the immunity of Kings and Sultans? And today they want to sue the Sultan?

Just goes to show how sick their irrational minds are.

L. B.

Anonymous said...

To all who hates anwar, I give you a senario.

What is there is no Anwar , would you join us in the fight for the people of malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Ambil cara pintu belakang, rasuah 3 ekor beruk RM50Juta @ diugut dgn SPR rasuah yg lampau. Itulah minat Najib - Liwat

Mesra Sokmo said...

kalau dah sifat tertubuhnya dari rasuah, macamana nak benteras rasuahnya pula? Kalau dah asal dapat hasil haram, macamana nak jadikan halal. Tanya Iman Hadhari & Masitah, ada patua yg menbolehkan.

Anonymous said...

Kalau setakat dapat wakil rakyat yang songlap duit tak payah lah nak bangga sangat. Ambil lah orang2 tu dan simpanlah baik2. Mcm kata2 org putih " bird that flocks together, look like each other". Sesuai lah diorang ni dgn BN. Well if we cannot beat them, join them betul tak? Jadi orang2 malaysia terima je lah politik wang, hantar surat dekat PM suruh tutup BPR. Buang duit je.

Anonymous said...

aina dear, FORGET about the distant ' hamas & gaza ' BUT care MORE 4 the local Perakians lah , ok, tq !

Anonymous said...

Javanese (Malay) values are not compatible with Islamic values. The informed and educated know this well. So does PAS, though they will not admit it openly.

Related info:

Maybe Indonesia should invade the fake country called Malaysia, throw out the government and corrupted system including the monarchy, and call it the straits settlements of various races and religions from all over the world, especially Asia.

We would be more developed, diverse, strong and cosmo compared to Australia if the British had done a HK on us.

The current system, rules, constitution and rukun negara were just put in place by UMNO to prolong their (fake and manipulative concept of) Malay Elite dominance, which is in actuality only for UMNOputra dominance; and to allow their divide and conquer tactics and methods to fester and disunite.

Ketuanan UMNO boleh! People deserve the government they get! Time for the people to rise and rebel!

Anonymous said...

There is no point cursing Anwar and the PKR thugs. They are just not listening because they lost a game they invented.

These Kepala Batu need to be locked up under the ISA for a longer period , period.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1211 :

people change. deal with that.

Islamic State is Malaysia.

CINTA suci abadi said...

"Anonymous said...

I have noticed a gradual transformation of your Blog , as though you know you are going there. Looks like you are almost there , as is Rocky the bru. What a shame.

Gone is the sincerity .and the innocence. suppose you have to make a living too"...
To me this is great...He /she expects you to take a position /support the opposition all the he/she thinks your are switching lines...
Of course, now they look up to Petra as their hero...super hero because Petra has betrayed his 'race'

Anonymous said...

The Sultan withholding consent to dissolve the Assembly is entirely his prerogative and nobody can question that LEGALLY, but morally is something else. But his order to Nizar to resign is a BLATANT disregard for the constitution which says that other than thru his own voluntary resignation, the MB can ONLY be removed when he loses the confidence of the Assembly. The expression "We have lost confidence in you, Nizar" must come from the mouth of the Assembly and NOBODY's else. When PM Hussein Onn wanted Datuk Harun to resign as MB of Selangor in the 70s & Harun refused they did it thru the Assembly after all assemblymen were given pep talks at Frasers Hill for several days (they shud have gone to Taiwan)prior to the tabling of the motion. When Harun was later convicted of an offence (by a judge called Raja Azlan Shah) we saw how UMNO Youth reacted in BLATANT disregard for the court decision (I dont intend to give details here).

frm: non-lawyer

Anonymous said...

kenapa bila umno kurang ajar dengan sultan t'gganu dan sultan perlis tak apa pulak? dah lupa ke? baru setahun lepas. Short term memory ke? BN tak berhak nak panggil BA biadap terhadap sultan2 sebab semuanya sama je.

Anonymous said...

Petikan dari Tukar Tiub:

"mat saheh Kuasa Lama tidak berpuas hati. Dendam kesumat berkobar-kobar. Lalu mereka memainkan rasa benci orang Melayu terhadap Orang Cina. Kuasa Lama berpropaganda bahawa geran tanah ini di beri kepada Orang Cina. Orang Cina dijadikan alasan untuk menunjukkan bahawa Kuasa Rakyat ini adalah Kuasa Cina. Para pemimpin politik Kuasa Rakyat di Perak di tuduh sebagai ‘hamba Cina’.

Ini TIDAK betul. Data-data dan angka-angka resmi dari Kerajaan Perak menunjukkan Orang Melayulah yang mendapat lebih banyak geran tanah dari Orang Cina. Dalam projek memperbaiki kampong tersusun jumlah Orang Melayu lebih ramai. Pekara ini sengaja di tutup lingkup. Ini kerana Kuasa Lama mahukan Orang Melayu membenci Kuasa Rakyat di Perak."

Anonymous said...

DSAI, Nizar & the blind followers...

Please sue the Sultan of Perak...

That will the the begining of THE END of Pakatan Rakyat.

Do us all a FAVOUR, get yourself and your merryman to be examine at TANJONG RAMBUTAN hospital.

and Read THE RUKUN NEGARA - bird brain. !


TTDI Jaya Shah Alam

STEADYAKU47 said...

Hi Nuraina..

I have just read "The Wait, The Letter and Jalan Bandar Police Station" your account of visiting your Father written a few years back and it just dawn upon me that your Father was Pak Samad
...I do not know him personally but i know of him. What you wrote made me felt that I was intruding on a family matter because it was so well written that I was there with you when you all walked towards the Police Station to meet him...that I was in the room with you all waiting for him to appear..and I shared in the happiness you all felt when you saw him. It tugs at my heart. Thank you for sharing. My parents have left me a long time ago...but memories of them makes me happy. Thanks again.

Steadyaku47 (aka HH)


libation bearer & cinta suci abadi,

actually i find the remark by anon 12:11am to be malicious. but i am thoroughly humoured by these kind of remarks. these are by people who are intent and are bent on defining me and my blog to be partial and all that jazz-lah.

also that i am a mahathir crony, a najib crony, on their payroll etc.

most of those who have followed my blog would have observed that i'm not one to attack anyone. nor have i praised anyone... i have been critical of one or two or three people. with basis.

if anyone who should pay me, it's anwar, because i have said some "nice" things about him. but, was personal. and didn't write it for the money (heaven forbid!) then, and certainly not about to.

i think i have belasah BN and Umno (and their leaders) more than Pakatan.

that's why...when people make such remarks, i just wanna laugh. they're malicious...yes. they're also stupid.


Steadyaku47 (aka HH),

thank you for visiting my "Tuesdays With Bapak"...

and i'm glad you liked that episode/instalment.

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

O kak..baik cool

nanti malu kita nak pegi Zawiyah nanti.



tidak kah ini suatu peringatan dari ALLAH bagaimana pabila manusia mengikut undang2 manusia dan meninggalkan UNDANG2 ALLAH