Monday, February 16, 2009

A Car To Change The World ..

How was your weekend, folks?

Mine was hectic, as usual. Fulfilling, as usual.

Looks like so many things have been, and are happening in this little country of ours. We try to not get affected by all that's been happening but I suppose we can't help getting into it all.
That's expected, as we are all patriots, in our own way. We all care for our country. We love our country. Ok.. enough said!

Sorry to disappoint some of you. But I'm starting the week with a posting on ..... a car. A sleek three-wheel electric car -- Aptera 2e -- to be precise.
Yep this one!

I haven't decided whether I like it. That's immaterial, really, as what's important is it's value to a better environment. And it is a good make.

This car of the future is scheduled to begin rolling off the Vista, California assembly line this October.

It will cost between US$25,000 and US$40,000.
"Charge it overnight from your 110-volt home outlet, and it's claimed to have a range of 100 miles", according to the review.
Some 4000 deposits have been placed for the car.

Read the review HERE.


Anonymous said...

Aunty Ena,

RM 160k for a car that looks like it came from a trash can outside the studios of Holywood?

Tak mo lah!

Sick and tired

Anonymous said...

Salam Nuraina,
Hope things are well with you. Sure the car looks nice and sophisticated, and all that, but I suspect those Californians who can afford to put the deposits for the car buy it as their 3rd, 4th or 5th car? And maybe for weekender car only? Talking about envornmentally-friendly car...


sick and tired,

i know ...actually after looking at the picture...the car does look, er ....ugly.

then again, tomorrow, i might find it a beauty...




things are okay with me? and you, my friend? hope all's well.

you know you maybe right.

but if the car is in our market...and depending on the cost ..i would buy it if i could afford it. it's ugly (for now) but...

thanks for visiting....

Unknown said...

Hi sick and tired;

I'm tired and sick of hearing from nay-sayers. It may come from "trash can outside of Hollywood", but isn't that the beauty of it all: creating something without damaging the environment.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,

I too find the car a bit on the ugly side, at least for now.

It looks like a UFO, don't you think? Maybe the Martians are environmentalists from way back :)

Take care.

selampit said...

Wow, at the first glance it looks like Anakin Skywalker's racing pod in Star Wars!

I really do hope that such 'green' vehicles will reach Malaysian shores in the near future. Not just hybrids, but 100% electric powered machines.

I also hope that Proton and Perodua would seriously consider mass-producing such vehicles and sell them at REASONABLE prices.

Of course that would mean Malaysia's automotive industries must spend a huge fortune in the R&D sector, just to come up with longer-lasting batteries and engines that actually works, forcing them to sell their products at ridiculous prices.

With government support and intervention - such as in South Korea - this effort might actually be realized.

A much better way to spend public money than investing in redundant mega-projects such as LCCT Labu I reckon.

The gains would be huge. Clean air, good health, preservation of ecosystems, increase in purchasing power leading to minimal inflation and a steady economy, reduced dependency on fossil fuel;

and no more queuing a mile at petrol stations when PM hastily announce "sorry, minyak naik".

So here's a toast to electric cars, "may you find your way into my garage".

Anonymous said...

how much eletricity charge per night?

Anonymous said...

dear eric,

Come on. I was being an idiot. I am sorry if I had offended you.

I was just messing around with Aunty Ena.

As what aunty Ena said, today it may look ugly.. but who knows what's gonna happen tomorrow?

All I'm saying, I am all for the environment!!!

I-dun-use-plastic bags-Sick and Tired.