Friday, February 15, 2008

13 year-old Girl Rescued From Vice Ring

Although the Harian Metro story (yesterday) did not specifically say that but I believe (if the story is true) that THAT is what it was.
According to the Malay tabloid, 13 year-old Nurul Syaza Fadzil was nearly sold off (presumably to a vice ring) to be a bar/night club waitress. Or, a bar maid, if you like.

And if the story is true, then we all should expect some solid outcome from police investigation.

Nurul's story is like a movie. One you won't enjoy, though.
She, lives in Kampung Nakhoda, Batu Caves, Gombak, with her family.
She was lured, or rather, threatened by another 13 year-old by the name of Ola to follow her to an apartment unit at the Kenanga Apartments near Pudu Jail. Accompanying them were two older girls.
At the apartment were 10 teenaged boys who forced her to sniff glue and drink alcohol. But whether or not she actually did has not been confirmed.
There she was told that she would be sold off to a nightclub very soon.

To cut the story short, her father, Fadzil Bakar, 53. was tipped-off by a friend of her whereabout.,
He soon launched a rescue --in the nick of tme as she was about to be sold off.

Read the HM story here.
I'll update on the follow-up.


straycat's strut said...

Kak Ena, I read it yesterday from the paper I borrowed from my staff.

I was thinking, the father has to do the rescuing himself? He is a good father and that is the best thing to do instead of waiting for police to act.I think there is a similar case in Penang where the family has to go to indonesia to rescue her daughter. Real dads they are!

Then I heard on the radio this morning about more then 4000 teenagers went missing in a year. They "assumed" that most of them ran away with boyfriends.

Its a pretty dangerous assumption, dont u think? I am afraid that once the police (and us) starts to make this assumption, the urgency to search and rescue is not there.

muteaudio said...

I'm quite surprised this case wsn't highlighted earlier. Anyway, she's home safely. But the pressing matter that need action is to find out who are the people behind it. It's not the work of 1 lone psycho but a group of youngsters that the victim knows. Just put it this way, with bigger group, you can do more harm.

puteri said...

kak ena,

There was an earlier story by Bernama where police said that Nurul was not abducted but ran away from home.

February 10, 2008 19:06 PM

Nurul Syaza Not Abducted, Say Police

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10 (Bernama) -- Nurul Syaza Fadzil, the 13-year-old girl who was reported missing on Thursday, is believed to have run away with her friend and not abducted as reported.

Gombak OCPD Supt Abdul Karim Abu Hassan said the police were not ruling out the possibility that Nurul Syaza might have been influenced by her friend to leave her house and to switch off her mobile phone.

"Initial investigations showed that Syaza went out to see a friend and not abducted as earlier claimed. However, we are still ascertaining the reasons for her disappearance," he told Bernama when contacted.

Nurul Syaza's father, Fadzil Bakar, 53, believed that his daughter, a Form One student at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Selayang, was still in Gombak.

"On Friday night I received information from her friend about a place where a woman in her 20's was staying. She was said to be with Syaza before she (Syaza) went missing. However when the police went to the house this morning, only the mother was there," Fadzil said when contacted.

Policemen from Gombak police headquarters later went to the woman's workplace after questioning the mother.

"I went with the police to the women's workplace at the Bolton industrial area but she was not there," said Fadzil.

Fadzil also said that he had yet to receive any information that could help locate her daughter's whereabouts.

Nurul Syaza was reported missing at 8.30am on Thursday after buying nasi lemak at a stall near her house in Kampung Nakhoda in Batu Caves, here.


Unknown said...

What the hell is becoming of my country? I'd rather it be 1970.

Anonymous said...

scary. i believe a lot more were left unexposed. its a scary world out there. and i pray for my two daughters.

Pak Zawi said...

Oh dear,
Criminals are getting younger nowadays. At such a young age, they are abducting and selling off people. Why? Because there are willing buyers and these buyers are protected people. Life is definitely scary nowadays.

Anonymous said...

The girl's story sounds very dodgy... A lot of discrepancies here and there... There are too many how comes and whys in her story.

I for one will not discount the fact that this girl could have followed her friends to go gallavanting in town for a day without much thought and next thing she know, a few days have passed by. When reality hits, she panic and didnt know how to go home without being scolded. She knows she got plenty to explain and the dissappearance for a few days is one mighty big explanation for a teenager!

Yah la! you people never been young is it? You know.. airheaded, went out to buy nasi lemak and sekali met a friend.. borak borak and friend ask her to follow her go jalan jalan.. she just follow la.. No cares about the nasi lemak and the people waiting to eat it... no cares about mama and all at home.. (most probably knows if she goes home and ask permission sure tak jadi 1, kena scolding some more, so scoot la) After a few days, very happy and jolly already, reality sets in.. no money, no nothing, HOW!? Panic la... either continue to hang around friends and work or better make drama in order to go home without being scolded...


Think la... it was reported that her dad was informed of her whereabouts by people around that bar/pub that she was taken to be sold. Number 1, how come her dad can zoom there so fast? Know the place so well?? Either her dad frequent such places often and therefore is familiar or whoever told her dad about such info, must have told him much earlier. It is not easy to find a place in Kuala Lumpur. Not even if you have the address! Number 2, for a fact, the real pimps and gangsters who sell their wares don't go around bringing their wares to buyer's premises la. Too much of a risk to take.

What else? Held captive in Pudu area? How hard is it to run if you are really in such situation? Don't forget most of these people staying in that apartment are either too stoned or drunk to guard anyone including themselves! Pudu area is not one place where it is issolated or quiet. It is so busy, with so many people zooming in and out! So, how hard is it??

So, in the nutshell, the story the girl fed to everyone sounds like a badly written essay and once the truth is dug out, she better be disciplined well and good to stop all these nonsense! Waste Time!