Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today is Nomination Day..

A busy Sunday for election candidates as they submit their nomination papers in 222 centres across the country.
They will be vying for 222 parliamentary seats and 505 state seats in the March 8 general election.
They will be accompanied by their supporters.

So, don't screw up, you hear!

Make sure you spell your N A M E and write your date of birth correctly.


Pak Zawi said...

Somehow the BN candidate for Cempaka managed to submit his nomination paper unsigned giving the seat to TGNA uncontested. Is it God's will or by the will of someone who wanted to pave the way for TGNA to continue to lead PAS in Kelantan?

Pak Zawi said...

Despite making the mistake of not signing the nomination form, BN's candidate in DUN Cempaka was allowed to constest the election by TGNA after SPR through it's returning officer left it to him to decide on the matter much to the consternation of
PAS's supporters. If it was any other candidate, he or she wouldn't have given up such a chance at victory.

Anonymous said...

Terkini! Kantoi juga 6 tempat...

Anonymous said...

Make sure you X correctly!

Thanks for the reminder, Auntie Ena.



...and i forgot... make sure you're not a BANKRUPT!

some people even get their IC number wrong.