Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Hindraf Is Because of Me..." -- Samy Vellu

That's what the MIC president, responding to questions from the media after announcing the list of party election candidates, said.

I have taken out Samy's remarks on Hindraf from the report by The Sun's:

On the effects of the recent Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) rallies, the veteran politician said:

“Hindraf is because of me, everything they do is because of me. Only because of me everything has happened in this country. You can write it in your paper ... you write it, people will laugh at you lah. Those fellows are just madly going doing things. We are fighting. They are members of the Opposition. There will be a ‘pooja’ every evening somewhere, DAP will be doing a pooja under the guise ...”

He said they knew how to talk to Indian voters who now realised they had been misled with promises like getting RM1 million.

“Many people thought if they keep supporting them (Hindraf) they might get RM1 million. The RM1 million made a big swing. I also can say if you support me I can give you RM2 million, but that’s not what we want to do. In any case, the BN government has promised many things, it will be done, it is being done.”

Asked how sure he was that the MIC could get Indian votes, he said: “Maybe the Indian voters feel, ‘this fellow is getting lost’, so we must ... I think the Indians may not like me now. That is why I thought if I go maybe they give better support to BN, I take it that way. I know the Indians don’t like me now ... so let us see.”


Anonymous said...

It is true that many Indians and others would prefer if Samy steps down now.
They feel that at least then the MIC would be saved in this elections!!
However Samy does feel otherwise,
that MIC still needs him.
Many an UMNO leader has said that at the end of the day, the party is greater than the leader.
Sacrifice is part of leadership for the greater good.
This thinking is sound.
By carrying on leading MIC, the risk of loss is real and imminent.
Even an MIC victory by virtue of BN collective support does not take away the fact that Indians at large are disillusioned by the current MIC leadership, wheather real or imagined !
Whatever the outcome for MIC, the next govt has to take care of the Malaysian Indians by way of responsible leadership to ensure progressive support by the future generations.

Old Fart said...

In otherwards he is saying Hindraf is a good thing!

What is there that is so difficult to understand?

Surely you don't want to associate with negative elements do you? For instance you wouldn't hear Lim Kit Siang say that the Communist Party of Malaya was because of him!! After all we don't like communists, do we?

Geeshh, at least one BN leader endorses Hindraf. And I had almost written them off.

zorro said...

Dementia is imperceptibly setting in for poor semi-invalid. The planted follicles not helping one bit.

Anonymous said...

Salam sis,

some good scooplah pleased.
Semua blog cerita yang same aje.Boring lah.


Anonymous said...


what's the difference?

a failed sami is a reflection of a failed bn.

it has nothing to do with anything except of course those crappy policies - courtesy umno.


straycat's strut said...

“Hindraf is because of me, everything they do is because of me.... " Samy.

Aiyoh samy... you expect us to believe it is because of the sun and the rain lagi kah? Ini bukan case tanah runtoh lah!

Grumpy old man lah you. As if we care you mau merajuk.

Faten Rafie said...

he thinks too highly of himself! Talk about over-inflated ego.

Hello Mr. Samy, with or without you, the sun will still rise tomorrow.