Saturday, February 09, 2008

No Politics of Revenge if BN wins Kelantan.

Winning Kelantan is high on Umno's agenda.
Party deputy president Najib Abdul Razak has been very upbeat and positive of Umno's chances in Kelantan.
I'd say at this point it is a dream Umno wishes will come true.

Well, I say good luck and all the best!

And should Umno win, Najib wants the state civil servants to know that they will not be punished.

He has reassured them that the BN will not launch "politics of revenge" on civil servants.

Bernama quoted him as saying in Jeli today that it was the Barisan's stand to respect opposition parties and their supporters.

He said they would be accorded the same treatment if the Barisan helmed the east coast state.

Here's the rest of the Bernama report.

Najib said the Barisan was not like PAS which went on a "witch hunt" after capturing Terengganu in the 1999 general election by sacking imams, locking up and cordoning off buildings housing state government offices and stopping vehicles travelled by Barisan government state executive councillors.
"The Barisan will not resort to cruel and inhumane actions like PAS. I assure you such things will not happen if the Barisan rules Kelantan.
"We'll respect them (state civil servants). They can go about working as usual," he told a press conference after launching the Border Regiment in Jeli.

Well, if Umno does win...we'll just have to wait and see if the "balas dendam" doesn't happen, won't we?


Ferdaos Mohamed said...

Hi kak..
Cool, its nice to read that, but why the issue of civil servants being given the reminder now ? As far as politics is concern there are ruling set by the government of the day for the civil servants to follow.. What ever form of the governing system or the regime of the day.. 'makan gaji lah, beb !' dipanggil kita mari disuruh kita pergi... janganlah hukum kami..BUT as individual we have the right to choose whoever the leader that we want..What ever political party contesting the election..let's learned from Tun M..he says "Tolak Perasuah dan penyalahguna kuasa" I right to say this, or I might be taken revenge, later ??

Rockybru said...

Let me remind Najib of what happened after Pak Lah had his landslide victory 4 years ago, when Kelantan almost fell to the BN, too.

Pak Lah's people quickly launched his "politics of revenge" against Dr M and people perceived to be Dr M's men.

Corporate leaders were sacked or replaced, some politicians told to go, selected individuals dragged to court.

Even in the media. Dolah Kok Lanas was sacked for treating KJ badly, among other things, and some editors said to be close to the previous BN regime were replaced. Najib knows the story.

And these people weren't even supporting Pas or the Opposition.
So if BN wins Kelantan, revenge would certainly be the appetizer. The main menu would be something else, which would involve billions of ringgit for a select few. Just look at Terengganu.

Anonymous said...

Dahlah Najib. Jaga Pekan tu baik2. Belum tentu menang kat kandang sendiri, jangan dok teleng kandang di seberang.

Anonymous said...


Rocky (bru) should know what he's talking. He's a victim of the regime change in the NST. And you, too. The new management under you-know-who-lah, dismantled the Political Desk you headed. There were others too.

So what 's Najib talking? No politics of revenge?

Wasn't he the one who says Kelantan is going to be BN's, Umno's to be specific, battleground, a do or die kinda battle.

I hope Kelantese will not fall for Najib's sweet talk and promise.

Mengundilah dengan bijak.

Old Fart said...

And when they lose, they are worse than a woman scorned. Just see what happened to Terangganu when it was under PAS. And now we got the twinkling mosque and as Raja Petra put it, we have got monuments to commemorate a failed past!

Pak Zawi said...

When PAS won back Kelantan in 1990, they were eager to work together with the Federal Government but it was UMNO Kelantan that was so snobbish thinking that PAS can't rule Kelantan for long. How wrong they were.
What happened in Terengganu as said by Najib didn't happen in Kelantan that is why he didn't quote it to have happened in Kelantan.
If the election is done by the rule, UMNO can only dream of ruling Kelantan. They almost won Kelantan in 2004 because they promised to be a better government which they now proved to be otherwise.