Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bersih Is So Rude and Overboard, Says PM

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has described as "direspectful" and "overboard" the action by members of the Coalition of Free and Fair Elections (Bersih) in tearing the picture of Election Commision chairman Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.

Here's the rest of the Bernama story:

Bersih members tore up Rashid's picture to vent their protest on the country's election system.
Saying that they had gone overboard in their action, Abdullah said such things never happened before.
"They're rude and disrespectful. There are other ways to air their protest," he told reporters after attending the Universiti Malaya Alumni Day.
The Prime Minister was asked to comment on the action by Bersih members to tear Rashid's picture as published in the New Straits Times today in protest against the election system in the country.
They claimed the EC's move to introduce the indelible ink in this election was merely a cosmetic change.
The Prime Minister said Rashid had discharged his duties well by conducting elections in a fair, clean, transparent and democratic manner.
He said Bersih members should not have resorted to such action as the EC had met the Opposition's demand to introduce the indelible ink and transparent ballot boxes to ensure this election was more open and transparent.
"If all these while, what it has been done is not good and the changes being made now (in this election) are also not good, bring the matter to court," said Abdullah in a stern voice.
The Prime Minister said the EC had constantly taken appropriate action to ensure the electoral roll was verified and updated and given prompt attention to complaints such as mistakes in voter registration.
Asked whether the government would take action against Bersih members for tearing Rashid's picture, Abdullah said: "We should take action if there are laws that provide for punishment for such actions."

Alaah, Pak Lah. Tear picture only.
Ahem. I know others who were really really "disrespectful" and "overboard" in their speech and action.


Anonymous said...

PakLah when first became PM was'nt he known as 'Mr. Clean' preferring the soft approach againts direct confrontation? So he is being consistent? No?..
Under his leadership.. BN reps been very polite in their comments one uttered 'stupid.,bodoh beruk, goblok..orang Cina balik China...No?.UMNO sponsored demo againts US & Israel was just a peaceful handing over of unruly behaviuor..No?..lagi ape ye..tolong bagitau.
Saya baru balik dari pulau la..sorry ye betul2 tak tau ni..hehhehe..
jangan mareh..

Pak Zawi said...

He loves that chairman of EC so much that he had to change the country's laws to accomodate his extension for another year. Bersih had the gall to show disrespect to such a man of his choice must have saddened him to no end. Only him can perform the 12th GE.

Anonymous said...

Ya lah, tear a picture only. He's making a mountain out of a molehil.

There are bigger issues at hand,

Do you think I'd be punished if I were to tear PMZ ZZZZZZZ's picture in protest against him for doing a lousy job the last four years?

Roti Canai said...

To be honest, I think PakLah is being petty to even comment on it.

Old Fart said...

How come he can label people anything he wants and MSM carries it. The fact that he sleeps on the job is not printed or published. The fact many call him a stupid idiot is ever published. About time he is told that he does not have sole monopoly for labeling people, organisations, events and such. We too can.

Anonymous said...

"We should take action if there are laws that provide for punishment for such actions."

huh? does he mean something like the law of lese majesty (?) in thailand? who is this rashid feller anyway? like royalty ke? why cannot tear his picture one? so big shot one?

Anonymous said...

in typical BN fashion, he made two changes and both involved multi-million spending. by the way, was there any competitive bidding for the supply of transparent boxes and indelible ink? bet the last dollar, aint cheap for these procurements.
Like they said, no project no income, no?

Anonymous said...

There are other things fair-minded Malaysians have in mind to do with the EC head's picture. He has failed to acknowledge or address many of the abuses that were spefically written and clarified with evidence.

The filth of an EC electoral comission that continues to sanction phantom-voters, dead people on the elerctoral roles and more than hundreds of "busload" "voters" in Kelantan and other areas is unacceptable.

Well, Mr PM, if you want to know what is rude, it is your party boys and Deputy calling for the keris to be bathjed in Chinese blood in a stadium not too far away.

Perhaps you have selective memory like Mahathir, but all the sandiwara wayang of Hishamuddin giving to Chinese schools and sudden acts of giving crumbs to the non-bumis is not going to cut it this time.

straycat's strut said...

Send my regard to the guy who tore rashid's picture. I'll give him a paper shredder and lotsa other names for him - with the picture of somebody sleeping at the top of the list.

Anonymous said...

Two Prime Minister opening "shady" joints in a prominent mall of the city. One sells you the bread of unrighteousnes, while the other poise itself to be the chief supplier of royal robes to royal rascals.

The rivers of Kuala Lumpur look muddier than usual, its filth has new Barisan contamination. While sons of padi farmers and former tin miners and Indian plantation workers struggle to put bread and clothes on, the emperors reign supreme with razzle dazzle.

The emperors demand that that Malays must only vote Barisan, Indians are told you will regret it if you don't, while the Chinese are are given crumbs to keep them begging for more. Who will take the challenge to stand against the emperor's intimidation?

The skies over the twin towers and like a vengeful dragon, while the stage is set for electing the champs the emperors have instrumented their triump. Let the east winds blow, let the warm rains of Kedah cleanse from within.

The only reason for corrupt emperors to reign is for their subjects to remain shackled and intimidated. Rise up and let the drumbeats begin. This time the people will not let the pernicious floods come in.

Though the Staid Times and the Fallen Star spin doctors blow smoke in our eyes,we will not let Datuk Wong and Kallimullah revel in half-turths, selective denials and lies.

Tuesday as boycott day of mainstream goverment papers is having a reasonable impact. A news vendor even asked me if Tuesday was a day people read each other. More power to u Rocky, standing with you on this and lets add another day to it.