Monday, February 04, 2008

Helping the Indian Community

Not true. Not true.
The government has never NOT listen to suggestions by the MIC on improving the lot of the Indians in the country.
Deputy PM Najib Andul Razak said in KL yesterday:

"It is not true. I am refuting the claims that the government pays scant attention to whatever suggestions or views put forward by the MIC," the Deputy Prime Minister told reporters after opening the MIC's special assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre.
In fact, he said, the living standard of the Indians had improved due to the MIC's efforts.
"The government always pays attention and strives to solve the socio- economic problems of the Indians in the country.
"We should not allow ourselves to be tricked by the opposition who can say anything. But all this (development programme) is a commitment which the government is able to fulfil," he said.- BERNAMA

HAH! I know what you guys are thinking. And are going to say...


Anonymous said...


It has already been said succintly here.

Old Fart said...

So how come all this only after the Hindraf rally?

This idiotic Deputy Prime minister has to threaten indians in their midst!..How much more stupid can he get!

Anonymous said...

It is actually simple.
The govt has to deliver to the Indian community after this election even if MIC does not do well.
The the people meaning the Indians, will support them all the way next time.