Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hardworking Prime Minister...

I know. I know what you're thinking.
But I am not saying it.
He said it himself in Penang yesterday.

Here's the Star story:

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he works very hard to carry out his responsibility to all Malaysians.
“Some of you can say that I’m not good, you can say whatever. But don’t say that I don’t work.
“I work very hard. I really mean it and you know it,” he said to applause from those who attended the Chinese Assembly Hall’s Chinese New Year open house yesterday (Friday).
Abdullah said that as a Muslim, he had an obligation to fulfil his responsibility.
“I have a very heavy responsibility and I have to carry it out,” he said.
He also urged Malaysians to make full use of the opportunities available to do well in life and to serve the people.
“It is God’s will that I become the Prime Minister of Malaysia and I am very conscious that I have to serve the people although I personally do not benefit even one bit because of this,” he said.
He said in fulfilling his responsibility, he has to be fair to all Malaysians, irrespective of their ethnic background.
“However, each of us has to strive towards the creation of a Malaysian community that is happy, prosperous, united, harmonious and respected.
“As Malaysians, no matter where we are and even though we are just a minority group, we should feel comfortable and happy when attending a function.
“We should feel at home and that we are in the company of friends and fellow Malaysians,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Wah caya lu, Pak lah.

Sakit perut gelakkan this PM says he's working hard for us...eerr I mean his money!

Anonymous said...

It is the Chinese mannerism to applause the guest so as to 'give face' in front of others. But ... do you think AAB deserved such an applause? Honestly speaking, definitely not! He may claim he had worked hard but when the results did not support such claim, it is called INEFFECTIVENESS and also INEFFICIENCY! He did what he supposed not to do but he did not do what he promised all Malaysians in 2004! Bottomline, he is still useless and 'working hard' does not worth a dime!!

Anonymous said...

duh, who prepared his speech?

Rockybru said...

i wonder who's been asking him to come out with these silly lines. "i work hard". "i have big ears". "i am not one-term pm". sounds like ONE person is behind this attempt to spruce up the prime minister's battered image, and instead of having the desired positive effects the "I" strategy is backfiring.

people get more tired of pak lah every time he dishes out these lines.

he should go back to being himself. really. but that would mean having to get rid of many so-called advisers, from kalimullah and khairy jamaluddin to vincent lim and anuar zaini.

bring back kamaruzaman. heck, bring back rohaizad.

Old Fart said...

Actually this makes a good case study for MBA students. So questions for MBA students:

What does it say of a Chief Executive who finds it necessary to say what Badawi is quoted as having said?..I believe a 5000 word essay should suffice!

zaitgha said...

hes just a pain in somewhere PM....wonder whats next??

.. said...

Hi Nuraina,like someone said in kakton's blog, sleeping also work mah...

Ferdaos Mohamed said...

Hi..Kak Noraina,
I am a keen reader of your blog..
Just wonder if the PM doesnt work hard? He has to work hard no joke, must keep it that way..he has all the perks no one else has..he got those privileges, what about us the rakyat, we all like many are not as privileged as the PM.. BN.."Barang Naik" la ma...The Tol, the gas and petrol, no more 'Manja' like those good old times... We cannot afford as well not to work harder than the PM..are we??

Anonymous said...

penipu besar!
kerja tidur tidur tidur....

bila (arwah) isteri sakit dulu di US, konon banyak kerja tak dapat bersama teman arwah.
lepas isteri meninggal...amboi...melancong sana sini...sana sini.

tiba2, berita nak kahwin bekas ipar.
cinta konon.
cinta bukan overnight tau.
bila, ya, cinta memutik? berkembang?

lepas tu.... dah kahwin baru...waah, melancung lagi.

kerja konon.


Anonymous said...

he's been working hard.
maybe he lives by his own yeah...travelling is work for him.

but we know better.

does he think...rather do his boys think that Malaysians are blind and deaf? or stupid?

do they not think that those who have had the ill-fortune of being intimate with what's going on, would know the real deal?

i am not anti-Pak Lah.
in fact, always thot him to be a nice fella.

but nice men don't win war -- you know what i mean.

but...let's forgert the nice factor here.

the man is just no good as a leader.
he's screwing up the country. big time

Anonymous said...


your guess is as good as mine, bro.
we all know his boys are raw, inexperienced.
they have that fella there (the one who is suing you) advising the advisors. see how bad that is.
and poor Pak Lah...not a lvoe, still in honeymoon mode and mood.

so, bro....Pak Lah deserves all this crap. because he is allowing all this crap!

Anonymous said...

oh ma god!...Our PM is in CLOUD CUCKOO land!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

"I work hard" -PM

i think thats similar to "I can walk, run and climb" -Kerp

Anonymous said...

The harder he tries, the more ridiculous "Big Ears' sounds!


Anonymous said...

dont have to try so hard to convince us of your work ethics. just take less holidays and that will do. adios amigo.

Pak Zawi said...

How could he be working hard when he was sleeping all the time? He must have been dreaming.

straycat's strut said...

If you put Badawi's version of "harworking" as a benchmark to our students...

They would sleep through their lectures and change their major in order to skip any subject that has anything to do with add/subtract/multiply. They thought homework has something to do with cleaning and resolve it by marrying a maid. When the final exam comes, they would see the professors and recite a poem. If that failed, they would just say that mereka "telah di takdhirkan" to become a PM and no one should vote against God's will.

Munafik, hadhari, muslimin, working hard, sleeping, Imam Ghazali, Imam Khairi... I am having difficulty pointing which one is which these days.

Anonymous said...

work hard? My foot!! sleep hard more like it. And the Chinese won't be fooled. OKT knows it and that's why he is going around distributing goodiieeees.

The PM has been sleeping and does not realise that he is facing voters who knows what govt they want...certainly not a sleeping one

Anonymous said...

Someone pls tell me he's joking.....