Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nurul Izzah Anwar

Reuters has an article "Anwar's daughter steps into political wilderness", on Nurul Izzah, the 27 year-old daughter of our former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

I don't think it is political wilderness for her. Neither do I think that her electoral debut will break her family's political future. Make it, yes!
Nothing can stop her now.
I haven't got to interview her but when I do, I'll give my own assessment.

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - The eldest daughter of Malaysia's opposition leader is making her electoral debut in next month's election that could make or break her family's political future.

Nurul Izzah Anwar, a 27-year-old who has just given birth, has joined her mother to fight the government in the March 8 poll many say could be Anwar Ibrahim's last hurrah if his party loses badly.

Anwar, once regarded as a future prime minister, is now hemmed in by his opponents and is battling to stay relevant to voters. His Keadilan political party is officially headed by his wife, who is its only member of parliament.

U.S.-educated Nurul, trying to make her own mark in politics, was quick to deny suggestions that she was contesting as a hedge for her 60-year-old father.

"I'm offering myself for the people of Lembah Pantai," she said, referring to the economically mixed urban constituency in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where she is contesting.

"If they are voting, they are voting for me. I want to win this election for myself and for my party," she told Reuters.

Anwar is barred from standing as a candidate until this April because of the conviction for corruption, a charge he said had been contrived to wrongly imprison him for six years until his release in 2004.

He hopes to eventually return to parliament via a by-election. One way is to take over Nurul's seat, if she wins.

Her opponent in the race is Women's Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, a favourite to win the seat.


Some ordinary voters think Nurul, still breast-feeding her baby, could make it in politics.

"She is promising. She is well-educated and religious. She can win if the election is held fairly," said Faridah Mat Jais, a 44-year-old woman selling snacks under a highway bridge.

Others have some reservations. "I think the prospect is not too bright because she is contesting against a formidable woman figure," said political analyst Shamsul Amri Baharuddin.

In the interview, Nurul said the multiracial Keadilan would fight to end Malaysia's deep-rooted racial politics.

"If we are going toward this (racial) road, we are doomed," she said. "We need a future devoid of racial politics, that's why it's very important for young Malaysians -- Indians, Chinese, Malays -- to stand up and work together."

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's multiracial coalition is widely tipped to retain power but with a reduced majority.

The coalition comprises 14 parties, each representing an ethnic group. Malays account for just over half of the population, with Chinese and Indians forming sizeable minorities.


Anonymous said...

The Reuters's statement is overblown. Anwar’s future doesn’t depend on his young daughter. He is more formidable than that I would say. I doubt if she can win for now, because UMNO is using all the money it has saved for 50 years to win Lembah Pentai, and that amounts to millions if not billions. Ijok have taught us many things. A small state seat forced Najib to sleep in Ijok for 8 days and Khir Toyo and BN spent 100 million Ringgits in 8 days. However, Nurul Izzah would sharpen her sword in readiness for the future and she is a native of Lembah Pentai having been born there.

There is no doubt that Dr. Aziza will win the Permatang Pauh seat. It is a forgone conclusion and Anwar will take over that seat even if Nurul Izzah were to win in Lembah Pentai. I’m sure of this. Honestly speaking, Nurul Izzah for me as a Malay man, she is the girl or woman I would say: this should be my daughter or wife. She is excellent in every arena and Allah has blessed her with striking beauty, immense intelligence and an open mind. She represents the past, the present and her eyes are fixed on the future. I’m not be in PKR today, but Nurul Izzah would have gotten my vote if I were voting in her constituency. I don’t think there are many lessons the confused Malay youth will learn from Shahrizat or Azalina unlike Nurul Izzah who is the ideal woman. Next elections, she will be 32. I think she can take over by then. UMNO by then will be a dying horse and Shahrizat overstretched.

Anonymous said...

She's much more mature now compared to her REFORMASI days. She knows what is really going on in this country.

Hope she wins!

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...

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Anonymous said...

Islamonline, the largest Muslim website which receives a 1 million hit a day also carried this story.

Rockybru said...

she has potential. i heard her speak once at the chinese assembly hall. engaging if a little raw, but hey .. she's still so young.

one regret -- she's taking another woman candidate. i have met some people who do not fancy shahrizat but she has been visible, effective in many ways, and generally good for the image of women - especially Muslim women - in Malaysia.

wish nur izzah had taken on one of those male chauvinists. that alone would be a big statement and would win many hearts.

warrior2 said...

Was Nurul US educated?

I find it difficult to rationalise as to why anybody would want to vote her in. What credential has she got in politic? (none worth talking about) What experience? (none). What credibility/expertise?

Do we vote her in just because she is Anwar`s daughter? If we do just that, what does that say about our mind, our self and our principle?

Lets forget the party for a moment. In one corner we have sharizat and in the other, we have Nurul.

Nurul have done nothing (almost) and Sharizat had done lots of things.

Why would anyone choose someone who has done anything over someone who has done many thing?

It will puzzle me if she wins. That will tell A LOT about the voters in Lembah Pantai!

Anonymous said...

The NST reports that Shahrizat is taking her family along during her campaigning.

The NST's report focus on her daughter, Izzana Salleh, "a 21 year-old with sultry looks and a 1.75m frame that would not be out of place on the catwalk".

Shahrizat must be very desparate to win the hearts of the younger generation in Lembah Pantai knowing that her opponent is the young and beautiful Nurul Izzah (sampai sanggup menggunakan anak gadisnya sebagai gula-gula untuk memancing undi generasi muda atau mungkin pemuda?).

If Izzana is a student, I think she is not allowed to be involved in any campaigning during the election. Isn't SPR watching?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:33am,

Based on your comment, you must be a voter outside Lembah Pantai and clearly clueless about Shahrizat and her contributions here.

Your comment on the daughter is also very unthinking and rempit like.

Go to Lembah Pantai and ask how many like Shahrizat and how big a positive difference she made to this constituency.

Nurul Izzah has to work for this kind of credential, not rely on her father's figure.

Anonymous said...

It baffles me when certain UMNO hirelings run all over the place besmirching people like this warrior2. I think it will be important for him to update his blog and vomit there rather than looking for any entry on Anwar and his children and puke there. Asking what credibility Nurul Izzah has got is being utterly cheap and nefarious, to say the least. For Shahrizat, the question is not her doing something, she is paid millions every month to do so, but does she do the best? That's why we go to elections. And she doesn't use her money to build houses or roads for Lembah pentai people, the money is the Malaysian people's taxes and you can't tell me Teresah Kok doesn't do anything.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 5.23PM,

Obviously you don't read the NST.

The "a 21 year-old with sultry looks and a 1.75m frame that would not be out of place on the catwalk" is quoted from today's NST and was not my commnet oh Shahrizat's daughter.

Please do your homework before posting any comment so that you don't look like a fool.


Anonymous said...

It's always the same dilemma for some, isn't it. Chicken and egg stuff. How can one judge the worthiness of a new candidate if he/she is not given a chance to prove him/herself? Just because a person who was lucky enough to be in office to tally a list of accomplishments does not necessarily mean that the person can outperform someone who has never been in office. Everything is a risk at election time. Even a seemingly "right" person at one point in time can proof to be a disappointment in times to come - think "close one eye MP", "leaking MP", "Twin Tower" State Councillor..etc..etc. As with some investments, greater gains can only be accomplished if we are willing to take greater risk. It is okay to "gamble" a few seats, if only to get fresh breath in the cabinet! BN won't lose it would be safe to try out a few new candidates from the opposition, to act as our conscience!It doesn't matter whether it is Lembah Pantai or elsewhere....

Anonymous said...

Tun Mahatir, Anwar is innocent. He was wronged.

Anonymous said...

Alamak!! Tak kan TAKUT kalah kot....I'm SURE Shahrizat will win, what with all the RAKYAT's money being used to support her campaign *sigh* looks like petrol, diesel, electricity, water, toll & goods prices will definitely rise soon after else would BN recover all that money being used to campaign nationwide! Once again, the RAKYAT (really) PAYS for it!!

zorro said...

warrior2. You claimed that Nurul has done nothing whereas sharizat has done many things. You can do 4 million good things but as welfare miister, Nurin is dead and her murdereers still lurking for another Nurin; NURIN alert is still in the waterbag waiting for delivery; Nanie is still missing. These are priorities and they put all the million good things in the shade.

You asked:Do we vote her in just because she is Anwar`s daughter? If we do just that, what does that say about our mind, our self and our principle?

Nurul is in there because she wants to champion CHANGE? Will that say anything about our mind, our self and our principle? If you think CHANGE not necessary, I suggest you overhaul you mind, self and principle!

Al-Qadr said...

I am all for Nurul Izzah to topple Shahrizat Jalil in this coming General Election! Why the heck not?

Nurul Izzah has suffered a lot over the years since her old man had undergone terrible 'political torture of sorts'. She had proven her true mettle since her teenaged years to defend her father's basic rights as a useful human being.

And despite all the hardships and struggles her family had to endure, Nurul Izzah has even successfully managed to overcome all obstacles to pursue her academic goals. In fact, she has done brilliantly to graduate with a Master's degree from an American Ivy League university majoring in her forte, International Relations, no less.

For a young Malaysian who has shown true leadership qualities from a very young age, Lembah Pantai constituents and voters have no choice but to give Nurul Izzah the benefits of the doubt and present her with a DEBUT MAJORITY VICTORY!

Anonymous said...

Izzana (Shahrizat's daughter) has graduated and yes, she is permitted to campaign for her mum without violating our university's act