Friday, February 22, 2008

Azalina Slams Bloggers

Youth and Sports Minister and Pengerang MP Azalina Othman Said said that rumour-mongering bloggers are cowards and a nuisance to Umno.
She said the opposition parties were using the blogs because they know that the Home Affairs Ministry was busy monitoring reports in the mainstream media.
“They think they can get away with it but it is not the case as they too are being monitored,” she said after launching the National Sports Institute satellite centre in Kota Tinggi.
Asked on the personal attacks against her, Azalina said it was part and parcel of politics.
“The most important thing is that the leadership knows your capability and wants to retain you.
“I get more pahala (blessings) everyday with all the lies spread about me, especially by bloggers,” she said.
On talk of infighting in Pengerang Umno especially between her and division chief Datuk Harun Abdullah, Azalina said people could say a lot of things but there was no problem.
“I still see him and I still shake his hand,” she said.
Azalina said she would contest in a seat to be decided by the Barisan Nasional leadership.
“I am a soldier and if the boss asks me to go to war, then I will,” she said.

Well, I agree with her. Especially ANONYMOUS bloggers who spread lies in the internet.
They are cowards.

But, Azalina, why, why tar us all with the same brush?
Don't-lah start demonising B L O G G E R S.

Besides, you
must know that those attacking you may not be from the Opposition.

Why....they could be your very own "musuh dalam selimut".
I'm sure some of them are Umno members or supporters of some Umno leaders.


Anonymous said...

In Malaysia....the lack of anonymity can get you into Kamunting or C4ed. But Azalina...bloggers will die a natural death....if there is a free press....something that you will never understand.....the solution actually lies with the government.......the days of opacity are long gone......transparency is here Azalina.....and you better be part of it.....

Anonymous said...

Brilliant comment Nuraina. This idiot Azalina (who says only men are idiots)don't know the meaning of democracy; typical of most Umno's leaders anyway. Uneducated idiots most of them! Even the ordinary Indonesians under much more brutal military regime can go on protest. Anyway, to any women, locals or migrants out there wanting to join me in forming a group to challenge radically rampant sexual harassment, violation and murder or any form of injustice towards us women, please contact me at I'm seeing how young women are normalizing such injustice due to the sense of hopelessness and disempowerment; besides facing inefficient, corrupted and extremely sexist justice system especially within the police force. I'm sick of the police and so-called Ministry of Women under another female Umno idiot Shahrizat, no-good-for-nothing(or for women for that matter)institutions!By the way, why is Altantuya's case dragging on for so long here?!

En Arip said...

I agree with you Ms Nuraina.

There are bloggers like you and I who blog using our real name. We believe in being responsible and speak without fear or favour.

I salute you for being so brave.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps she should start by vilifying the MSM in order for her statements to be valid and making sense.

And if she thinks she can use the crappy bn standards as gauge she is dead wrong and stupefying.

Nobody is as dumb as she thinks …. They know.

She must be vying for whose is dumb and dumber crown among her colleague. No surprise there.


straycat's strut said...

Azha(or should I call you Lina?),
Those who spread lies in the internet are cowards. What do we call those who told lies and half-truths in the msm's. A Prime minister?

BTW, where the hell did these people got the idea that a hard-working minister, who sacrificed everything (including postponing her marriage) is a homosexual? Nah. Just cannot be. Just like that shady sports academy in london, its just another lie.

(Anyway, the publishing of the identity of that poor kid is really, really sick. This kid did nothing and those pictures proved nothing).

Mr. Smith said...

Bloggers have been described as liars, unemployed females and monkeys.
How then should be describe mainstream journalist. I mean the editors and the (mis)information minister?

Rockybru said...

Aza who?

Anonymous said...

Azalina, people like yourself and Sharizat are an insult to both muslim and non-muslim women in the nation. This time you won't get away with your Bn tow the party-line crimes.

Do not assume that Malaysian women are ignorant. They have witnessed on numerous ocassions how both of you lied to them on issues they have brought up to you to defend in parliment.

Instead, you acted like an ular. Both of you gave the impression that you would fight against the injustices and plight of women suffering discrimination, but you pulled the carpet from right under their feet at the last moment.

Two specific examples were the enactment giving muslim men unconditional rights in the case of divorce. Second it was the stone silence and support of BN parlimentarians who insulted women in the "bocor" and "tunnel" insults.

Both of you chose to support those who insulted women and discriminated against them. You are both indirectly support and propagate such insults and discrimination at the highest parlimentary level and will soon hear what the rakyat thinks of such duplicity.

Do not assume that the internet bloggers or the multitude of Malaysian bloggers will be intimidated by your insults against them.

It will continue to expose your hypocritical stance in parliment as well as your viel agenda against the fight of discrimination and injustice against Malaysian women.