Sunday, July 01, 2007

Say Nothing At All

As we all know, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak's name was mentioned in the Altantuya Shaaribu's murder trial.
On Friday (June 29), a witness testified that she had seen a picture of Altantuya having a meal with Abdul Razak and a "Malaysian government official" whom she identified as "Najib Razak".
The witness was 26 year-old Burmaa Oyunchimeg who is the victim's cousin.
Read the story here,
I am sure the whole country was abuzz. Speculations, as always, were readily exchanged.
This prompted the DPM's office to act pronto.
Yesterday (Saturday, June 30), Najib's press secretary Tengku Sarifuddin Tengku Ahmad issued a statement to Bernama to say that his boss will not issue any statement on this claim made in court as it could be subjudice to the case.
Tengku Sarifuddin said Najib was maintaining his statements made several times before that he had never met or known Altantuya, 28, and was not involved in the case.
"I wish to make it clear that the deputy prime minister had on several occasions when interviewed by the media previously and during the Ijok by-election had said that he had never met and known Altantuya and was not involved in the case.
"As such, the issue over the picture does not arise.
This brief clarification is made because media reports on yesterday's proceedings of the court case have given rise to various views and statements by certain parties that could affect public opinion on the deputy prime minister," Tengku Sarifuddin said.

Here's the thing. We all can understand the fact that Najib cannot respond to statements made in the ongoing trial because it WILL be subjudice.
I'd be surprised if he commented.
And I am not about to make any comments on the court proceedings, except to say only this -- ok, let's see the photograph, if it exists.
Frankly, I am not surprised if Najib had met Altantuya without even realising it, or remembering her.
I am sure a political leader like him would naturally have met so many people and not know so many personally.
Model or not. Beautiful or not. If Altantuya had met Najib, then she certainly was not the first beautiful lady to have met him. Nor the last.
Oh well. Just wondering why the need to vehemently deny something that could have logically taken place.
Not a crime to meet people. And so many people in one's lifetime as a political leader.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

the on-going trial has made me better understand the average Malaysian mentality.

do you know why the average Malaysian is always interested in supernatural?

it's because, as the word implies, when it's supernatural there's no logical explanation... so, you just let your imagination run wild.

and this, in turn, breeds the superstitious mentality.

this superstitious mentality is very dangerous because, just like Herpes, once you have it... you have it for life!

it's dangerous because no matter what facts are presented before their very eyes, they still stick to their superstitious beliefs.

the only way to convince them is to allay their superstitious beliefs and make some profit out it... which explains why there are so many con-artists in our midst.

remember in the beginning when all these people, under the guise of "investigative mind" quoted the accused wife's words of wisdom "...he doesn't want to be the Prime Minister?"

now, after the T-shirt and boxing-match episodes since the start of this trial... I wonder if it's wise to put too much emphasis on what was said.

however, a superstitious mentality will never accept this... so, it wanders off to another moot point.

now it clings itself to the words of a witness who, a day later, claimed that she did not understand the question that was put to her the day before regarding the threatening SMS.

it goes without saying that the superstitious mentality does not understand the phrase the creditibility of a witness.

the con-artists tricked the superstitious mentality into believing that the victim was a professional interpreter.

yeah, right professional interpreter indeed... read the 6 notes here.

I, for one, would not have the heart to bring a professional interpreter of such calibre into a billion RM deal when an internet connection to is available.

the quality would have been more or less the same... very, very difficult to understand!

moreover,... wasn't this submarine deal done in France?

so, what is a “... besides bringing up her son she strived to learn Russian, English and Chinese. Her master’s, bachelor’s degrees and diplomas in Chinese Language and many other certificates bear witness to her increasing knowledge, certify her good command of those languages..." doing at a billion RM deal in France?

since when have the French started speaking Russian, bad English or even Chinese, I wonder?

mind you, the above statements came from the father of the victim and it was posted in the self-proclaimed Altantuya expert blogsite!

to be honest... after seeing how the blog owner looks like... I can understand her deep desire to seek cheap publicity...

hey, if you looked like her... who could blame you!

any micro evidence to turn this trial into a political missile for some dubious con-artists would be seized upon by talentless con-artist with gusto... hey it's shark feeding time!

as for the mysterious powerful hands behind the scenes... hey, this is Malaysia... since when do you need to know a Minister to get everything done?

know the All-Malaysian saying, "I have a cousin brother working in....?"

go figure!

Anonymous said...

what an apologist all of you are for Najib. the right question for you as a journalist to ask is : where is the proof? without so quickly jumping on the trail to protect Najib. what if there is a photograph? and what about the C4 explosives? it came from his department. why is no one questioning this?

i am ashamed of all you veteran journalist, you, rocky and et all, you have become apologists and its so bloody obvious.

bloody hell, Najib doesnt need all you people's protection. the Malaysian public does.

It seems people are willing to forgo their ethics or even sense of justice just to protect their political affiliation.

Rockybru said...

anon 8:57am,

whether i am an apologist for najib or not, i'll let my readers judge me. but anon, let's try and maintain our sanity with regards to the altantuya murder trial. it is a murder trial and there are three persons accused of committing the crime.

our dpm is not one of them.

thank you.


excuse me, i take offence to such sweeping remark.
i would like you to please read my posting carefully.
i very much reminded that this is a murder trial. and there seems to be an attempt to drag the DPM's name.
do i sound like i am protecting Najib?
a trial is going on and for teh whole world to see.
if YOU have evidence that the DPM is involved go to the right authorities.
and if they give you a hard time, report them.
so, let's not start ranting and raving about justice or ethics or whatever.
get a hold of yourself first.

Pasquale said...

Well Rocky and Nuraina!

There are only three people being put on trial for murder and you are both right that Najib is not one of them! The thing is these Morons will try to implicate Najib in the murder, just like how some people tried to also implicate Anwar Ibrahim in a murder, in which the attempt went awry! So desperate people will do anything to blame others!

Anonymous said...


When someone quoted that it was not Razak Baginda who wanted to become the Prime Minister, she was not referring to Najib, in fact she was referring to Khairy Jamaluddin or KJ, or Khalid as Special Branch coded his name!