Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nat in Remand

Update: Tuesday July 17

Nathaniel Tan who was arrested and detained by police for alleged offences under the Official Secrets Act since Sunday July 15, was released this evening.
Nat was nabbed by police on Friday, July 13. It was on Sunday that the police obtained an order from the Magistrate's Court in Jalan Duta to remand him for 4 days.

Read here for more.

My earlier posting:

How's Nat doing?
So far, Nathaniel Tan has been treated well by his interrogators.
That should be good news.
Was at the candle light vigil for him outside the Dang Wangi police station on Sunday (July 15).
A small crowd of Nat's family, friends and supporters was there.
Short speeches (including by Rocky and Bernard Khoo) were made and songs were sung.
Elizabeth Wong asked if I wanted to say something.
I had to decline not because I had nothing to say.
"Ayoh, nervous-lah. So shy", I told her. That was the truth.
"Don't worry-lah. Just friend-friend here....", she responded.
Yeah, I should have said something but....
I told Rocky later that I was sure I'd say the wrong thing if I spoke.
Rocky seemed to agree, his wicked smile not withstanding.

There was supposed to have been another candle light vigil last night (Monday July 16) -- same place same time -- but it was cancelled.
Bernard Khoo (Zorro) and Tony Yew (Alliedmarster) went but no one was around.
They were told why. But you have to ask them about it.

Today is Nat's last day of remand.
He should be released tomorrow. Unless they have other plans for him. Let's pray not.
Read Polytikus' update on Nat and for details here.

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Rockybru said...

I am glad you didnt say anything. If you are half as mad as your dad, you'd feed fire to the candlelight vigil, you'd get people worked up, there would be a useless uprising in front of Dang Wangi, and the cops would have no choice but to throw us all in.

Eli didnt know how close we all were to a riot.

p.s. But Zorro was mad, eh. His speech was just like his postings - Whack, Whack, Whack!