Sunday, July 01, 2007

Police and the Law

Who says our police force is good for nothing? Who says it is toothless?
If the police are going hard after criminal forces in the country which means they are serious, then we're ok.
Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan seems to be on the roll. They're already arrested a very ruthless Sarawak gangster and then they've got the "godfather" of the notorious Mamak Gang.
Now, Johor is facing a real big clean-up.
Just goes to show that nothing is impossible.
All this is good news as we know now that the police are no push-over, they mean business and certainly looks like they are taking no prisoners.
I am wondering though, why now? That's a long time of taking a lot of crap from people.
But who am I to be complaining? It is better late than never at all.


Rockybru said...

Mamak Gang? I thought they had been wiped out. Did you get this from the NST? If so this must be their de facto crime editor's work. When I was in the Malay Mail and he was my crime editor, he just loved the Mamak Gang (and I am being sarcastic because I don't think he loves Kalimullah, either). You are, therefore, spot on. Why now? And my question: there was a Mamak Gang's godfather in the first place?

There is something else of concern, though. This undercurrent between Jo the deputy IS minister and the IGP. All know that Jo is still not free as a bird with regards to the corruption allegations which, among other things, claim that he released some big-time thugs in exchange for millions.

The IGP has also been accused of corruption, and Jo has been giving hints that the ACA should investigate the allegation. And Musa knows about Jo's hints.

Does not look good to me. The minister concerned should be made aware of this.


ahirudin (Rocky),

er, yeah... got i from the NST. page one.
what can i say? You know Lionel. And you're probably not the only one who does.
But he is Deputy Chief News Editor.
he loved the Mamak gang and he doesn't love Kalimullah?
you're out of touch, brother.
He does (love Kalimullah) now.
He used to love you. hahaa. when you were his boss.

Yeah... this JO/IGP simmering hostility...we all have to watch out.
thanks, bro.

Pak Zawi said...

Do you think they would have acted if they were not provoked into taking the action? Why wait until its brought to parliament or much brouhaha over the internet before taking any action? Its like a knee jerk reaction and not as a matter of duty.
We all hope they will sustain their current action so that the criminals will at least fear the police by their mere presence. The public too will feel more at ease that the police force is seen as more committed to curb crime.