Monday, July 30, 2007

The 4Ms for the General Election

Don't you get the feeling that the 12th general election is nigh?
The air is really hot.
They're not telling you when. In fact, they've been telling you that the elections won't be held anytime soon.
But, oh, you don't have to believe them, you know.

Our Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak was in his consitutency of Pekan over the weekend and had a thing or two to tell Barisan Nasional component parties.
He said that no, there will not be a general election soon, but yes, be prepared for one.
And make preparations from NOW.
Najib who is Umno deputy president outlined 4 important points he called the 4Ms to be used as a guideline for all BN component parties.
They are Merapatkan barisan, Meramaikan pengundi, Mesra rakyat and Menyelesaikan masaalah.
(Strengthening the coalition, increasing the number of voters, being close to the people of people-friendly and solving problems.)

It's been more than 3 years since the last general election. Let's see --- well, one M out of 4 aint bad. Aint it?


Anonymous said...

I believe they can achieved the last 2M. Mesra with rakyat (can freely raba-raba the girls!) Menyelasaikan masalah (by using c4)?

Pak Zawi said...

The last M is the most pertinent. We will tell them to 'selesaikan masalah korupsi jan jenayah yang beleluasa dalam negara. Keselamatan juga tak terjaga sehingga C4 dengan senang boleh di seludup keluar' How about that for staters?