Friday, January 04, 2013

Robert Phang Vs Musa Hassan

This is going to be an interesting case .
 Robert Phang has filed a RM100mil-defamation suit against former IGP  Musa Hassan.
The suit was filed at the Shah Alam High Court registry on Friday through the firm Messrs S.N. Nair & Partners.
Phang claimed Musa uttered defamatory words at a press conference held by MyWatch which implied he was a dishonest, untrustworthy, unethical and a corrupt person.
He claimed Musa's words were pre-meditated to tarnish his image.
Phang is claiming compensatory and aggravated, exemplary damages, and other costs and relief deemed fit by the court.


the gaffe guy who knows said...

Musa is a bit rat and a real dirty one too.He was serving his political masters as their peon and when he was scorned,like a jilted lady he turned on his lovers.Serves him right if he lost,afterall he has accumulated lots of dirty money,and can afford to pay for damages.

the gaffe guy who knows said...

Who you like to write an article on the "Rose Chan" black rose book.It will sure stirred readers interest.

mariamsu said...

Nuri,how about your opinions on this ex IGP Musa Hassan.Surely you have meet this guy many times before in your career as a journalist.

There are allegations that he was sleeping with the enemy(crime bosses.But of course the AG is his alleged partner,so no internal investigations were called for.

Hantam kuat kuat said...

Nuraina,retaining wall at UPM collasped,due to heavy rain.What it means is that the walls are built not to withstand heavy rains.

Everytime,buildings at hilltops,steep slopes and retaining walls collasped,it is always blamed on heavy rains.If they are not built to specifications,how can they withstand heavr rains.

Sick people behave like sick puppies,and when wrong they even blamed the rain.Retaining walls are built to withstand heavy rains and landslide,or else where the contractors will have any job to do.Then they turned around and blamed even their grand nannies or spouses when the walls collasped.

the mean machine said...

Kak,have you seen the latest news.Retaining wall in UPM comes tumbling down during heavy rain.I thought retaining walls are built to prevent slopes from becoming landslides during heavy rains.Instead of protecting the slopes of coming down during heavy rainfall,the retaining wall itself came tumbling down.

Why do we have civil engineers, architects and licensed contractors for,if a simple retaining wall can collasped during heavy rains.And it is not uncommon for stadium roofs to fall like ninepins either.

Are contractors,developers and professionals of the building trades cutting corners.Or are these degree holders actually half past sixers.Either ways it is a disdrace.

Anonymous said...

First of all,Malaysia needed a regime change very badly.From the PM down to the office boy is dirty down to their underwear.

The present AG is being accused of corruption.And worse he is seen accompanying crooks to performed the haj.And Musa Hassan is accused of sleeping with underworld bosses.And their accusers are known to everybody who followed politics on the internet.

How come they do not sue their accusers.Or sent the MACC guys to round them up and throw them out the windows from high rise buildings.

And Najib so quiet as a tikus.What not send his bodyguards to round up Deepak and his black rose,and c4ed him to smithereens.We have to come to a conclusion that silence is golden(guilty).