Thursday, January 17, 2013

Reforming Legal Education...

...because they don't make lawyers like they used to..

Reported in The Star (Wednesday, Jan 16) that the Attorney-General and Bar Council have agreed to set up a high-level task force to reform legal education because they are so concerned  over the quality of law graduates.
Their grave concern, it said
“Both A-G Tan Sri (Abdul) Gani (Patail) and I are extremely concerned about the quality of law graduates,”  council chairman Lim Chee Wee  was quoted to have said.

It seems this stemmed fron the outcome of an employability survey of new graduates and feedback from the Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) examiners and evaluators of three local universities .

“The A-G's view is also based on the examiners' and evaluators' feedback, and because the A-G's Cham-bers is the largest employer of local graduates,” he said in an interview with The Star.

Here's the rest of the report:

During his speech at the Opening of the Legal Year on Saturday, he disclosed that they had agreed to the setting up of a high-level task force to “review the state of legal education in Malaysia, and to recommend how to raise standards to a level of excellence”.

“Whilst the top local lawyers are as good as, if not better than, those elsewhere in the region, the Bar is concerned with the standard of the average lawyer, which is largely dependent on the capability of the graduates from local and foreign institutions.”

Gani is chairman of the Legal Profession Qualifying Board which administers the CLP and Lim is a member by virtue of his position as council chairman.

Asked whether the council had expressed its concerns to the public and private universities offering local and foreign law programmes before this, he replied: “We have done so privately, not officially.”
Lim said most of the earlier meetings were about other concerns and the need to have a Common Bar Course (CBC).

“We will meet them specifically on this now.”

As to whether the CLP would be abolished and the CBC introduced as the sole line of entry to the legal profession, he said: “The task force will work on a recognising institution for admission to the Bar.”

“The CBC is part of the solution but it needs to be examined further.”

On Jan 13, Sunday Star reported the overall pass rate for the CLP had plunged from 94.79% at its inception in 1984 to 40.81% last year, and that the survey showed a gap between what law firms wanted and the new lawyers they were getting and the wide disparity in the quality of the new entrants themselves.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should consider to include Moral Study together with the Legal Education...

They are the MPs, ADUNs, party members, 'hentam the opposite', defend the lawbreakers... and yet they say 'that is the right thing to do'.

Maybe the first syllabus can be called 'A Spade Is A Spade'.

the mean machine said...

Nuraina,first of all the AG Gani should not be on this panel.How can a man of high position,with his intergrity in doubts,be on this panel for "Reforming Legal System".

Photos of him with a crony business associate in the latter's office have circulated,and him backing this businessman in a board room tussle.This case has gone to court,with his crony losing.And his house being renovated,paid by this crony.

And he went to perform the Haj paid for by a crony of the former chairman of MAS,using "haram" money.Both he and the crony were room mates during the haj.

Robert Phang has openly used these accusations by RPK to attack Gani Patail.It is okay to say that Gani can brush aside or refrain from taking legal action against RPK as he is blogging in exile from the land of his birthright.But how about taking legal action or sending the goons(like what he did to Ramli)to take care of Robert Phang.By being deaf and dumb does not earn him the benefit of doubt.

the toothless fella said...

Sister,the lady who likes to sing listen,listen,listen,let me speak,let me speak,let me speak Sharifah would be a better candidate than Gani Patail to sit on this 'Reforming Legal Education' panel.At least she is not corrupted although she is rude and ignorant.

Gani Patail should not be having the job of Attorney General but to be in striped pajamas if he was in Singapore.How can a crooked AG preside over law students and future potential lawyers.They will all turn out to be like our politicians,corrupt as monkeys who had their paws caught in jars filled with sticky jelly.Hehehe.

manmanlai said...

Sister,what has happened to our educational system.During the time of Mahathir and his ketuahan Melayu policy,Malaysia's educational standards have gone to the dogs.Look what has happen to the standards of our MU.It was once the pride of Malaysians and even our neighbours.Now it has slided downhill into a second tier university.MU is no longer the cream of the crop.

Just look at the ministers and the super rich.They send their offsprings to expensive international schools,local and abroad.Then they finished high school and college overseas.If our own ministers do not even want their offsprings in our local schools and colleges,one has to wonder how good our educational standards are.

If our educational standards are so poor,it's no wonder we kept churning out sub standard graduates.To make it plain and simple.The educational system is structurally broken.

As usual I blamed the gomen first.The half past sixer's teachers and lecturers second.Parents third.And the hapless students last.

Until the structural problem is fixed,we can have as many educational panels as we like to no effect.May Allah blessed all our young students and children and save them from our upside down federal ministers.

bruno said...

Nuraina,the NEP,Malay rights and whatever rights the Umno can push and force into the Malays to get political support has diminished and cause detioration,competiveness in the Malays and effected all Malaysians of all races.Especially the deserving poor,who cannot afford a college education.

Many undeserving students,fit for technical or vocational schools are upgraded into university levels to fill quotas.Politically connected students,many circus bound kakis get scholarships to foreign pretigious universities.Some come back,some do not after they finished their studies.Those that come back are like potatoes,those whose parents are politicians or are politically connected.

They get good jobs because of their parents connections,and get paid buta gajis for shaking bolas.The system is fundamentally screwed upside down by Umnoputras and their running dogs from Mca and Mic.The upside down cronism system keep churning out circus clowns to fill the circus management's quotas.While many deserving students from poor families are pushed out from getting a college education.

Just look at that let me speak x 10xs lady Sharifah,who has a degree belittling the tangggachi with O-levels.Compare Sharifah to tanggachi's O-levels English,the former is English all broken down over.So what is a degree to an O-levels when the degree holder is fit to be a circus clown.

No matter how many task force's are formed,what can it do if the graduates are mostly of Sharifah's standards.All products of churning to filled quotas.This is not to say that all students and graduates are stupid.The smart and very smart ones will work in the private sector,in Singapore or migrate to the countries when they graduated.

These smart and very smart graduates,you do not hear a lot.They are usually low profiled and off the radar.While those Sharifah likes are the ones usually in the news,like the politicians.It is no surprise that Malaysia is stuck forever as a developing nation,while our neighbours Singapore,Japan,South Korea,Taiwan and Hong Kong have gone the other direction.

Anonymous said...

Some do not know what they are writing about. There is no such thing as not getting a college education due to poverty now. Not many children of ministers are overseas educated. Some people like to assume. Wrongly. They like to 'coffee shop talk'. You cannot get into prestigious universities if you are a duffer. Anak menteri pun tak boleh masuk kalau tak pandai. If your grades are low you wont get a to go overseas, ministers children included. Unless own money. Universities dont care who your father is. And where in the govt are people paid to shake bolas? I would like to know. If you have money wouldnt you send your smart child for overseas education? There are thousands of university students in Malaysia. Just a few are children of ministers. The rest are children of ordinary people. So anak menteri tak boleh masuk U? If you become a minister make sure your smart child wash cars at shopping centres. Dont send him to college. And dont be a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...


You should try living in those countries. Over here the AES is not accepted. How to have their level of discipline? Here any new things introduced becomes political. In those countries you mentioned you wont have any say. And you say we are stuck as a developing nation!

Anonymous said...

Any chinese school in Australia, Canada or England funded by their governments?