Friday, January 18, 2013

Crime Index Down, But....

I am so sorry to say that THAT does not make our streets , our neighbourhood

Here's the IGP:


 KUALA LUMPUR: THERE was a notable decrease in the number of violent and property crimes last year, crime index figures released show.

The crime index dipped 7.6 per cent last year, with street crimes dropping by 3.6 per cent.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said despite these successes, the public remained unconvinced.

"That is why I am not going to focus on the figures, but rather work on new initiatives to combat crime and win the public's confidence.

"We have set our targets for this year. Let the people decide after they see the results of our initiatives

The IGP was commenting on a report that crime watchdog, the Malaysian Crime Watch Taskforce (MyWatch), had questioned an alleged attempt by the police to "manipulate" crime figures by suppressing data on non-index crime.

MyWatch claimed that the overall national crime rate was 30 per cent higher than what had been presented by police.

Its chairman, R. Sri Sanjeevan, claimed that the latest figures did not take into account non-index crimes and that it was an attempt by the police to instil a "feel good" feeling among Malaysians.

He also revealed two letters, allegedly issued by Criminal Investigations Department director Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin to state police chiefs, with breakdowns on occurrence of non-index crime between 2011 and 2012.

Sri Sanjeevan claimed that the two letters were obtained from "internal police sources" and challenged the authorities to dispute their authenticity.

Ismail countered that the crime index was not something fanciful drawn up overnight.

"It was designed based on a comprehensive crime index published by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations in 1960.

"There is no controversy here and no hidden agenda about index or non-index crime. Those within the police force understand it."

Ismail said the classification of index and non-index crime had not been drawn up to suit the National Key Result Area (NKRA).

"It was drawn up long before my tenure as IGP, or for that matter, my predecessor. It (MyWatch) just collected bits and pieces of information before coming up with its own conclusion.

"All I will say about last year's crime index was that violent and property crimes were reduced."

Elaborating, Bakri said the practice of collecting and classifying crime statistics was adopted from the

Uniform Crime Reports of the United States and this was an international standard adopted by other countries.

He explained that the crime index was the title used for a aggregation of classification of seven main
offences, namely homicide, forcible rape, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, larceny/theft and vehicle theft.

"We adopted this practice and further sub-divided certain offences. For example, vehicle theft is sub-divided into theft of vans/lorries, theft of cars and theft of motorcycles.

"Only these seven types of offences are used as an index to measure the degree of criminal exposure because they are most likely to be reported and most likely to occur with sufficient frequency to provide an adequate basis for comparison."

Bakri said police maintained statistics on all types of crimes.

"Only index crime is used as an indicator of the overall crime situation. Speaking from experience, the trend of overall crime (index plus non-index) is quite similar to that of index crime alone."

On his letters being made public, Bakri said they were sent to inform all police chiefs to focus on what needs to be done to bring down the number of non-index crimes.

Bakri said the increased number of non-index crimes might be small but appeared alarming when percentages were used instead of figures.

"For instance, if there was no kidnap case last year and there is one this year, that would make for a 100 per cent rise, but we are only talking about one case."


manmanlai said...

Sister,first of all figures are just figures.And figures can be cooked.Whether they are crime,financial,inventories or others.

For myself,I would rather believe in what can be seen by my own eyes,than listen blindly to what others say.The figures are just to make Najib happy,so that he can urged the people to come out to vote for him this coming GE.

Lets look at federal reserve chairman,Helicopter Ben.He is not called helicopter Ben for nothing.He goes flying around in his toy helicopter,throwing pallets of dollar bills all over Wall St.

After flooding the US and the entire world with cheap dollars,it has sent commodities and goods prices going shooting through the roof.Gold was US220 twenty years ago.Today it is near US1,650.Crude oil was US12 twenty years ago,today it is over US90.The softs,grains and whatever can be traded has gone up many folds.And Helicopter Ben said that inflation is under control under 2%.

Twenty years ago 10cts can buy a bowl of noodles.Today 3-8 ringgit is good for a bowl of noodles,depending if it is sold by roadsides or kopitiams.In coffee houses and restaurants it might costs even more.

If numbers can be believed than we have to believe that the IGP and the fed chairman are identical twins.

the gaffe guy who know's said...

Grandmothers,grandfathers,fathers,mothers,daughters,babies getting mugged.Even sharks are getting mugged.Cows and goats getting mugged too.And even fishes are not spared,and getting mugged also,lah.

Com'on Mr IGP.Listen,listen,let me speak,let me speak.We all know that even sharks,cows,goats and even fishes are not spared from muggers.So how come crime indek fallen so low,lah.Sharifah said you so stupid,like a bludy fool lah.So who you trying to fool?Sharifah,lah.

Nuraina's fan said...

IGP says crime index down.But the people getting robbed or the ladies having their handbags snatched,and being dragged along miles down the the roads by hoodlums on wheels,are increasing by leaps and bounds.

If one were to scrutinised the reports carefully,by reading them when doing headstands then you will know what the real actual figures are.Go figure.

bludy busy misybodies said...

Crime index down substantially,says the IGP TS Ismail Omar.How,may I asked?Is Ismail Omar doing the Houdini?

How many criminals and illegals do his boys in blue rounded up.And when they are accounted for in the OK Corral,do the goats,cows,sharks and fishes make up this number.

Anonymous said...

Crime Index Down,But ......crim nals such as robbers,snatch thieves,rapers and child molesters are running loose on the streets like crazy mongrels.IGP please go figure.

the toothless fella said...

WHAT CRIME DOWN?Are you serious Tan Sri Ismail Omar,the present IGP of our much respected(grin and giggling) and beloved(no punt intended) PDRM,the much and most dislike branch of our public institutions.

The streets from Bangsar to Bukit Bintang to the housing estates are like Zimbabwe,with gun trotting thugs cruising around in their dirt bikes,looking for potential victims to rob and rape.Mat Rempits,illegals and locals are braver than brave,robbing and snatching handbags in broad daylight,with our brave men in blue no where in sight.

If the peace loving citizens of Malaysia had a choice,they would have preferred to stay at home 24/7than risk walking the streets waiting to be rob.Maybe Rambo or Arnold Schzernagger could lend a helping hand to our much beloved PDRM under the tutorage of Ismail Omar.

Nuraina's fan said...

It is like the listen,listen and listen lady talking to the binatangs.The only problems is that binatang cannot talk back and can only oak,oak and oak.Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Real lives everyday crimes like makchiks,pakchiks,ah pek and ah eum getting mugged and beaten up or worse are going through the roof.Criminals running wild like pariah dogs hounding for scrubs in backlanes.

And the IGP is saying that the crime index is down.He is the boss of his department,so he can get his yesmen to cook the books.Or he has just got back from a long spell of hibernating with the Mongolian hillbillies.Or he has really lost touch with reality.

the gaffe guy who know's said...

It's a make you feel good thing.I guessed the IGP must have fugged the figures to please his boss,Hissamuddin and cousin Najib.It is election season,baby.

A very worried Malaysian. said...

Nuraina,do you not think that after the I have a degree Sharifah(listn,listen fame)fiasco,the IGP would have open his eyes and ears.If he had he would have kept his mouth zipped.

Afterall,nobody can call anybody a liar,crook or just plain stupid idiot for keeping quiet,acting dumb and keeping his mouth shut.No wonder criminals are running wild like in no man's land.

Anonymous said...

Can we expect the police to be everywhere? Maybe every 5 metres? Watching the movements of everyone? Following you where ever you go? Watch you while you are eating pizza at Bangsar or mee curry at Chow Kit? Watch you while you make a phone call? Maybe listen to whom you are talking to? Record a statement before you can leave your house? And once you are back home? Stop every woman who carries a hand bag and tell her not to carry one? Tell you how to dress and stand beside you while you are undressing to make sure nobody is watching?



absolutely. i have said many times before -- the police cannot be everywhere.
in fact, the police have doubled or tripled their motorcycle patrol with new Ninjas and their mobile police units and so on.
but..the criminals are smart. they don't attack or commit crime when police are patrolling.

and they are bolder now. they use weapons. they come in three motorbikes with 6 people now.

they used to just snatch your bag. and then they start pulling your bag if you are so bold to fight them. some victims fell and died or became paralyzed. and then, to make sure, people are more frightened, they use parang and other dangerous weapons. and to make sure people fear them, they attack in bigger numbers -- anywhere -- at the traffic lights where they smash your car window in the safety of your car and in front of your home or in the safety of your home.

they used to break into your house as you slept. now, they wake you up with a parang on your throat.

of course, the police cannot be in front of your house or by the side of your fact, that won;t happen if they see policemen anywhere near.

I can talk because my own sister and her daughter were violently attacked in the car in front of their home by 4 young men on 2 motorbikes just a month ago.

you know what? that was waiting to happen because it turned out that almost every household around her house had been robbed or attacked.

what would you do if you were the police when you see that so many crime reports from one neighbourhood?

there is a lot the police can do in fighting crime. that is to fight crime. really fight crime.

Anonymous said...

If police tak cukup anggota then they should cut down on useless assignments or duties such as escorting vips to play golf, shopping or lunch. And some of these escorts behave as though THEY are the vips cutting through traffic forcing the drivers to slam on their brakes.

Anonymous said...

'really fight crime'. Crime starts with indiscipline. How to fight crime when many people dont even like AES? The authorities mean good but they are spraying the cameras with red paint, which itself is a crime. Bila mak dia mampos kena langgar blame the police for 'no where to be seen'.