Thursday, January 31, 2013

Take Care Of Your Kids. It Only Takes Seconds..

..for a kidnapper to grab your child. Your life will forever change..

Child activist Hartini Zainuddin says there are  kidnappers are out there waiting to grab your child at the first opportunity.

She told The Star that she has a list of horror stories of children being abducted when parents take their eyes off their kids.Kidnappers are out there waiting to grab your child at the first opportunity. C

When Hartin is with her children in a public space, such as a supermarket, she always makes sure she’s holding her four-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son’s hand.

“And I will never take my eyes off them,” said the child activist.

“I’m also mentally prepared to scream and hold on to them (as they’re within arm’s length) if someone tries to grab them.”

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manmanlai said...

I have a suggestion.If Singapore can educate their people to be discliplined,why cannot Malaysia.I am cracking my head trying to figure it out.

the mean machine said...

Usually parents take it for granted that it will be the other person's children and not theirs.


the mean machine: you are right. that's why children's safety is everyone's responsibility..


manmanlai: Singapore makes sure its citizens are punished for transgressions -- minor or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Iread in your previous article's comments from readers.There are still many people who are getting offended against the critisms of the gomen and PDRM.

Have these protectors of the gomen and PDRM just emerged from their long hibernation with the creatures of the smelly disgusted swamps,that it had effected their pea sized brains.

Was it not because of the irrelevant and disfuntional gomen and PDRM that has so encouraged criminals and child predators to be so very brave.

It is time the rakyat hold the gomen accountable by showing their displeasures at the ballot boxes.

the gaffe guy who know's said...

Nowadays Malaysia has gone on a mass importation scheme.Importation of cheap, uneducated and unskilled labour from poorer countries.Encouraged students from countries whom oterwise,would not be acceptted elsewhere to come further their studies here.

Now to fulfill the vacant spaces in our many privatly open colleges and universities,people from cows,goats sharks to fishes has enmassed to Malaysia.Although cows,goats and fishes can only ark,ark and ark,sharks can bite.

Unscreening of these imported cheap labour and students from some black marked countries have caused insecurity to many Malaysians.

the toothless fella said...

Nuraina,if we have to keep looking over our shoulders,every now and then or every second or so to prevent our children to be snatched by predators or kidnappers,then somethings must be structually wrong with our broken down systems.

A very worried Malaysian. said...

Nuraina,our draconian laws are to bully the opposition politicians and their supporters into submissions.Why not have draconian laws for criminals,child molesters and statutory rapers too.

If Singapore can have graffiti sprayers taste the rotan,why can't our break all the rules in the book gomen and PDRM do the same.Or are they just interested in playing politics only and the safety of Malaysians are not their top piority or concern.

Anonymous said...

Are we going to invite the Somali cowboys to come here to help us take care of the crime epedemic.I think we should.The Somali cowboys will deal a spade a spade.

the mean machine said...

A 22 years old lady was shot dead by police after a chase.Were the police in a police cruiser or an unmark car.

Either way,it was more or less a traffic offence.Do you shoot unarmed suspects for breaking traffic rules.

Why not the police do all of us a favour and go out and shoot all robbers,gangsters and child molesters on sight.That way nobody in his right mind would protest the shootings.This is the correct way to get rid of criminals.And it will save our courts wasting precious time and resources on these animals.

Nuraina's fan said...

Kak,I am just trying to figure it out how criminals,are so brave to be running loose in a police state.Traffic violators are even shot dead,yet robbers,rapers,molesters and morons are unafraid of the police.Have any answers to this.


So what do parents do when they take their children out to the mall or amusement parks.Put on a chain dog collar,padlocked to an iron chain,and padlocked the iron chain to the lamp posts.

Maybe we do sorely need the UN to send some peace keeping troops to maintain law and order.

Anonymous said...

Since the Umno/BN gomen and its appointed cronies are unable to mantain law and order,it is time to give them the broomsticks.To sweep them out of Putrajaya this coming GE.