Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Asinine Game Of The Opposition..

NST columnist Azmi Anshar unabashedly bashes the shenanigans of the opposition in their dissing of Prime Minister's Najib's non-announcement of the general election date.

Here's his commentary that was published yesterday (Friday Jan 4).

THE asinine parlour game of general election date prediction manufactured by opposition leaders (and some reputable pundits) -- parliamentary dissolution at nearly every quarter since 2009 -- turned out to be an embarrassing gambit illuminated by this loud finale: they were all wrong, wrong and wrong.

Let's put it in simpler terms: predictions peppered from the time Datuk Seri Najib Razak took over the premiership, the last date bandied about was November/December of last year, could easily have been extrapolated by your average taxi driver, karaoke guest relations officer or shaman.
Which means, anyone claiming to know the actual date of parliamentary dissolution was bluffing or staging a scenario where they tried to coercively rattle a sitting PM to prematurely call for polls, which was the original intent.
Like they say, give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves, the rope being the length of time Najib applied to good effect to hold the general election within shaman months, which is the obvious final stretch parallel to the Barisan Nasional's term that expires anyway by April 28.
Now, no opposition leaders are predicting a "March 28" polling date or any date of the sort because they have been soundly thrashed by their own silly game.


manmanlai said...

So what?Afterall politics is a dirty and guessing game only?The writer is just a newbie on the block not knowing the rules of the game.Hahaha.



sorry to have to tell you this...what you said about the wrtier being a newbie etc...couldn't be further than the truth. you are accepting the fact that politics is a dirty game..haha