Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Malicious Sarawak Report

It is as clear as day that Sarawak Report's raison d'etre is to bring down Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud and anything Barisan Nasional.

Nothing new about this. So clear.

I suppose it is not new then they also have a strong tendency to publish lies.

You hate a leader, you try your damnest to bring him down. You hate the government, you try your darndest to bring it down.

Including publishing lies.

You can say that to each his own. To each, his own lie.
Sarawak Report's hatred for Taib and the BN is only matched by its propensity to tell lies.

Like posting a report that PM Najib Razak had suffered a stroke over the weekend.

Such a liar. 

Do read this commentary by The Mole. 

"A crass, cruel and crude attempt at political assassination" - yep. True.


manmanlai said...

It cannot be denied that Taib is one of the richest politicians in this very corrupted world.Just look at his properties in the US and Canada.These properties are all on public record.What about others in the UK,Australia and money stored in offshore accounts.

If Taib is an angel with so clean hands and soul,all the human beings will become live donkeys.Anybody wants to put their thumbprints down on record that Taib is clean.Hehehe,no takers I guessed.

About SR's report on Najib,this we will have to ask them.They definitely have an axe to grind with Taib,but with Najib I am not sure.Ask Anwar,maybe he knows something about it.

the gaffe guy who knows said...

Liar or not,Sarawak Report is an organisation funded by powerful backers,with its boiler room based in London.Its main aim is to get rid of Taib,because of his non stop raping of the forest in Sarawak.For this SR to be able to help get rid of Umno/BNM will be a double bonus for all Malaysians alike.Now the future looks brighter for the honest hardworking rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Malicious Sarawak Report.

Haha,you are so funny.You made it seems like Taib is an angel.

Najib is so quiet about his protege Deepak's "Black Rosy".What it meant is Deepak is the new "taiko" on the block.

Forget about Sarawak Report about Najib.Black Rosy is more important as it carries more weight.Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

The sarawak report and black rose will be the final straws to break the camel's(umno) back.

the punisher said...

Sarawak Report or not being a thorn in Taib's sore ass,when PR comes into power after GE13,he will be eating nasi kandar in Sungei Buloh.Now he is munching the diamond blue pills to please his young to be his grand daughter wife.But he will be under lock and chain wearing pajamas,sooner than later and munching anti gas pills.

the toothless fella said...

Nuraina,Sarawak Report is nowhere near anything like the Black Rose.It lacks conspiracy,fiction,sex,corruption and blowing a pretty Mongolian mother to smithereens.And carpetman Deepak has more to tell,all pillowtalk secrets,like a mistress scorned.

manmanlai said...

Sarawak Report is out to toppled the white haired Raja and Jibby.Haha,when this is finally over Kamunting Hilton will be overflowing with Umnoputras and their running dogs.

Anonymous said...

And I guess you speak the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth? This coming from a daughter of a father that was badly oppressed by the Regime she now so enthusiastically supports...ha

Anonymous said...

'Such a liar'. Probably people who blindly worship homosexuals are like this. If you can lie to your wife and country you dont deserve an atom of respect.

Anonymous said...

Hello,anybody home?Pleez lah,no more spinning,okay.Mr pek mor has a bride young enough to be your daughter lah,missy.

bludy busy misybodies said...

Sister,would you like me to help you write some unbias original articles.Just let me know,okay.Afterall,what are friends for.


anon@2:04 said: "And I guess you speak the truth , the whole truth and nothing but the truth? This coming from a daughter of a father that was badly oppressed by the Regime she now so enthusiastically supports...ha"

listen to yourself. You sound pathetic and depraved.

bludy busy misybodies said...

Anon 2:04

you do not have to be so rude and personal.You wouldn't like it if someone were to talk about your parents.Get lost lah.

Anonymous said...

We will be getting lies and more lies from now on generated by liars who lie to their wives and people. (Its not me in the video). Its nothing but lies from a pack of liars constantly going round the country every night telling nothing but lies to a bunch of fools not interested in the truth but swallowing lies like 500watt vacuum cleaners. He goes everywhere saying 'rakyat tak bodoh'. Rakyat tak bodoh. Yang percaya cakap dia yang bodoh.

rexuan said...


seeing all of the comments are damning your writing, it must be that your blog is at the top of dapster's list.

congrats.. cheers..

Old Fart said...

And NST's sole purpose is to ensure UMNO continues with its plundering ways. Where Sharizat's plundering and her condo cows are perfectly halal thing to do and Ropiah getting RM130,000,000 for 200 acres of land that was not even in her or her company's name actually did not take place because you guys did not report it. Or did you? And of coure Altantuy did not even enter the country. So if she is in fact dead it did not happen in Malaysia , right?

Anonymous said...

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