Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Is Ka Ting Really In The Contest?

Forget the greater peace/unity plan. It was battered before it even began.

I'm more convinced than ever that the MCA wayang is more thrilling than any political wayang I've witnessed in a long time.

Ong Ka Ting, former MCA president, is coming back to challenge his successor Ong Tee Keat, for the presidency.

Ka Ting, who is MP for Kulai said that he is in the running to “restore stability, credibility and rule of law to the party”.

How is that for irony? According to his older brother, Ka Chuan, Ka Ting's "return" will be good for the party.

That, of course, remains to be seen.

I would imagine that Ka Ting's entry would make the party more divided.

Right now, I'm not sure if the MCA situation is getting better or worse.

But, for better or worse, I'm seeing a concerted effort to shove Tee Keat out.

What a wayang!


sweetone said...

honestly, nuraina, who cares?

MCA is not relevant anymore to us chinese.

pkr/dap/pas is a more powerful and uniting force.

Admin BeDa said...

Blogwalking from Indoensia. how fo You do?

Anonymous said...

Like all wayang or movie, you have to read between the lines.

Q: What is the number one factor for wayang/movie making?

A: Fame and fortune

Q: Does it benefit the viewer?

A: Yes, if you count entertainment, viewing pleasure and popcorn. The viewer has to spend money for the three said items.

Q: So who really benefits?

A: Directors, producers, actors and actresses.

d'enricher said...

I think it is more an 'opportunistic act' in the making. He let go of the position because he took the responsibility, now what it is all ok??

Just like Liow Tiong Lai, who are hopes to take over when all this affair started.

If MCA Central Delegates DO NOT re elect Ong Tee Keat, it shall confirm that MCA is DOOMED. The PKFZ issue is what is all about, so many are so scared that this matter can be solved with the culprit going to jail.

Even now this matter is so quiet, why and how come???

If OKT wins, this is a case of tutup lobang.

Lets wait and see...shall we??

Anonymous said...

Good for MCA as it awakens all those still possessing the will to make MCA better, don't you think?


Old Fart said... can you??? Somehow I find it hard to believe...You sure that you find the goings on in MCA thrilling???? Hey, taking a bus ride would be more thrilling I'd imagine...or taking a walk around any Pasar Malam..but the MCA pandemonium - thrilling??? About time we to get your head straightened out!!

Anonymous said...

He is missing the power and money that comes along with the ministerial position which he has tasted for a long time before.

He will now become the Transport Minister and work with the crooks once again to help Umno finance its coffers - that is if BN lasts.

So is Samy going to remain forever and also stand in the next election and make a comeback as a minister?

Wow, as it is now there are so many recycled and losing ministers - Koh Tsu Koon, Sharizat, Awang Adek, Murugiah, kohila Pillay, and a bunch of other senators.

So now BN is going to be led by a bunch of recycled leaders!!!


Lee said...

Incredulous!Ah Ting was the most compliant of all previous MCA presidents.His credibility, as far as politics goes, is next to zero!
Imagine a supposed political party who brazenly "äbandoned politics" during his term, attempting to make a "comeback".Come on lah, he was disgraced and forced to resign.The only reason why he is being made used of is because the "the delegates"cannot accept an adulterer or a back-stabber as MCA president.Mr. Ong, with some integrity and credibility on his side, most probably, will win the election.Ah Ting is there so that Mr.Ong can be denied his chance to finish his agenda and MCA can go back to become what it is already percieved to be by many in the chinese community....a racial chinese association, not a political party, to "fight"(??!) for the chinese community!"Bodekism" to continue!?

Anonymous said...

KTO/TKO (?) claimed terdapat blessing from both TOP guns who sudah janji tak mau campur tangan ONE ? so macam mana !!

Rasputin Beliong said...

It was during OKT's tenure that MCA was rejected by the rakyat. OTK tried hard to cleanse MCA but had to contend with elements connected to the PKFZ fiasco led by the sobbing youth chief. The return of OKT is now hyped as godsent to bring some semblance of order and credibility to MCA. Webster and Oxford and Thorndike Barnhart should have a tough time redefining the word 'credibility'.

Anonymous said...

Could this be a mix back of Bollywood and remaking of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Tiger the movie?

As it appears, Malaysia is fast becoming center of political drama in the world with such creative innovation. Shakespeare would have been inspired.


Old fart,

oh yeah... i see some drama in parliament.

maybe that's more thrilling, huh?


old fart,

teh tarik, sometime?

Old Fart said...

Sure Nuraina. I will be back next Saturday....Anytime after that I suppose?

Big question is how to contact you!!! We don't want lamp posts do we!!

Wise Man said...

Nuraina, do allow me to respond to Old Fart.

Old Fart,

The reason why all the UMNO-friendly bloggers are talking about MCA a lot is an attempt to try to make MCA seem relevant. Drumming up some interests in MCA lah.

If not, no one else is bothered about MCA.

The thing is, if people continue not to care about MCA, then being the second largest party in BN, UMNO will also sink with it.

This is why Rocky, Kadir Jasin, Big Dog and other bloggers yang sewaktu dengan mereka are simultaneously publishing things about MCA when most other people are talking about more important national things like

1. the rights of the Kelantanese to get their rightful oil money,

2. the marginalisation of the true pribumi of Malaysia, the Orang Asal who held the largest gathering of Orang Asal in history in Putrajaya recently

3. The menace of extreme groups of Perkasa to the achievement of 1Malaysia

and so on.

And yes, Nuraina, also the debate of important national matters in the Parliament is also far more significant than the shenanigans in an irrelevant political party like MCA.

Anonymous said...

umNO mau OKT who is a boneless soft lap-dog ma !!
OTK ? noway, he's opening rusty cans of stinking maggots !!