Friday, March 12, 2010

This Is Criminal...

I read with disgust and horror about an 11 year-old girl who was married off to a 40 year-old man in Jeli, Kelantan.

I don't think I was the only one who felt that way.

Remember how horrified we were when we were told that our grandmothers were married off at 13?

But we accepted that that was how things were a millennium ago.

Not today. Not now.

Anyway, Bernama quoted remarks by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Jamil Khir Baharom who said that the marriage was based on lust than religion.

Say what?

Well, duuh!

Jamil said "Islamic enactments in Malaysia" clearly spelt out the minimum marrying age for men was 18 and for girls, 16.

I'm not even thinking about the religious part of it. But now that Johari has mentioned it, well and good.

This randy 40 year-old and the girl's parents as well as the juru-nikah are all culpable. they have violated the Shariah and the laws of the land.

According to news reports on the marriage, the "nikah" took place in a moving car in which there were two other people.

If you ask me about this whole thing -- it is criminal!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms Nuraina,
Loooong ago, when we were young, our mother threatened to "marry" us off to any of the kampong's loony characters, should we produce poor results in exams LCE or Cambridge. Habislah, should this person pass by our house, Emak would say... I think he is coming to pinang one of you girls. We were terrified at just the thought, what to say if this actually happens.


B.M.X. said...

Men marrying 2 or 3 wives also based on lust aper....

Anonymous said...

Crime, crime and more crime...

Looks like the country is a baskin robbins of crimes of all kinds.

My area was hit again recently by a wave of crime. Suspicious people in modified cars announced their arrival. They have been so bold as to not be discreet anymore. There are even those who go on foot from house to house for opportunities to steal. Even in the daytime.

Reading about this doesn't surprise me anymore. Crime against children is rampant now. Only last week I read that three kindergarden children got bashed up with a hammer by a psycho. Malaysia has truly changed. It's a gangstas paradise.

Sim said...


Totally super statement about this child marriages by one of our leaders..... see here.

How come none of the people who used to make a lot of noise about other things are not making any noise now when poor children are victimized??

Anonymous said...

We think there's something if a person cannot differentiate between what is wrong or criminal. The comments in cyber are very disturbing especially when it comes to sensitive/political matters.

What is your response to this?