Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Al Fatihah -- Ruby Ahmad

It was an early morning call from my dear old friend, Zaharah Othman (Kak Teh) in London that got me texting friends. An sms from Dr Kamsiah Haider further intensified my queries about Ruby Ahmad. Had she passed away the night before?

It was swiftly confirmed. Shocking news. Zaharah was choked with emotions as she spoke to me. She posted a tribute to Ruby in her blog.
Kamsiah wrote a sad note in her facebook.

I cannot claim to have ever known Ruby intimately. But in cyberspace, it was easy to be close and friendly.

I got to know her when she came into my blog four years ago. The name was vaguely familiar. Then I clicked into her blog. Indeed, we had met years ago at the Umno general assembly. I remembered her as one of the young members of an association of Malay women entrepreneurs.

We met on occasions at the annual assembly but never struck a friendship, until I began blogging. And then Facebook and Twitter came along.

We got friendly and chatted in cyberspace, though not often. She was a warm person. We had a private greeting. Whenever she texted or called me, she'd greet me with "Hello, Sophia Loren," and I'd reply, with "and is that Raquel Welch?". And we'd laugh. So funny.

Speaks volumes of the generation to which we belong, doesn't it? But, Ruby was so young at heart. So energetic. So active socially and in charity activities too.

The last time we met and chatted was at a bloggers' do last year at Restoran Melayu in Kuala Lumpur.

Ruby...I will surely miss you. You are truly our rakan "seperjuangan". I know you have left behind many, many friends.

Al Fatihah.

Do read what Marina has written about Ruby whom she had known since her school days.


aidareza said...

Al- fatihah. Gone too soon.

melayuangkat said...

Innalillahiwainnalillahirojiun!!! Al-Fatihah.

I do not know her personally but have always read her blogs, made us felt vibrat with 'life'. But, Allah swt knows best.

Takziah to all.


Anonymous said...

I think i've met this lady once at a seminar in kl, i think. She is a Negri girl? Very friendly and bubbly.
Was she ill?
Al-Fatihah. Moga2 roh nya di cucuri rahmat.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


A dead tiger leaves behind its skin
A demised person leaves behind the name
Whatever may be its claim to fame
And if known is almost like a kin

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160310
Tue. 16th Mar. 2010.

kamsiah said...

Strange how news, travel. I got the first message from a friend in the UK as well..

Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,
May looking back in memory help comfort us tomorrow.

mekyam said...

dear ena,

a lovely tribute. al-fatihah to the always-vibrant and now we realize so-very-courageous ruby ahmad.

whenever i visited her blog, i was always struck by how comfortable she was in her own skin.

she had quite an impression in cyberspace, now she leaves a huge hole.

rip, dear ruby of the bright lovely smile. you are so missed!

mizranee said...

Ruby will be missed particularly by the women entrepreneurs of Malaysia. She was a fearless leader who dared to speak her mind and was very helpful to those in need. alfatihah.

mizranee said...

Dear Ena, TQ for writing about Ruby. What a loss to the women's movement and the Malaysian blogosphere. Ruby's demise will bring greater attention for inculcating cancer awareness and that we must all collaborate to prevent cancer.