Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MCA Must Move On...

I'd like to confess that I have no interest at all in political parties -- this side of the fence or that side or anywhere.
But I would be lying if I did so. I do have interest -- not vested -- but in their goings-on.

Couldn't resist commenting on the outcome of the MCA elections. So here's a short take:

Now that Dr Chua Soi Lek has taken over the MCA as its president, I'd really like to see what he'll do to the party. Or, for the party.
Can he lead MCA through these troubled and wretched times? Is he capable of reunifying the fractured party?
The election of Dr Chua says a lot about the MCA (delegates). A mixed bag of things actually.

One thing I see is that they don't give a damn. Pretty bold to elect Dr Chua who had to resign because of a DVD (sex) scandal. Or pretty damn wreckless, some would say.

Is that (not giving a damn) good or bad? I really don't know.

I can only assume that the delegates must have seen him past that scandal.
The delegates couldn't be giving "protest" votes, or, could they?

Or that they see him as the one to bring the different factions together. The one to reunify the party.

It remains to be seen if the delegates had made the right choice in the MCA presidency. Mistakes are costly at this point in time.

What is clear is the MCA has to move on, past its baggage of intense factionalism and disarray, if it is intent on emerging unified and strong to win back the Chinese votes for the BN.

Otherwise, it can remain a party to serve the towkays and the elite class of the Chinese community. And forever stay detached....


tamingsari said...

Like Umno,MCA had its share of dangerous moments. MCA will recover strongly after this and find its place in the heart of the chinese supporters. As a matter of course the two ONGs must sincerely contribute to assist CSL in his mission to unite the party.

Sherry said...

They are not choosing CSL, they are just choosing AGAINST OKT and OTK. It's sad that choices are made not for a particular candidate but more for choosing against other candidates.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Sherry.

Seems sad that political choices are now made against.

I think if celebrities run for office also people would vote them. Chef Wan, Amber Chia, Jaclyn Victor, Pramugara Handal, etc.

Hey, now that's not a bad idea? Now we can really have entertainment.

TOKZ said...

Hi all,

Let's just be HONEST with ourselves. CHUA SOI LEK is indeed the BEST LEADER within MCA. He speaks with class, intelligence, character & he also possess a good academic background.

Although CHUA SOI LEK got himself entangled in the DVD Sex scandal but everyone knew is was a trap set-up by his rivals.

If anyone were to argue CHUA SOI LEK committed "UNNATURAL SEX"...Come' On!!! It's just BLOW JOB. You LOVE to have it & I LOVE to have it too. I can bet almost 100% of MEN out there had tried having this wonderful activity called 'BLOW JOB", correct? After all, SEX would be INCOMPLETE without a BLOW JOB, ain't I rite?

If anyone were to say CHUA SOI LEK had SEX with another WOMEN who is NOT his wife....then....."You ought to just go FARK yaself". Why???

All MEN love to have MULTIPLE SEX PARTNERS. GOD gave MEN PENIS to share it with WOMEN. Thus, what's so wrong with CHUA screwing another WOMAN? Almost 99% of married Malaysian MEN visits SPA, KTV & Prostitute joints. Thus, what's so WRONG with it???

Remember!!! SHARING is CARING. MEN have PENIS & that's why MEN should share it with as many WOMEN as possible.

Women simply BEGGED for our GREAT STUD, don't they???

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's either move on or move out
There's nothing much to shout about
After so many bouts you lose your clout
Please don't have common sense to flout

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 310310
Wed. 31st Mar. 2010.

M K Chng said...

Hi Nuraina,

The president of MCA is CSL. I'm not one to crow about another man's sinning for I'm too sinner.

How is CSL going to conduct the affairs of the party and that of the nation's (presuming he is appointed a Minister)without being laughed at? He is certainly an object of ridicule.

One of the reasons he was elected, I presume was the lack of leadership material in the MCA.

Of the three,CSL is the best of the worst.

How the mighty has fallen!

Anonymous said...

Like MJ said...

BAD is GOOD...

You know I'm bad, I'm bad, ya know, ya know, ya know it...


Anonymous said...

Iye TokZ, memang its just blow job, dan memang most guys love to have it, tapi dlm penal code kita, perbuatan tu salah. Bubar rang undang undang tu, atau dakwa CSL. Tu aje, kalau x, apa gunanya ada rule of law, lagi baik rule of jungle.

Cumi & Ciki

Anonymous said...

I wonder what examples we are setting for the kids.

That it's ok to have certain questainable moral attributes as long as you are good academically, can speak intelligently and have class?

Anonymous said...

Your sentence - "...towkays and the elite class of the Chinese community"? I think you should strike off the "of the Chinese community" word.

Actually I rather see MCA dissolve itself provided of course that the MCA topguns do not swallow the assets.

Anonymous said...

MCA is a now a big swinging dick. It can do anything.

patriot jawa johor said...

someone here said CSL won because the delegates actually voted against the 2 Ongs and not because they want CSL. Well, I cant see anything wrong with that. In the last general election, Pakatan won a lot of seats not because the rakyat actually like them, but because the rakyat were sick and tired of the then sleeping PM and his cronies.

charleskiwi said...

One eyed King of the blind !

Nazrin said...

In your long explanation at the start of this blogpost, you have left the following unanswered:

Why exactly is it that you have an interest in the going-ons of political parties if you have absolutely no interest in the success or failure of this or that coalition of parties?

Your argument simply does not hold.

There must be a reason for it.

Because you cannot just say that you have no interest in the weather being sunny, but then you very keenly keep track of the weather forecasts day in and day out.

For what? For fun?

Or because of insanity?

I hope you are not losing your mind, Nuraina!


nazrin -- whatever-lah.