Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Takziah & Condolences..

...to Manja Ismail and Noorzita Samad for the loss of their beloved son, Ashraf yesterday.

Ashraf, 18, was their youngest child. Their older children are Shah and Alia, both college students.

Ashraf who studied at MCKK, had just been enrolled in Sunway College to begin his A-levels programme, to begin a new phase in his life, but that was not meant to be.
He was killed in an accident in Subang Jaya early yesterday morning.

You hear of kids being killed in accidents and you feel for their parents. You wish they are people you don't know because you want to be spared of the pain.

When I was told of his death yesterday morning by Ahmad Talib, I couldn't make out who had died. I had to read the message a few times before it sank in -- that it was Noorzita's little boy. I must have gone into shock because I felt my brain momentarily numbed. I was disoriented. Then quickly, I texted Noorzita, asking if the news were true (how silly of me) and that I wished it not to be true but if it were, please please accept my deepest condolences.
Noorzita's prompt reply was that, yes Ena, I lost my youngest son this morning.
I silently wept.
I felt that I had lost a child.

Manja (Media Prima group editor of TV7,8 and 9) and Noorzita (a senior executive with Petronas and former business journalist with NST) were comforted by family and friends at the Al-Falah Mosque in USJ9 where Ashraf's remains were brought.

He was buried at the Bukit Kiara Muslim Cemetery after Zuhur prayers.

Dear Manja and Noorzita, I feel your aching loss. No words, no matter how comforting, can ease the pain of losing your child. Of seeing your child go before you.

I lost two sisters. My late father could not bring himself to go to their burial.

"How can I bury my child?," he asked both times. That was the depth of his pain, his grief.

Ashraf was Shaira's age. Adel is just a couple of years older.
How can I not feel your pain as all of us, there with you yesterday, could feel your tragic loss.

And to Shah and Alia -- the pain will heal with time.


May Allah SWT bless your soul, dear Ashraf.


Kak Teh said...

Ena, I have not met Ashraf although I can count Manja and Norzita as close friends. I cried too when i got the message from Kudu. Two sad and heartbreaking news in a week.

I too sent an sms to Manja and really had not expected him to reply but bless him, he did. May Allah give them the courage to face this test.Allah lovs him more.

We all have children his age and stories about acccidents are really worrying. I pray that Allah looks after the safety of our children whereever they are.

Al Fatehah.

Habib RAK said...

Al fatihah to Ashraf. He is the same age as my son who had also got his SPM results recently and was also out the same night to watch football. Each time, the kids are out, as parents, we pray for their safe return. When I saw the picture of the father, Manja, pouring water over his son's grave, it broke me. I think, most of us feel likewise. We have too many death on our roads. Efforts taken thus far are not enough. Tomorrow it can be the turn of any of our loved ones! Its painful to think of it. We should stop accepting lip services from our government. I recall, commenting in your blog about the 1Malaysia Clinic. My fear about it is now true as reported in the media. Like our children getting killed on roads, we may be taking them to clinics manned by unqualified medical personnel who does wrong diagnosis or give wrong prescription. How much more of this can we take? Does it require a loss of our own loved ones to jolt us to stop the rot? The least I know, my tears would not stop the rot.

Anonymous said...

Takziah dan bersabar lah menghadapi dugaan ini. Allah loves him more. Alfatihah...

Khaleeq Shahzada said...

Dear Aunty Ena, thank you for your kind words and prayers. We really appreciate your support and thank you sebab datang ziarah jenazah semalam. It means a lot to me, Aalia and my parents. We are blessed to have such circle of support.

Al Fatehah

Basree Rakijan said...

By the time I received text a message about the demise of Ashraf from a friend, it was already on Monday 3.40pm. I was at Changi Airport just arrived from London. I have not called Norzita yet to express my condolonces. Really don't know what to say...


Ah (Kak Teh): WHen this happens to "other" people, we feel sad, what more to people close to us.
Al Fatehah.


Habib: I know what you mean. inshallaah..no mishap will befall our kids.


Shah (Khaleeq): We are grieving too, Shah because we can feel what you and yr family are going thru. No words can ease your pain. Ashraf is in my prayers. For us -- the living -- we seek God's benevolence to give us safety, and for our loved ones.

I know you and Aalia will always be there for yr parents, to ease their pain. their burden of losing their child.

I have lost 2 sisters. I know the pain. I know the loss.

So, take care always.

PS: i hope you will update yr blog. How apt the tagline of yr blog : "Life is short"....


basree: it's ok. we will never really know what to say. there is no right thing to say in times of grief like what manja and noorzita are going through. but it does not matter if we do not say anything...

Juliana said...

Hi Nuraina.

You wrote recently about Ayah Pin.

I thought you might like to read this piece here.

I suggest you try to read it carefully till the end and tell me what you think.

Thank you.



i did write something about a facebook account put up by an Ayah Pin.

I read Haris' piece. I think I will keep my view private.

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Anonymous said...

I have not met Ashraf or Manja. sad and heartbreaking news.I cried too when i read news......

But i wonder does Ashraf have a valid driving licence.



Ashraf did have a licence.

Juliana said...

Just read your post about Ayah Pin's Facebook account.

I think anyone is bebas tu have a Facebook account and express their feelings or kepercayaan there.

Thank you.