Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ayah Pin On Facebook?

Someone by the name of Arifin Muhamad has a Facebook account that promotes the teachings of the Sky Kingdom cult leader.

the account may or may not be that of Ariffin Mohamed, or popularly known as Ayah Pin.

Arifin Muhamad has written his addres to be in Sungai Padi, Thailand.

His political views were stated as "kingdom of heaven" and his religious views "very liberal".

Among his activities were giving sermons and his favourite quotation was "Why Muslims must believe in a prophet named Muhammad".

To date, the profile has gained 61 friends.

Read more here.


B.M.X. said...

That's really cool!

Key point: everybody has the write to believe in what they want to believe.

(But of course, the religious authorities ain't gonna accept that.)

Cetusan said...

tahniah ayah PIN..sokong 200% TERUSKAN USAHA...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...i doubt whether he can FB. Next thing you know he'll be FBing via handphone. Or it could be one of his followers? I heard some of his followers consisted of a rock band member, a mat salleh lady and this one lady who travelled all the way from KL by bus every weekend up north to wherever they had that giant tea-pot party. Sort of like a Malaysian alice-in-wonderland kinda cult party.

How come this guy isn't in lock up somewhere? Isn't he dangerous?

Jari said...

What's wrong with people practicing what they want?

What if they are on Facebook and have 61 friends?

What's making you itch, Nuraina?

Anonymous said...

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