Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Home For This Abandoned Baby..

I feel so so helpless.

It's like a plague, these wanton cases of abandoning newborns.

Thankfully, the little baby was alive when she was found, but oh, the foetus in the plastic jar ....


And Masya Qurniea now has an adoptive mom and a lovely home...

I am happy the state executive councillor has successfully -- with the help of the welfare department -- adopted the baby. That is a real privilege!

Well and good for the baby!

Can other childless couples be granted the same processes the good politician was offered?

We all know the processes and procedures are all in the interest of these children. But, how old are these procedures? have they been overhauled, streamlined and updated to meet changing times?


Old Fart said...

Its our laws, our culture, our society, our pride, our lack of understanding of our religions, our religions themselves and lack of compassion, which is what these babies got to blame for the misery visited upon them. What do they know of these or what did they contribute to these, considering they were just born?

Prem Das said...

When authorities know only to respond punitively and brutally, fear drives otherwise normal people to behave abnormally.
Raging hormones make it impossible to behave responsibly in a sexually charged atmosphere.
You can anything about Western societies but in some ways they are light years ahead.

Anonymous said...

Now these babies are being 'branded' by the Pejabat Pendaftaran. Their names must be attached to 'bin' or 'binti' one of the 99 names of Allah, ejaan pun sebiji-sebiji. No Abdul, no nothing. Just 'bin' or 'binti' one of the names. Why? Kan Allah satu, tak ada anak. Nanti just imagine bila dah sekolah. Ejek-mengejek mungkin memusnahkan perasaan these kids. Tak boleh ke do away with this? Forgo je bin/binti tu. The old way better. No bin/binti. Tak kan seumur hidup bebudak ni nak di 'brand' kerana dosa ibubapa mereka? Biol ke tak ada hati-perut?

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