Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour From 8.30 Tonight

Some people are cynical about this gesture to save the planet. Some people are cynical about everything and anything.

If you're okay about doing something that doesn't kill you - and really, no sweat - switch off your lights for an hour tonight from 8.30pm.

Malaysia participated for the first time last year and 550 megawatts of electricity was saved -- enough to power 170,000 homes.

In that one hour of darkness, you can still have loads of fun at home or outside.

Well -- see you tonight, so to speak...:-)

Read THIS and THIS.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
Am proud to say that Sydney was the first city to have started the Earth Hour. Oh, we had ours earlier than you and Mama had the lights off for 2 hours instead of one. Brad went berserk though, he hates being in the dark. Scaredy cat! purrr....meow!

Unknown said...

..but I am of that age..of being cynical..the planet can take care of itself..we should be busy saving ourselves..:)


Cat: I hate the dark too. yet, ic annot sleep with the lights on.

Pak Mat: I hear you. Point taken, sir!

Retrogina said...

Hey Kak Ena,

Since we had the black out for 24 hours on the Freaky Storm Day in Perth baru-baru ni, an hour of darkness was a piece of cake!

I actually enjoyed experiencing the serenity and quiteness of a black out. Surrounded with candles, it was quite romantic and cosy. But i must admit, with nothing much to do, felt a bit lost and hopeless. We are so used to multitasking in our daily lives that when u can't do a single thing, rasa restless sekejap.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Mr Bojangles said...

...and I. I walked all the way to the masjid for the late nite prayers and back instead of driving there like those owners of fancy corporate-powered mercs and bmws' parked all over the compound.

Does that count and did that help this Earthly cause?

...and pray why, Nuraina does making straight and orderly saffs only apply when we solat. To be abandoned willy-nilly and, with great abandon, abandoned as we move out of the masjid and repair to the makan stalls and kedai mamaks?


Anonymous said...

I switched off my car lights too! And then i was pondering on all those cars giving out gases daily to Mother Earth.