Thursday, March 04, 2010

Fresh Elections For MCA

That's the only way for the party to go with the resignations today of Dr Chua Soi Lek as deputy president and central committee member and seven other CC members.

The others: MCA vice-president Kong Cho Ha and elected CC members Gan Tian Loo, Dr Por Choo Chor, Tan Chai Ho, Chong Itt Chew, Tee Siew Keong and Loh Seng Kok.

Their resignations are in addition to the 13 CC members including vice-president Liow Tiong Lai who submitted their resignation letters dated March 3.

This group had earlier given their undated resignation letters to the party secretary-general Senator Wong Foon Meng on Dec 15 last year.

The other 12 are Tan Kok Hong, Lee Wei Kiat, Dr Hou Kok Chung, Yu Chok Tow, Wong Nai Chee, Wee Jeck Seng, Senator Dr Yeow Chai Thiam, Hoh Khai Mun, Liew Yuen Keong, Wong Mook Leong, Edward Khoo Keok Hai and Senator Alex Wong Siong Hwee.

Read it HERE and HERE.

So, the next question is : How many will challenge incumbent Ong Tee Keat for the presidency?

And, post-(fresh) elections, MCA will be one and united?

I have to say this, though : Dr Chua -- you da man. You sure know how to main politik!


TOKZ said...

CHUA SOI LEK certainly know how to play his political cards correctly. With this newly declared move….he is able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

1) Revamp, reinvent & give a new lease of life to MCA.
2) Enable him to gain the reputation as a noble leader who cares for MCA & the entire Malaysian Chinese rather than his own self interest.

Whichever way one may put it….Chua Soi Lek is indeed a leader who is hard to crack & defeat. Perhaps, DAP leaders are pissing in their pants now upon hearing this piece of positive news.

Anti-Ciplak said...

Takder modal ker? Asyik2 cerita ciplak dari mainstream media. Ori lah sikit!

Anonymous said...

Da man is a hypocrite of the first order. He played everybody out. He only serves himself. In other words, he is a sleazy and untrustworthy politician. He is a typical Malaysian politician.

God help us!

Anonymous said...

I don't think any leaders from Pakatan Rakyat would even dare do such a NOBLE thing like what Chua Soi Lek had just done (giving up his No.2 position just to save the party & safeguard Malaysian Chinese interest).

Yeah....Guan Eng & Kit Siang must be really pissing in their pants now. I spell DANGER!!!

Lee said...

Dr. Chua, you have your last hurrah...and you should quietly fade away.You will never be accepted as a credible leader in Malaysia.Unlike some other politicians from another political party, you have bravely admitted your errors ...and the correct next step is to "disappear" from public view.This is the biggest thing you can do for yourself, your family and for all Malaysians!

Donplaypuks® said...

With PM Najib charging and leading the way for direct membership to BN, the death knell has been sounded for MCA, MIC, PPP and Gerakan!

Watch the fun as dinosaurs and leviathan slowly disappear from our radar screens!! Bye Ong, bye, Samy, bye Kayveas, bye Koh! Sob! Sob! (Onion in handkerchief!! Lol).

We are all of 1 race, the Human race

remgold said...

si csl macam-macam dia pandai main, maam.
if they remain disunited after this, we let ibrahim ali become chinese, Him Ah Lee, and radicalise mca.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dr Chua surely is da man. He surely knows how and when to call his shots.(not shorts).
This news draw more attention than even the lurid testimony of that lebanese elie's wife.


Anonymous said...

What do you call an animal which have qualities of a frog and a snake????



apa-lah...petty sangat-lah you ni. :-)



I'd like to see that happen. :-)
Stranger things have happened.

Anonymous said...

Takder modal ker? Asyik2 cerita ciplak dari mainstream media. Ori lah sikit!Faham ?

Anonymous said...

Oldie- Never marry a railroad man.

Now, never marry a political man , he will leave you now and then.




kesian-nye. nak cakap bodoh, pandai buka blog. macam ni-lah, bodoh. saya tak publish komen you lagi, ok?

zulkifli said...

Whats Chua Soi Lek's problem? He ONLY had extramarital sex and was CAUGHT on film. His wife doesn't appear to be mad at him. Who are we to pass judgement on him and use that as a yardstick of his ability and leadership?
If he was Muslim, I am dead sure CSL would have been a polygamist, therefore no issue. But of course, he is not Muslim, and i don't think extramarital sex is such a big deal in the Chinese community. He was not implicated in far more serious offences, like corruption and abuse of power, which we cannot for many other politicians, including teh current President.