Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teaching Malaysians To Be Good Employers

I hate to be a naysayer, a party-pooper, a killjoy, a wet blanket. All those things.

Like when someone announces something that's supposed to be good for everyone, and I blithely dismiss that something good by doubting its usefulness or value.

Like this announcement that the government is making it compulsory, from the end of next month, for employers and their maids to attend a half-day course . This is to help reduce cases of runaway maids and abusive employers.

Like, maybe, I don't quite agree with this decision because a half-day course is not really addressing the problems the government wants to overcome. And, is the problem really alarming that you have got to get all employers and their maids to go through such a course?

At least I'm happy that no one is milking the government on this one.

Perhaps I am being unfairly critical. I don't even know the details of the course. Like, first and foremost -- do we have to pay for this compulsory course? And if yes, how much?

Who will be teaching what?

What form will the half-day module take?

How do you teach people to be good employers. How can it prevent maids from running away?

Scare them by citing the laws that we have?

Can you really teach people to be decent employers? And stop maids from running away?

Hmm, you mean you can actually TEACH these things?


ktteokt said...

Just another gimmick by our bankrupt government to squeeze RM, RM and RM out of the rakyat!!!! These courses are only useful if both employer and employee are educated and understand their implications! To the uneducated employer or employee, these courses are a sheer waste of time and money!

Anonymous said...

Mereka yang memiliki maid ialah selalunya golongan yang berpelajaran dan berjawatan tinggi di kalangan rakyat terbanyak,

Sepatutnya, jika mereka boleh bertanggungjawab melaksanakan "tugasan" yang dimanahkan, mengapa pula mereka menghadapi masaalah dalam menguruskan maid ?

Mereka menimbulkan masaalah , dan kerajaan membuang banyak masa menyelesaikan dengan membuang masa menteri dan wang rakyat. Implikasi nya rakyat terbanyak teraniaya akibatnya.

Hasilnya, ia menyumbang kepada banyak masaalah yang gagal ditanggani olih pihak kerajaan.

Donplaypuks® said...


What's realy annoying is that the Govt admits less than 1% of employers abuse their maids. I think it's even less than that. There were hardly 5 cases reported last year!! Yet they respond with a national policy based on MSM sensationalism.

They want to make it difficult for 99.99% of maid employer for the crime of less than 0.01%. But matters like snatch thefts, serious crime, road accidents, corruption etc., which affect 99% of the populace is given less attention!

Note, the Minister (as usual)
conveniently did not say how much course attendees will have to fork out. Another FOMEMA in the making?

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Think modules, think money.
And there you have the answer.


ktteokt:i seriously doubt the usefulness of the course.

anon@4:47PM: juga harus di persoalkan, berapa sikit atau ramai kes2 majikan dera pembant rumah? kita mempunyai cukup undang2 untuk menangani masaalah ini, kalau-lah masaalah ini besar.

donplaypuks: yes, i agree.

but, sir, do be more fair here, stories on maid abuse are not MSM sensationalism. they are of public interest.
but, i suppose, to each his own.


anon@10:55AM; yep. i hear you!