Thursday, February 18, 2010

The case of Three Muslim Women

who were caned for illicit sex.

And are now repentant after undergoing the punishment.

The report on these women has outraged women's groups.

The three women were caned last Tuesday for engaging in illicit sex, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

They were the first women in Malaysia to receive such punishment under syariah law.

Two of them where whipped six times and the third was given four strokes of the rotan at Kajang Prison.

"Too much hype about Kartika Sari Dewi's sentence (to be caned)", he said, that he felt compelled to tell us all about the caning of these women.

People are saying that no woman has been caned before and that Kartika should not be caned.

“Today I am announcing that we have already done it. There is no hidden agenda, we are merely executing our responsibility,” he told a press conference at his office yesterday (Wednesday).

Read the Star report HERE.


Lee said...

This holier than thou attitude is despicable...nothing to be proud about!Does illicit sex equals extramarital sex?Are muslim males also caned for extramarital sex? If not, why the discrimination?The pea-brained minister justifying the punishment imposed on Kartika by revealing that 3 women had been caned for illicit sex is laughable.

Anonymous said...

Allah the merciful, please save all Muslim women from the 'UMNO Malay' !!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Ena,
I am quite puzzle when SIS rep say the caning is discrimination against women. Not sure which context she is refering too. If she refering sensationalizing and imposing caning against women only than I would say yes sister I am with you because it takes two to tango. Both should be shown the same punishment. In fact men should be held more responsible in doping young innocent ladies if that is a case.

But if SIS against caning on women only I would like to ask whether she is placing civil code above Islamic law and principle. If that their principle, better drop Islam from SIS name to avoid confusion.

I believe all of us been taught to accept Islam in totality. What we should avoid is to let out non Islam friends to decide what should and should not do with our religion and worst imposing their views to Islam.

I seek forgiveness from Allah swt if I was wrong with my views.


Jahamy said...


Anonymous said...

Wah,jangan main2- memang *(sado)macho* betul jantan2 alim d Msia dewasa ini. Now that you've got the ladies' asses covered, so to speak, and feel you have completed your *responsibility* in bringing us so much closer to God,I bet you go home to your wife(s)n kids a band of merry man.

Tapikan sebelum nak ambik wife No.2/3/4 kena mengurat dulu kan. Dari Kadi ke katil (not that order nowadays) tak ada apa2 yeah right...sudahla bunch of hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

Is the offence 'Khalwat' ie. close proximity or 'Zina' ie. Sex ? Is the raid been spotted in public or in a private spot? Should the religious officers produce a proof of such inmoral offences? Should the women caught in the act be send for medical examination for proof? Is Malaysia turning into a holier land so as to compete with the Kaabah in Saudi Arabia? Will the yearly spiritual pilgrimage be set up in Malaysia since investment in casinos is not profiting? Is whipping the only solution? Is disgracing one's family the ultimate treatment? Who are those women and why have not those women be publicly shamed? Does the sentenced teach repentance in close doors? What about a repeat offender? Will the punishment be double the charges? This really contradits to the teachings... In the name of God the most Compassionate, The Merciful.

najib manaukau said...

The women always say they want to be treated equally, in fact they want more than that. They want the car doors to be opened for them, the chairs to be moved for them by men before they sit down. What is wrong now for them to be canned if the men get them too?

Zulkhairi said...

Hi, i laud the Govt's decision to implement AND to show the implementation over tv (saw this morning).

Everyone, Muslims or Nons should be open minded and see the implementation first, before commenting negatively or even worst - belittling or making fun of it.

As what the Govt said, the Govt's intention was to educate (to both the convicted AND US) and i think the objective is met.

To my fellow Non Muslims there, the punishment (and to its extension, Hudud)appear barbaric but Islam balanced it out with stricter level of proof for conviction.

Let me explain. Our civil court's standard of proof is "beyond reasonable doubt". In Islam, the standard of proof is "beyond a SHADOW of doubt". Note the question of Saiful to bring in 4 reliable witness in Anwar's case.

Anonymous said...

Did their illicit sex partners got canned too?

Old Fart said...

This comes from out of the blues. The fundamentalists are obviously preempting the Kartika and Raja Muda of Pahang meeting so that it becomes a little more difficult now for the Sultan of Pahang to ignore this precedent. And look at which Religious authority this caning came under? It was the Federal Territories. Obviously it would seem like the Rulers themselves may not have wished it. So the theocrats who want to control everything quickly do this number on, not one, but three women, get them to come out and say the whipping was almost a prelude to an orgy, and the Rulers are now stuck with a "so what" situation.

It is the religious fundamentalists who are positioning themselves ahead of the rulers, the UMNO elites and every other politician and this is so clear to see.

Well, Nuraina, if you can't see...then...never-mind...I like my conspiracy theory!!

amoker said...

Hemmm.. i think the piss i have is that it is done with secrecy, bypassing concerns just to prove a point. Shoot first, no discussion.

Wonder how Hisham's approach to say.. euthanesia. See, we have killed someone and he suffered no pain. Lets continue on.

Anonymous said...

as a moslem, i dont question the implementation of syariah law. it is a good punitive sex leads to abandoned babies, sexually-transmitted diseases, and the breakdown of marriage bonds.
however, i do question why it was only the women who got caned and not the male parties? did i miss something here? doesn't it take two to tango? i do hope the authorities understand that people question certain things because they want answers, not because they question the sanctity of islamic laws...IMHO


Anonymous said...

Your readers expect your opinion on this instead of parroting the news media. That is why we visit your blog.

Anonymous said...

NS -

What's your opinion on this?

As an intelligent educated lady, make a stand one way or another!

Anonymous said...

Good move but why bully the women in the east coast.JAIS enforcement officers should visit the entertainment centres in KL just in one day they can rope in hundreds of muslim women and men - they dare not because in KL muslim men and women are "protected"

Anonymous said...

Syaria- truly a MAN made law!!

Anonymous said...

Its not the rotan! We need SEX EDUCATION urgently! To those who think sex never crossed their kids mind and chose to have this totally innocent/naive ideas of their kids - you chose to ignore reality - you're living on the wild side. Stupidly dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Why is an NST editor quoting from a rival newspaper?

Is it because of the erroneous mistake in NST report as claimed by the Bar Council?

Sighs when is NST going to stop concocting stories and report truth?

shame shame.

Anonymous said...

These girls had babies out-of-wedlock and they are from humble background. So where are the men who got them pregnant and if they are doing their part financially even if they do not want to be with these girls. Where is the syaria now? What a screwed up sense of justice!

Anonymous said...

Out of guilt & conscience , the 3 women, NOT the men, surrendered themselves & they r happy to be caned !!
Wat about those who had illicit sex with poor late Aminah !?
WAT about the 2 perak aduns dengan
FREE chinese girls !?
WAT about .............!!??

Anonymous said...

Please make a stand. I thought your last posting on LGE and Penang Government you keep on defending your NST. Why so quiet now? why only cane the poor women? how about the men who make them pregnant? any effort to trace them? Actually if they want to enforce no alcohol on muslim, they should try the night clubs around kl during "happy hours". lots of muslim girls working.

Anonymous said...

The wisdom of Malaysian Islamic faith is for the offender of such immoral acts to be caned and only then will the offender repent and not repeat their immoral acts. This mindset must be instil in every muslim of the world and as such the world should learn from us as this form of punishment will leads to a more moral society and towards achieving and producing a more righteous civilisation.

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story...

If you're a somebody you can even masuk 'no entry'...takda hal...boleh masuk balik politik..shout in the streets...campaign...anak bini campaign sekali...

If you're a nobody...sorry my friend...your ass kena...



you sure have a problem.


lee, Jahamy et al,

actually, i'm really wondering how the women and their partners were caught (for illicit sex).

under the syariah, i am made to understand that certain conditions have to be fulfilled before a couple can be convicted of adultery/sexual intercourse.

i suppose, these conditions must have been met.
and, hmmm, next question -- how were these conditions met?

as for the caning of the girls -- it tells me that the enforcers of the Syariah seem to be interested in, and intent on, only in catching "sinners" like these girls.
and, of course, punishing them.

Anonymous said...

The three women were caned last Tuesday for engaging in illicit sex..... yang jantannya mana ya? Kalau setakat nak announce aje tapi tak memberi maklumat penuh baik tak payah beri, kerana akan bertambah keliru.. please don't insult the readers..

selampit said...

Lee said;

"This holier than thou attitude is despicable...nothing to be proud about!Does illicit sex equals extramarital sex?Are muslim males also caned for extramarital sex? If not, why the discrimination?The pea-brained minister justifying the punishment imposed on Kartika by revealing that 3 women had been caned for illicit sex is laughable."

Holier than thou attitude? Yeah right.

Kartika will probably experience several mild blows to her body with her clothes on. That's it.

But if her drinking habit would continue on to an uncontrollable stage, THEN SHE WILL BE IN A TRULY DEEP SHIT, holy or not.

Amnesia, dysfunctional social faculty, deadly liver cirrhosis and this penchant towards embarrassing social catastrophes.

Not to mention DUI (driving under influence) menace that could endanger her life and the life of others.

We Muslims NEVER question your BASIC RIGHT to hit bars and nightclubs and get as drunk as a skunk! Feel free to do so.

So PLEASE DO NOT QUESTION our religion's ways of deterring It's followers from imbibing alcohol.

And this UTTER NONSENSE about sexual discrimination in meting out punishment on illicit (fornication) and extra-marital (adultery) sex offenders. If you DO NOT know anything about Syaria, then I'd kindly suggest that you SHUT THE HELL UP.

Wow Mr Lee, I'm amused that you find "3 women had been caned for illicit sex is laughable."

What about those poor women who have been lured into FORCED PROSTITUTION from mainland China and kept against their will as SEX SLAVES. Do read this article entitled "Girls from China tricked into forced prostitution in Malaysia: MCA" at;


The result of the so called vibrant "illicit sex" activities among Malaysians.


selampit said...

Old fart wrote;

"It is the religious fundamentalists who are positioning themselves ahead of the rulers, the UMNO elites and every other politician and this is so clear to see."

What religious Fundamentalists are you talking about Old Fart?

The staff of Jabatan Agama Islam perhaps?

I know many people who work for Jabatan Agama Islam throughout Malaysia Old Fart. I really do.

They shop at TESCO, enjoy McDonalds and Pizza Hut, listen to Siti Nurhaliza as well as Raihan. Heck, one guy is even a great fan of the CSI TV series on Astro.

Old Fart please, this is Malaysia, NOT Sudan or Afghanistan. If you think Muslims here are similar to those in the heartland of Afghanistan, the I can assure you that YOU ARE WRONG.

Fundamentalism in Afghanistan is not moved by Islam, but by YEARS of poverty and war, as well as a product of "Tribal behaviour complex" which includes poor treatment of women and tribal vendettas.

Here in this country, the biggest problems that we Muslims have to experience are finding parking spots in big cities and getting transport tickets during Raya seasons. As far as the poor treatment of women is concerned, I regularly change my little ones' diapers and perform household chores, RELUCTANTLY of course.

The Memali tragedy of the 80's and the recent Ma'unah insurgency are testimonies of how much our government TOLERATE malevolent Islamic fundamentalism.

I do not think that Islamic fundamentalism is a big issue at the present.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Hi Nuraina,

Did you questioned in your paper why no men was brought to justice?

Sorry, I seldom read NST.

Anonymous said...

I do not think that Islamic fundamentalism is a big issue at the present.


Not yet? Wondering what brand of Islam will come out of this. We try to be progressive and all, be in the league with the other Arabs yet we are not like them,then there is the politicking. Proud that we do not have a cleric system konon but in the end its all the same.Yang * bukan fundamentalists are really just asleep most of the time. Let the ulamas/ mullahs do the thinking as they do not have the *Ulama's knowledge* and so should shut up.

Looks like *deja vu* - Catholicism went through this some 1000 years back - its called the dark ages!

Old Fart said...


I gave what you wrote a thought..and maybe you might be right there.

However, what it is that has thrust this new phenomena upon us would appear to be a fundamentalist thrust that previously never existed but now is beginning to impose itself of its presence.

But are they fundamentalists doing it or are they doing it in the guise of fundamentalists? Politicians really, but putting on the cloak of the fundamentalist, are the ones pushing this agenda.

One just cannot ignore the timing, the secrecy and so on. Child birth outside wedlock amongst Muslim women will continue into the future throughout the Muslim ummah and you cannot stop it. It would seem like the next step up this ladder for Malaysia would be when they cane a Muslim woman for the same offense, except that her pregnancy might have been the result of a rape. Then what?

Anyway, the point I was trying to make still stands. Was this done and announced so that when Kartika meets the Sultan of Pahang or his appointee, the precedent would have been set and the Sultan finds solace in that he is not exactly starting this carnage that is to come. It would seem like the Royalty might have been hesitant about sanctioning the caning of women after all.

Of course Kartika, by not following according to the script, threw the spanner into the works and the powers that be find mud on their faces.

Anonymous said...

Is Kartika an Indonesian who came to Malaysia for work many years ago? Or is she second or third generation Indonesian in Malaysia?

bj-fernandez said...

Help them

0 Comments | New Straits Times, Feb 24, 2010 | by B.J. Fernandez

THE caning of three Muslim women for engaging in illicit sex has shed light on the social and inhumane problem of baby-dumping.

Apparently, the three women were charged with illicit sex as they had given birth out of wedlock.

Of course, they had to admit to the act and face the consequences for the sake of the future of their children.

I assume this was because when the child was born, the partners were not married and therefore were deemed to have engaged in illicit sex.

The prime minister's wife had recently lamented the cases of baby- dumping.

I feel such laws are partly responsible for mothers abandoning their newborns.

Instead of harping on the pros and cons of caning women and pushing them against the wall with no place to turn, the authorities should focus on how such women can be assisted and advised on moral values.

Shah Alam

Anonymous said...

Is repentance a form of earthly punishment? or Is repentance an act or deeds between one's self towards God? Does earthly punishment guarantees one's sins to be lighten in the hereafter? Is such ideology written in the holy books? Is this mindset against the aqidah? Do you believe that caning teaches repentance? Do you believe that earthly punishment would constitutes to a lighter sentence in the hereafter? What if I believe in this accepted laws and would you consider my aqidah as misleading? Repentance is an act between one's self and God and only God may/may not accept it.