Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gong Xi fa Cai

Wishing my Chinese friends a very happy new year! May this year of the tiger bring you much prosperity, happiness and well-being!

And also to those who celebrate Valentine's Day -- have fun. Just don't overdo it!

Happy holidays, everyone!

And remember --- all we need is love!


Lee said...

Wishing all Malaysians a Happy and Healthy Chinese New Year!To all who celebrate Valentine Day...happy Valentine Day!

Anonymous said...

Eh? what are valentines supposed to have fun doing but not overdoing? kekeke.... like getting possibly just a lil bit, but not a lot pregnant!

IES Agencies said...

Malaysian MP tells Australia to join the human race before criticising others


Ozz said...

Yes! I agree for not overdoing it. We don't need more unwanted babies out of wedlocks in November.