Saturday, February 06, 2010

Ooi Vs Wee Vs Ooi Vs Wee

Yesterday, PKR MP For Wangsa Maju Wee Choo Keong demanded that DAP's Glugor MP Jeff Ooi Chuan Aun retract his statement about him (Wee) crossing over to the BN.

Wee told a Press conference that he was giving Jeff 48 hours to retract the statement, failing which he may institute legal action against Jeff (read: sue, sue, sue)

Today, Jeff responded, saying that he had never named Wee in his statement, in the first place, about four PKR MPs said to be crossing over to the BN.

He demanded an apology from Wee ...or else (read: sue, sue, sue).

Sigh...both are bloggers, politicians (from Pakatan) and my very dear friends.

What are you guys thinking?

Boleh tak settle, tak payah sue?

Baca-lah Rocky's Bru HERE.


matdeboq said...

Salam Nuraina,

This imported kinda culture's, from PAP regime down gaining a firm foothold with the other half brother's, DAP !!

After all, everything from the Island is always nice, good and.. kinda near perfect too.

They are always number one that and this.! They have had achieved...many thing to an envy of others..! ( or at other's expenses)..!!

The list will be very long... one!!
Suing is of course one of those "good thing" !

"ISA"...well that thing is seldom mention when the Island republic achievement were projected to world at large.
"ISA" must have contributed a lots and PAP, as one do believed . They will never ever let it go..!! (Abolish ISA... is a offending word's ..just like chewing gum).

Way to go DAP....your other half.The PAP have done it... with success !!

On that guess, the "ISA" on this side of the cause-way too. Are here to stay. But I do hope I'm wrong...!!

atanjamilselamat said...

or just call Sue Ellen of Dallas to settle this dispute!

Anonymous said...

They are your dear friends, so why do I have to think?

-my say

Anonymous said...

Anon my say,

You have to think la becos you obviously have very little up there. Down there pun dah kena ravaged agaknya!! Hahaks!

Kak Nuraina,

Betul lah Wee no need to sue Jeff,. Just clarify in his blog and call Jeff names, cukuplah.

There you go, my say, what's so difficult? Now go and stand on the chair and do some thinking. And don't korek hidung!


selampit said...

"matdeboq" wrote;

"This imported kinda culture's, from PAP regime down gaining a firm foothold with the other half brother's, DAP !!.."


Sikit-sikit sue, sikit sue!

Don't they realize that they're putting unnecessary workload on Malaysia's Judiciary.

Yet when judges fail to complete tasks such as finishing grounds of judgments that will determine the outcome of court appeals, they're the ones who make the loudest noise.

Not to mention all of those victims of accidents who have to wait years to get their money, because judges are busy entertaining civil suits involving "grumpy politicians".

Face it man, one of the drawbacks of being a politician is the inevitability of DEADLY character assassinations. The more successful you are, THE DEADLIER the attacks will be.

If you can not stand that, then do what I do, wait for your paycheck every month and once in a while, BEG FOR A RAISE.

The Phoenix Foundation said...

It's been a long time!
Suing is simply a cry for attention!
Nothing really get's resolved when you"sue".
Each of us have the capacity to resolve "situation/problems/knots" that we encounter with each other , in our every day lives!
You may not like the outfit I am wearing but you will not say it outright in that fashion - it's not our culture.
You would however express to me something like this- your outfit does quite suit you /your personality! Viola!
It's like the half empty galss & half full glass- it does not matter what you have to say , it's how you say it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ena,

Don't need to trouble yourself with the way these actors are acting out in the drama! It appears they are enjoying the limelight, being the focus central of the nation.

Believe there are other pertinent issues that you can provide your opinion.