Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Am Deeply Sorry, Says Tiger

They dubbed it "Tiger's Mea Culpa" and that was what it was.

But, poor Tiger Woods. Even his televised apology for his transgressions, his wrongdoings before the whole world, was torn to shreds by the unsympathetic media.

They scrutinized his facial expression, the way he delivered his apology. Just to catch that off-moment.

Was he sincere, they asked?

Frankly, we wouldn't know. And at this point, we shouldn't care.

We forget that he has a wife and kids. They are the ones he hurt, more than anyone or anything else.

The thing is, he is no ordinary guy who was having strings of affairs. He is the world's top golfer. megarich and a sex addict.

It's easy for us to cut him into pieces. A cheating husband who's got all the money in the world to romp around with any woman he wants.

Tiger said it himself -- with all the money he had, he did not need to go far to get those, er, women.

He came clean, didn't he? He has sought treatment for his addiction. And he has sought forgiveness.

That's hell of a thing to do.

Even for the Tiger.

So, let him live.

P.S: I just want him to play golf!


Johor Mali said...

Ah, if only all the women in this world think like you do, what a tranquilty this world would be like.

Anonymous said...

yeah,golf never the same without him

Anonymous said...

What tiger has done, a lot of our local VVIPs have done even more and they dont need to apologise to anybody.And we are supposed to worship them as distingushed persons.

Bleacher said...

Dear Ena,

I am interested to know how reporter such yourself draw a line between professional responsibility and personal belief if you were to cover Tiger Wood.

Like you I want to see him play golf again. Golf is less interesting w/o him.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
What kind of "sorry" do you think his was? The Love Story kind: Love means never having to say you're sorry. Or the song: Sorry seems to be the hardest word? har har har ... Yeah..wish he's playing golf again. He should concentrate on the iron stick and the white ball not play with other "stick and balls". sigh.... purrr....meow!

Anonymous said...

One cannot deny the notion that they wanna shred a successful 'black' golfer.


Anonymous said...

Tall,dark,handsome and extraordinarily rich....yet cursed to be only with one women!

Anonymous said...

Mat Salleh Amerika ni pelik dan hipokrit sikit. They are a very open society. They embrace wholeheartedly free sex, unnatural sex, sex between same gender, marital affairs,nudity etc..etc. But one thing that they cannot tolerate is if their leaders or icons are involved in sex scandals. Their rationale is simple, if their leaders and icons are also morally corrupted as them then who else can they trust to take care of them and their country.

Zam 007 said...

And I just want our forests to remain, being an environmentalist.

But I read this today, felt sad kak......

Do u think our country will get chance to reborn again?

atanjamilselamat said...

You tiger you Tiger!

Anonymous said...

If in Malaysia, that tiger will have been caned and put behind cage (bars) for illicit sex!!


johor mali,

hold on, now.

really, i'm not on Tiger's side. i may sound sympathetic of him, but that's because he is of no consequence to me, except that his dilemma and what has become of him, is a loss to the sporting world, in particular, golf.

i have a lot to say about what happened to him. but firstly, he is not my husband, so whatever i say, is easily said becos i have no interest in him, nor him in me.

i have been wondering why we all have not ehard of these women, before that fateful night of the accident.

suddenly, the pandora box was opened, and woman after woman after woman, laid claim to having trysts with tiger.

who were these women? where did they come? who brought them to Tiger (or his attention)? they were typically good-time gals or those incliend to have that kind of trysts with celebrities.

were tiger's bedroom door opened for them?

this is one con-job by people who have been milking money from Tiger.

sure, tiger was unfaithful. pure and simple.

that sex addiction claim? i bet that was something cooked up to control the damage or to set things right so that people can go on making money from him.

you claim sex addiction, and you're more or less forgiven because it is beyond you, because it is an illness, therefore, that accountability and culpability on you is lessened.

those promoters and publicists need to have tiger back so -- all that televised-to-the-world apology was necessary.

OR we could all believe that it is one big conspiracy to bring down a mega successful black sportsman who reigned in a predominatly white game/sport.

laimun said...


Anonymous said...

Ms Nuraina,
It did cross my mind after a while that someone was out to "nail" the boy (he's younger than me) after a succession of broads came forward to get air-time. Its terrible. This is a strange world, now. (Pantang tengok orang senang kot!)


millie said...

Nuraina - Tiger is another human - a super rich one and everything that comes with i'm not okay with his ways. Like you,I have no interest in Tiger and he in me etc.etc.. But i do want him to come back to the greens. Golf never should go Tiger-less...loved him