Friday, February 26, 2010

Poor Conditions At NS Camp

I thought this kind of problem is passe in our NS camps.

I'm okay with the idea of our kids getting together and keeping fit with all that physical training -- but I get hot and bothered when I read that those running NS camps don't give a ****!..

Just read this link on dry taps and "bad" food at the Balik Pulau NS camp.

You don't have your child at the camp. Good for you.

Let's not patronize and say that our kids need to be tough for them to be great citizens of this country, and should therefore, not complain. Well, clever you.
Try going with all that crap for two weeks.

So, I say, that's not how a camp should be.


Anonymous said...

totally agree. to be tough doesn't mean to be complacent. food & health must be priority number one, so that the kids can absorb as much training and learning as possible.

bad food is not part of good training. dirty food and dirty environment are counter productive to good training.

put some ministers kids in each camp, and you will see that they will improve pronto!!

-buat lah betul betul-

Anonymous said...

don't worry too is not a big usual the press makes mountains of molehills......semua-nya ok ....he he he

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's indeed difficult to run a good camp
When there's no proper light for the lamp
Without the salt to deal with spirit damp
It's time for a thorough critical revamp

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 260210
Fri. 26th Feb. 2010.

Anonymous said...

How they treat kids in NS is how they think of the kids in NS.

That says a lot.

Anonymous said...

sorry, they dun know your daughter lah !