Friday, February 05, 2010

Malice, Misquoting And A Grand Plot to Topple Penang Pakatan, Don't Think So...

Oh come on.

Everyone needs somebody to blame.

Politicians, I have learnt, always blame the media, usually newspapers for misreporting or misquoting them, when the heat is up on them.

Sometimes it's true. Usually it is not.

The NST carried a page one story, headlined "PKR Ready To Act On Guan Eng".

Yesterday, PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution issued a statement, expressing "shock with the report" and said that NST "has maliciously misquoted" his statement.

The Star carried a report on Saifuddin's statement and included remarks from Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng who told a press conference that the NST article "was part of a plot to bring down the Penang Pakatan Government".

Guan Eng further said that he was considering taking legal action against the NST but, remarked that "the state sometimes felt helpless against the onslaught”, as it did not have the capacity to “sue them everyday”.

Here's my response to Saifuddin: "no, there was no malice. Our reporter -- who happens to be female, not male as you had indicated in your statement -- took your remarks down as per. She did not twist your words and the NST did not spin your statement. So, tell us, which part is a misrepresentation. "

And to Guan Eng: "no, dear Guan Eng. If there was a plot to bring down your government, NST is not part of it. We are, as you can see, just a newspaper. The one you and your government have been boycotting. The one whose representatives you have banned from covering your functions or those you are invited to.
Surely you can see that what's happening in Penang is worthy to be reported. NST is not the only newspaper reporting it. Everyone's on it. And your guys are the ones talking to the press."

Guan Eng, you have boycotted the NST in Penang, for reasons you believe to be valid.
And have you not threatened companies holding functions with you as guest, to not invite the NST?

Going by your "logic", can I see it as part of a plot to bring down the NST?

And, oh... I have a lot to say about your penchant for suing the press!

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

You seem like a GOD fearing person. Can you say with complete honesty that you do balanced reporting and no spinning

When you reply, keep in mind that the reply itself will be a big question when you meet your maker?

Have the fear of GOD

Anonymous said...

To be fair, who ever is right or wrong, the newspaper and the reporters must record statements correctly. However i don't see or hear you comment on reporting from Utusan which time again has been at the forefront giving racial reporting. Please be more realistic and fair in your comments.


dear anon@2:46PM,

reporters, as with politicians and others, are not infallible. but if we make mistakes, it is not intentional. nor malicious.

As for utusan -- it's a democracy. you say they are racist. other people don't think so.
same thing --utusan believes DAP to be racist. others don't think so.

i am not in the habit of whacking newspapers or blogs...unless they twist things about me.

Anonymous said...

oh com'on Nuriana,

aren't you also part of the 'Axis of Evil' trying to bring down 'Pakatan' ??

be real la... the rakyat knows what the gomen MSM trying to sabotage 'PR' in anyway they can !!



anon@3:24PM (kamal),

yeah? nothing i can do with people like you -- biased and prejudiced.

you see, even in this argument, i will not even counter by saying about other media being part of a plot to bring down the government.

you have a problem with msm because it is pro-establishment? you hate the BN? so NST must be evil to be so linked with the government.

the government, by the way was democratically elected by the people.

axis of evil -- that's too much credit for simply reporting news.

Anonymous said...

You are part of denial partner with BN and UMNO. Those who are going to protest there mainly those who lost their income after BN lost the state. Always these NGOs will be there. Use Islam but shout "Hidup Melayu". Crap! I dont know what the hell those mamaks are doing there with these "pure" Malays?

Shah Firdaus said...

the MSM being pro establishment? the PR is the government in Penang,Selangor,Kedah, Kelantan even in WP KL...but everyday they are getting whacked by the MSM...while the BN as the opposition in these states is always it fair to assume that in the future if PR is the federal govt,would the MSM especially Utusan be pro establishment?...i highly doubt it...

all i want is MSM to be neutral and fair in reporting the news..which means that it acts as a third party which doesn't have any stake in any party...

i give u an example..every time there is a sort argument(crisis) among PR leaders, the MSM would definitely quote BN leaders to comment on it...there would also be a lengthy and biased column in the MSM regarding the issue...

where else if there is an argument(crisis among BN leaders)...the MCA crisis,MIC crisis,PPP crisis...the newly formed Makhal Sakhti crisis...even the ongoing Umno Youth crisis...there isn't a single quote from PR leaders to comment on it..let alone any column that would discuss it....

so is it fair to say that the MSM is pro party(BN) rather than being neutral and fair...

the recent fiasco regarding the missing jet engines is also a good example where Utusan had this one column asking the people not to discuss further the issue further...

i'm just saying MSM should stop being biased and report a fair,neutral and truthful news...

is it too much to ask?...and please stop comparing it to the online news or blogs which tend to be biased in its reporting....

lim kit malam said...

Anon 2.46
Have you read the Chinese newspapers? Coming from a SRJK (C), I do, everyday. In my opinion, the Chinese newspapers are bunch of racists. Indian newspapers, I don't know cos I can't read Tamil. I bet they are no different.

Anonymous said...

"the government, by the way was democratically elected by the people."

More malaysians voted for PR than BN. Only because of gerrymandering BN was able to win more seats than PR. This is not democracy. This is called manipulation.

Pre-numbered postal votes? EC holding elections on workdays unless it is BN stronghold? "Money politics"? BN govt is not democratically elected.

Anonymous said...

You seem like a decent person. Hope that one day you'd realise that you are part of an organisation or group that couldn't care less about morality, conscience and basic human decency. Ingatlah, kita semua akan mati satu hari nanti.

Anonymous said...

"If there was a plot to bring down your government, NST is not part of it. We are, as you can see, just a newspaper"

Are you the head of NST? You can read the mind of all NST journalists and editors? From the 'about me', it seems you are no longer with NST.
So newspaper can't bring down a Government by their reporting? I think they can do a lot(like inciting?)
For all we know there could be no plot to bring down the Government but how would you know? If you know because you ARE NST - just say so.

MAthin2 said...

You can be sure that any denial would only strengthen the beliefs of the paranoid and conspiracy theorists.

Anonymous said...


It is obvious you are paid to defend and work in NST. People are not stupid. Even Tun Mahathir blamed the MSM at one time for making reports just to please the former PM. You write different before you joined NST. Now my respect for you has vanished.

Anonymous said...

u left nst in a huff and a puff, and returned in glory under the current political leadership. logically, you are grateful to your current master!

So, yeah....we believe you!!!!!! If babi boleh terbang, as the saying goes....

MAthin2 said...

It's always interesting to get another prespective on the issue.

It's also always amusing to hear from a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Blue pill or red pill?

patriot jawa johor said...

MSM tak buat fair and balanced reporting? Fair and balanced tu like RPK's and pro-Pakatan bloggers'ke?
or is it like harakah, suara keadilan and rocket? dia orang ni semua hipokrit tahap gaban le.

Anonymous said...

Good to see that you are spreading your gospel cunningly.

Hey you remind me of the pony tailed's stripes.

Maybe datoship is your newfound hunger.

Keep on are no different from the "apanama" - Cocky Bru ????

Old Fart said...

The day NST is able to say squarely how Muhyiddin has from day one been contradicting Najib will be the day you can take NST seriously. NST would have us all believe that all is well in the house of UMNO. But all is not well. And the split this is causing to UMNO is worse than what happened in 1988 or 1998! You have now got the UMNO right and the UMNO extreme right! No centre and absolutely no left! Where do you see yourself standing?

Anonymous said...

I never want to read other msm papers bcos all tell lies, only utusan tell truth.Utusan is the best paper in the world.


shah firdaus : you are exaggerating.

anon@5:23PM: i voted for DAP and Keadilan. I and many others. I never said the opposition parties were not democratically elected by the people.

abuses? we all don't like to see that in any government.

anon@6:09PM: now that is a very serious accusation. i can only say that you, in the first place, don't like the NST.

anon@6:14PM: sigh..

anon@6:55PM -- oh brother.
i hardly touched about the NST, then or now. The only time i touched about the NST (after I left the paper in 2006) was to criticise it for taking a legal suit against my good friends Jeff Ooi and Rocky for defamation.
Actually, i don't care to explain to you.
you are an anonymous commenter, possibly full of hatred and vitriol for the NST -- sorry. I am as judgmental as you are.

anon@6:57PM: oh goodness. do i care to tell you why i left the NST. and it was not in a huff or puff. do you think i care what you think?
and if you think i came back to NST in glory -- so be it.
i don't owe anyone a living. I fear only the Almighty. Tomoro, somebody tells me to take a hike becos I have failed as an think I care? I know myself and my capabilities. you think when i was out of NST, i had no job?
you think there's no rezeki anywhere else? you think i have no qualification?
this is God's land-lah.


anon@9:06PM: to you -- i can only say this : bloody coward.

i publish one posting to tell saifuddin and lim guan eng what i think, and you -- people like you -- can only make this sort of vicious comments.

you're pathetic.

perhaps people like you go hoping for a datoship.

you probably will wet your pants when you face Apanama and Cocky Bru.


Old Fart: what can i say? you know NST is NST. Is it a bad paper. Perhaps, in the 5 years when ...oh never mind...(dont want to bad mouth people)--
We have been severely critical of Umno, MCA, MIC...

but, what's the point, right?
Old Fart dear, when you hate the BN, the rest just falls into place.

me -- i am non-partisan.

Anonymous said...

When you avoided politics in your last few blogs, it showed us some of the world through your eyes.

Your comments on politics, unless supportive of PR, will always be concluded as biased because of the ultimate ownership of your employer and paymaster.

How about staying away from politics.....there is much more to life than who is plotting to do what to whom.....leave that to the NST and the Utusan!


Anonymous said...




"Anonymous said...
You seem like a GOD fearing person. Can you say with complete honesty that you do balanced reporting and no spinning

When you reply, keep in mind that the reply itself will be a big question when you meet your maker?

Have the fear of GOD

2:31 PM" - UNQUOTE.



Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

It's not LGE or DAP that plans to bring down the NST. C'mon don't be so naive. We are the ones who want to bring down the NST so long it's a puppet of Umno. We symphatize with PR. LGE or DAP don't tell us what to do. What's wrong with that? Just like you who symphatizes with Umno under Najib. You did not when Pak Lah was in command and you people bashed him left and right in your blogs. Why?

Right now NST is just a propaganda machine and you people inside there usually gor your knickers all twisted when the power that be including the missus called up to tell your GME how to run their stories and pictures.The whole world knows about this.

The paper is getting crappier and crappier each day and all the non-Umno backing staff are shaking in their pants.

Dirt Road Rider

Anonymous said...

kak...oh kak....

non partisan?



orglama....(your dad's student!)

Zarinah said...

Dear Nuraina:

Don't keep saying that you and Rocky voted for DAP or Keadilan in the last general elections.

A lot of people voted DAP/Keadilan only to bring down Abdullah Ahmad Badawi because they wanted pro-Mahathir/pro-Najib people back in power.

What we want to know now is, do you support the cause that DAP or Keadilan are championing? Or do you support the cause of UMNO? Who do you want as your government?

That is the FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION we want to hear you answer.

Can you answer this please?

Rockybru said...

Dear Ena,

Hah, seems like you've got fans who aren't too happy with you here!

I like most the one by the Bangsa Malaysia anon:



Hehe. For you info, Anon, the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia emblem was the work of a group of us - including Zorro and Haris.

Did you know the first "Bangsa Malaysia" meeting at the Blog House was attended also by pro-Umno and pro-BN bloggers and individuals?

But because some people want it to be Pakatan-centric, the "balanced" composition of the original Bangsa Malaysia movement because very Pakatanish.

What to do?

In any case, Ena, Lim Guan Eng can say anything he likes about NST or the MSM for that matter. Dasar lupa kawan, bila dah naik dabik dada dan besar kepala. Dulu yang bagi publicity kat dia pun NST jugak. Yang defend dia dan tolong promo dia pun blog-blog kita jugak.

I'm glad that his true colours have shown. The minute he "politicized" Bernama Yong Soo Heong's "apology" for a misake in a Bernama report soon after March 2008, I knew Lim Guan Eng the Chief Minister of Penang had ditched his former self.

Thank you.

saya pun melayu said...

assalamualaikum kak

tunggu giliran mungkin tahun hadapan akan dapat datuk macam bro rocky,kena buat kerja lebih sikit,kena blog lebih sikit.contohila bro rocky.

matdeboq said...

The MSM..NST Utusan M'sia are still the power to be reckon with !!

The boycotting thing's is not working..kaa!!

Nuraina, they have been bashing "Datuk" Rocky's Bru..just because the Blog concern seem rather not following to their "taste"..!

Say what you wanted to say....or are they worried sick that your honest opinion. Might sway matter's not to their liking !!


dirt road rider or whoever you are: what can i say to people like? nothing. zilch. you won't get smarter. because you are blinkered, very blinded.
i don't care to tell you who or what i am or made of. because you do not know me nor my background.

anon@11;%*PM: er...i don't think i am obliged to answer you.

anon@11;02AM (orglama): kekekekeeeek..yes non-partisan.
bapak i punya student, ke? itu funny.

every NST employee is pro-BN? every civil servant is pro-BN?
every Selangor public servant is pro-Pakatan?

dan di antara mereka -- ada yang non-partisan.

Zarinah: that is a question i am not able to answer. and that very question i asked myself on March 8, 2008.
And i answered that, and did the needful.


This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.


odd, how people who make so much noise about freedom of speech and freedom of expression, really get upset when what we say don't seem to echo their sentiments.

and then they start being vicious...

itu lah dunia...


saya pun melayu(anon@3:11PM),


saya rasa kita semua jadi blogger bukan untuk dapat pingat atau pengat atau jadi dato atau maktok...

rocky jadi blogger kena saman -- no less by the NST and four (former) NST executives.

dah lah tu -- kena belasah, di caci, di cerca...

tapi ada juga yang sokong..

Anonymous said...

Rocky Bru,

Dulu you promote Lim Guan Eng? Are you joking or are suffering from amnesia? Even in the depth of your gang's hatred of Pak Lah's regime and his spinmasters in NST, you guys were consistent in bashing PKR and DAP. We are not kids Rocky (oops Datuk!, nanti marah pula), so dont insult us. Do what you want for all that you guys yearn but at least try to be credible We have only one life to live and shall meet our maker in due course.

Anonymous said...

Money or benefits really can flip-turn a person 360 degree, of course a person with lallang principles. I'm sure you didn't write the facts you actually see but to just reciprocate obligatorily. Liken the boneless Rocky Bru, just too bad, another respected name is out of my heartlist.

Mazlan said...

Dear Nuraini,
Late last year I had to spend a week in UK on business. And one of the great things about the UK is the variety of newspapers to be read and I gorged myself reading the Guardian, Observer, the Times, the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail every day.
The quality of their reporting and commentaries were superb and the it was so clear that they reported free and fair and took both sides of the story - even though some of them may have a conservative or liberal slant.
Then one reads the NST and one realises that the NST will never be considered in the same way - and never even in same regard as papers like the Jakarta Post and the Nation in Bangkok.
Nuraini - the NST is a government mouthpiece with no sense of free or fair reporting. The bias is incredibly self evident.
So please don't try and pretend otherwise.
I have never seen any attempt at investigative reporting of the fact that many Ministers and Prime Ministers live beyond their official salaries?
All we ask is to look at all the issues fairly and act like a newspaper and not a propaganda piece.

+faliqfahmie said...

It's typical them. Whatever their newspapers and websites say are 'undeniably true, valid and not spinned'. And any news that touch their leaders' credibilities will be deemed as 'malice in nature, biased and twisted'.

But we all know, out of 10 news on their newspapers, 9 are condemning UMNO, 1 is about any overrated small victory of theirs in 'fulfilling rakyat's demands'.


Anonymous said...


I used to be an avid reader of your postings, but you cant be serious in defending NST, could you? NST is infamous for Pakatan bashings, so many examples of NST playing up issues relating to Pakatan and playing down issues regarding BN. Even before the boycott by the Penang govt, NST was providing selective coverage, its coverage on Buah Pala issue was an absolute shame compared to theStar or Malaysiakini.

You are either in denial or worst still power has got into your head. You are as delusional as Mahatir when he said he advocated press freedom during his time unlike Pak Lah.

I dont mean to insult you, just letting you know how you have upset our intelligence by saying you are now non-partisan. You might have been one, but claiming NST is non-partisan now - I am lost for words to describe this scandalous statement.

Anonymous said...

Tak payah gaduh kat sini.Orang zaman sekarang tak bodoh. Yang bodoh cuma mereka yang asyik ingat rakyat bodoh.Rakyat know who is working for who. Even a kid also know what's happening. As for LGE, wake up, honeymoon is over, do not let the people down. Marching to Putrajaya is the priority. Without the control at federal, it is almost impossible to save the country.LGE need learn how to avoid "mine field" planted by the enemy(outside and inside). Remember, first, Jet fighter engine can ge missing, what's next?.With the oil reserve almost gone, what had we really achieved?. Indonesia, Vietnam and thailand is doing better than us and there are peoples still think we are O.K. and no drastic change is required on how we should conduct our daily affair, exspecially in politic and economy.

Anonymous said...

what is MSM?

lleekh said...

You should wake up! Look at the responses from people. Most know where you are coming from. You have no trouble contradicting yourself as your mind is compartmentalized! Anything your friend does is good and anything your opponents do is bad. So everything connected with you is good.Even if your friend is suspected of being part of a crime you will still support your friend and interprete "facts" and give benefit of doubt. But if others accuse your "enemies" of a crime without giving any evidence, you will say, "Ah..there is no smoke without fire!"
Of course if you insist on covering up for your friend it is your right, But if go round pretending that you are fair and unbaised then you will get what you are getting.
Good thing about the written word, it is there forever and people can judge.

Anonymous said...


i suggest you don't bother about these people who hate the NST.
they will never find anything right about the NST.

some of these commenters, Muraina, saja nak sakit-kan hati you.

and this Mazlan fellow...who is he trying to kid?

NST is pro-establishment. so is the Star (MCA-owned) and then the Sun (owned by Vincent Tan).

This Mazlan has probably stopped reading the NST.

Yes..NST was so teruk under Kalimulah and gang. They spun stories and killed journalism. They had no sense of fairness.

So, Mazlan...either you have enver really read the NST or stopped reading NST under Kalimulah's "regime".

I think Nuraina will agree that NST, like other papers, have got its bias. But so what?

As long as the news you report is not lies.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes that the Main Stream Media in this country is fair in their reporting of the political situation in this country must be a nut.

NST, Utusan and the Star included.

Apartheid newspapers also found support within the democratic movements in the then South Africa and Rodesia. Just because there were majority supporters within the white governments for those papers did not mean the regimes were right.

- Wira

JinHou said...

Hahaha... what a joke. How about the severe under-reporting of the numbers of attendees for both the Bersih and Hindraf rallies? I believe the MSM's official figure is 5000 attendees whereas all foreign press conservatively put them at 20,000. Why? Is this an error in reporting also? The reporter can't count?

Anonymous said...


You ingat rakyak bodohkah ? Jngan spin sudahlah. Kaki bodek.

wandererAUS said...

Just One sentence to describe your effort to be non-partisan.
Don't be bitchy!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Mazlan. After 20 odd years of reading NST, I terminated the subscription recently. To compensate newspaper man, I took up subscription of the Edge daily.

At the end of the day, I want to read articles which do not insult my intelligence. Edge is balanced and being a business newspaper, reports it as it is.

Nuraini, the comments here against you might come across as blinkered and biased or as Rocky uses the term, too Pakatanish. But I can say there is truth in them. Mazlan put across a valid point about politicians living beyond their salaries. Now, if these politicians are the next warren buffett's, by all means, hand Petronas, PNB and EPF money to them. But they are not obviously.

So as I said, don't insult our intelligence. Admit where you stand. Utusan has no problem with that. Rocky had a habit of claiming to be neutral but judging from the comments on his blog, he finally got the point and grew comfortable with his Pro UMNO stand.

Anonymous said...

Adoi Kak Ena! How sad and heartbroken your much respected bapak (in heaven) must be to see how you are now. Patutlah lately so much rain nearly everyday for the heavens cry in pity and to commiserate with his grief.

Anak Perelih said...

proof that MSM is spinning news on what is happening in Penang...

MSM said that MPPP are only demolishing Malay stalls without license... something playing on the racial sentiments... but somehow Utusan did report that Chinese stall without license also got demolished in Ayer Itam too... Lihat seterusnya..

PULAU PINANG 4 Feb. - Bukan sahaja peniaga Melayu, kerajaan negeri pimpinan DAP juga didakwa bertindak kejam merobohkan gerai peniaga Cina gara-gara mereka bukan ahli parti itu.

Anonymous said...

Sorry dude, I wonder why the energetic defense of NST?

Dunno about LGE or yourself Nuraina but many of us can see that NST is so bias. Other than the motoring section on Sunday, the polical news and commentaries are a letdown of fundamental journalism.

Anonymous said...

I'm perplexed, if NST is not part of govt machinery to bring down PR then who is? I think u should remove "read Quran" banner from your site coz u don't want to be the people who read quran but in turn the quran will "laknat" u! As the rest with your comrades ie wcw of star, rocky of mm ur just another prostitute to the "zalimun"

syed putra ahmad said...

setelah membaca laporan shuhada elis yang menjadi pertikaian, saya akan mempertahankannya sebagai laporan yang adil, jujur dan objektif.

malah, kenyataan saifudin nasution yang dilaporkan itu juga menampakkan kematangan beliau sebagai orang politik serta pemimpin sebuah parti politik. kenyataannya cermat dan beralas. tiada sebab untuk beliau berasa kurang senang terhadapnya.

namun begitu, saya percaya tajuk laporan itulah yang kelihatan tidak jujur dan seolah-olah berniat serong atau secara sengaja mahu mensensasikan isu.

ia berbunyi 'pkr ready to act on guan eng', sedangkan laporan yang dibuat shuhada itu tidaklah begitu jurusnya.

ia akan kelihatan lebih adil jika ditajukkan seperti berikut, 'pkr ready to act on guan eng vs zaharin issue' atau tajuk lain yang seakan-akannya.

kesediaan puan mempertahankan wartawan puan adalah sikap seorang ketua yang amat terpuji, tetapi mempertahankan tajuk yang sememangnya tidak adil itu atas pelbagai sentimen peribadi, slogan persuratkhabaran dan lain-lain bukanlah sesuatu yang wajar juga.

dalam suasana dunia politik kita yang begitu sensitif sehingga ke tahap keanak-anakan dan khalayak pula umumnya memakai cermin mata berwarna untuk melihat dunia mereka, ada baiknya 'orang surat khabar' mengajar semua pihak supaya melihat dunia bersama kita itu secara jujur dan telus - tanpa warna dan tanpa rempah ratus.


Anonymous said...

All that I can say is that every person has a price. How much was yours ??

dheep said...

Nuraina you are the editor of NST?

Your comments on this report in Malaysiakini please.

"...Saifuddin has issued a press statement that NAT has maliciously misquoted his statement. He said he called NST reporter Shuhada Elis to seek clarification. She admitted over the phone that the line was not written by her and it has been inserted by the editor of NST. .."

Inserted by the editor. Did you really do that?



you believe saifuddin, of course.

saifuddin also said the reporter was a "he".

anyway -- of course i did not insert whatever he was talking about.



one very hilarious comment from you, i must say.

Lee said...

People do change....and that is acceptable.There are all kinds of people in this world.Peoples worthy of respects are the genuine nationalists.NST being a mouthpiece of the Government, understandably is bias towards the government.Personaly I believe there is too much spinning and not enough balanced reporting.The interests of the country do not get top priority, but the hidden agendas of some individuals get top priority.Those people who controls the paper do not belong to the same class as your beloved dad!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of stopping The Star and switching to NST but after reading the comments here... I guess not. I miss the NST of the 80's though... none of the political crap you get now, everyday!

JR said...

There is NO plot to topple Pakatan. It is just a normal day in Malaysia where the Opposition govt gets whacked left and right for all the things they did and did not do.
All in a day's work for Malaysian politicians & their cronies whom are more interested to create havoc and earn some brownie points from their political masters rather than doing some good.
We in Penang are just glad that we don't have a BN puppet CM anymore, and God willing never ever again!

Anonymous said...

I don't read NST. Iknow that the paper writes rubbish about the Opposition.

dheep said...

Dear Nuraina,

In response to your reply, it is indeed a matter of who to trust. Sadly in the current climate i find both politicians and government linked newspapers like yours both hard to believe.

However in your case i cannot help but to feel that you are not reporting the truth. A true newspaper allows comments from an accused party. I don't see you giving the opposition especially DAP to properly reply to all allegations that has been made.

Take for example the latest lie perpetuated by Utusan that the procession for Prophet's birthday is cancelled in Penang. It is a lie and your newspaper reported it without a reply nor confirmation from Penang gov whether it is really cancelled.

So with such biased reporting coming from a newspaper that you are a head of, definitely i find it hard to trust your words.

That's all.

Happy CNY and Valentines.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Newspaper reporting have to be fair to all party, do u agree? But so far all these years do u guys report any wrongdoing of the government? Bias?

We rakyat are no more stupid.. U guys have been reporting bias report, twisting the fact and now taste ur own medicine..

Stop crying outloud for godsake.



you know you are not the first, nor the only one to have your bias against the NST.

nothing i say will make you less biased about the NST. In the first place I don't think you even read the NST.
If you do, then you are reading with a very closed and narrow mind, looking for that NST bias against the opposition.

To each his/her own.

Thank you.



i wasn't going to respond to you but what the heck... doesn't hurt to just tell you that if you don't care to read the NST, then you would not know what we cover or not or how we report our stories.

dheep said...

Haha, Nuraina i would not have made such a comment if i had not been reading NST. I don't support it by buying but i do read your online version.

It is not me who is biased in judging, it is you.

Of course nothing i say can make you answer my question nor to understand why me and thousands others dislike NST.

I have nothing against you but sometimes you have to understand that all we want is fair reporting especially from a newspaper that is as old as Malaysia.

Thank you.



what can i say?

thousands don't like the NST.. thousands others do.

i will leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

Hi N,
You are definately a biased reporter. I simply can't can see it in your eyes, though its just a photograph.I paints a thousand words.



you must be a sicko.

Anonymous said...

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