Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Girls, Take Up Martial Arts...

This may not be an everyday occurence but still makes me so angry that the rapist and his accomplice got away with it.

I have a 17 year-old daughter. Maybe this 17 year-old girl in the story is not as "sheltered" as my daughter.
Sheltered or not, any girl caught in this kind of situation may not be able to escape.

I wish I could get my hands on this b.s.a.d!

What does a girl do in her situation? I can imagine my daughter, waiting for me outside a shopping complex, and some guy puts up a drama, confuses and deceives my daughter in the process and, abducts her....

My kids - Adel and Shaira - used to go for taekwondo classes. Kak Eda and I learnt a bit of silat from my late uncle when he used to visit us regularly during the time Bapak was in (ISA) detention.
And, I've always been keen on Aikido.

I'd want Shaira to take that up, or kickboxing, silat, or whatever form of martial arts so she can defend, or save herself in desperate and dangerous situations.

I would suggest that girls, women take up martial arts for self defence.

Because, sometimes, there is no one else there for you.


Anonymous said...

yes, girls & ladies, defend yourselves !!

Anonymous said...


Krav Maga is oh so.. d best, really teaches all the right points to go for. More so for women, where they need to rely on smart and efficient moves making up for the deficiency in strength/power.

May the force be with ya.


are there krav maga classes? i remember J Lo in "Enough", learning the moves.

BoxxTomoi said...

how about Muay Thai?

Unknown said...

..but sometimes all the martial arts moves are just not good parents we fear for our children, yes..we try to strike a balance from being sheltered and being independent..for we realised that one day, they just have to go out and fend for themselves..17 or not..we try to teach them basic values..of what is right and what is be critical and quick thinking in time of crisis..apart from that, what separates them from the world, lady, is only a prayer..but a pepper spray helps..

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe that martial arts for purposes of self-defence should be made compulsory for girls in all schools so that women can stop becoming victims of evil, vicious men.

Unfortunately, given that most policy makers in our system are men, I have a sneaky feeling that many of them are unlikely to want to empower women in this way. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.


Anonymous said...

Another thing, it isn't always just about rape; it is also about sexual harrasement in the workplace. Men who "accidentally" brush up against their female colleagues, or all-out try to intimidate them physically, can be found in almost any work place. Why? Because most men who resort to this kind of filthy behaviour feel confident that most women, and Malaysian women especially, would prefer not to publicise their ugly experiences. Why? Because they know it is hard to prove.

But a woman who can "accidentally" give a painful jab with her elbow into the rib cage of a male colleague who "accidentally" brushes up against her, will be taken seriously and the predator will not want to come up against her again. If you are a woman who is being harrassed in this way, try this tactic; it works!!


matdeboq said...

I do hope the CCTV will help the Police in their effort to nab the perpetrator's concern..!!

So, be it girls or who ever,please be at or under an operating CCTV. One should be within the range of a WORKING CCTV...the next time around just to be save. In case such matter occurs, one do have something to rely on!!

kita anak melayu said...

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Anonymous said...

Crimes that we watched in TV in the early days of the American movie is happenning right here now.

It's not even safe now to walk alone in the dark.

Where have our culture gone ?

What's the use of being the tallest , biggest and bla..bla. but
rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

kak nuraina,

I havent been home much for the past 15yrs. Whats becoming of our country, sampai kita kena suruh darah daging kita belajar self defense? hmmmm.... i pray for my siblings who r there back home. Dia-orang memang dah belajar the basics of self defense.But that is on a chance when defending against a determined lunatic. I agree that it can happen anywhere in the world, but whats happening back home was never the norm in my days.

Anonymous said...

Learn self-defense. Most schools teach martial arts. Not to put down these schools but they teach patterns/forms/katas/ and prearranged punch-block-punch techniques, sometimes stress more on the art rather than the martial.

Real fighting is brutal. You need to learn self-defense, fight dirty, small can overcome the big, that sort of thing.

You need to fight standing up and lying on the ground. Lying on the ground for example Brazilian it, youtube it.

In short, you need no holds barred training, self-defense, street fighting.

MAthin2 said...

I'm not sure if martial art skill would have been any help in this case. The odds were staked against the victim especially since this was a premeditated crime.

There was this chain e-mail about a bogus policeman who tricked a lady driver in TTDI into following him supposedly to a police station but later raped her elsewhere.

The methods are the same: These predators have evolved from brutal attacks (where self-defense skill will come in handy) to fooling their victims into letting down their guard.

A better solution is to create awareness and educate the girls on the modus operandi of these predators. However, some parents don't want their daughters' minds to be tainted with such tales but risk their children's personal safety as a result. Better to be street-smart through education rather than through the school of hard knocks.

Blanes said...

Martial Arts are mostly what the name says: Art
A problem in Malaysia is that people believe blindly what their guru/sensei/sifu tels them. I teach self defense to uni students in Malaysia and it includes horrible things like eye attacks and such things. Martial ARts never include anything like that. Instead they come with crazy high movie kicks and magical or chi power talk. If you want to learn something proper then why not contact the person who manages this place:


boxx tomoi: i'm a fan of muay thai.

pakmat: true. i agree. my daughter wants to buy a pepper pray. but in the event she cannot get that pepper spray out of her bag, knowing some self defence moves would help.

and i teach her the ways of the world...starting from the neighbourhood shops and shopping complexes.

I pray for her safety all the time. So does she.

Anonymous said...

The onus should not be on the women to learn martial arts, it should be on the men to stop doing such disgusting things.

Blanes said...

Fuuta. Men do not do such things, rapists do such things. There is a difference. Rapists were born rapists. Men were not born rapist.
But ignoring the fact that there will always be bad people and new rapists born every day, is plain stupid. If you want to survive that one day when you are attacked, you will have to learn to defend yourself.