Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat To Send "Drop Sodomy Charge' Memo to Government

(source: The Star)

Pakatan Rakyat MPs are together with their Australian counterparts in calling on the government to drop the sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim.

They will be submitting a memorandum to the Government on this.

“The memorandum will ... call for the Prime Minister, Government and the Attorney-General to drop the charge against Anwar,” DAP adviser Lim Kit Sianghe told reporters at the Jalan Duta Court Complex Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

No penetration No Charge, simple as that. 3 different doctors conclude with that findings - no penetration. Need it go further?

Anonymous said...

let justice takes its course.


Anonymous said...

Will kj lead another demonstration !?

Anonymous said...

I pity the underdog kid. The pro pakatan bloggers already crucified him. Please la, let him have his day in court.


Anonymous said...

Those 50 Australian MP's should take this guy and give him a job in the Australian parliment.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!