Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Voice Of Moderation Must Be Heard LOUD..

Someone tweeted: "The challenge is to make this all happen."

I agree. If the world agrees that moderation is the way forward, how can we fail?

THE world has to accept moderation in all aspects of life to fight extremism and the challenges it faces, said Prime Minister Najib Razak in his keynote address when opening the inaugural International Conference on Global Movement of Moderates yesterday.

Good speech.

I'm a moderate. Are you?


Anonymous said...

Salam Dato',
The problem in our Bolehland is, we also seem to adopt a "moderation" stance with regards to corruption, cronyism, abuse of power, etc., etc.; "moderation" is a much-abused word nowadays...


bruno said...

Nuraina,I have always have high regards for PM Najib's middle of the road policies.I look upon him as a moderate more suitable for a multi racial country as Malaysia.(although I love bashing Umno/BN and Najib lately)I wouldn't say that about Muhyiddin and the rest of the gang.

I have commented in PM Najib's blog before urging him to surpressed the right wingers and extremist,and to consolidate his power in Umno,or else they will weakened him and will be showing him the door sooner than later.Of course that was only my two cents worth of comments,compared to the highly overpaid consultants and strategists Najib has in his corner.

Once in a while I still received the regular 1 Malaysia e mails from Najib's people.I have not commented in his blog for more than a year already.

Najib's reform ideas were good,but most if not all ever got off the ground.If they ever do they wouldn't have any maximal impact after going through all the processes of the warlords inside Umno.

That is the reason PM Najib is flipflopping most of the time.My personal opinion is Najib making the mistake of appointing Mukriz as deputy minister pleasing Dr Mahathir,leaving out the big mouth,little kid on the block Khairy Jamaluddin offending the Badawi faction.What if he do appoint Mukriz as deputy minister,and KJ as federal minister.We will never know,will we?


metamorphic: but you would agree that there's been vast improvement in that department.

i disagree. moderation is a word they have not even started to use.

bruno: right on most points.:-)

Anonymous said...

I am but how to we progress from here? Now we have the Foundation, so I hope it would sincerely devise ways and means to share these ideas and put them in actionable deeds. I just hope it wont be hijacked by self-serving politicians bent on self-promotion.