Monday, January 16, 2012

Ambiga On Corruption: It's Okay For The Small Fry..

We must punish the big fishes, but we can forgive the ‘small fry’ so that we can move forward without any obstacles.”

Sorry, lady, I can't agree with you.

The Bersih 2.0 chief, representing NGOs, was speaking at the at the third Pakatan Rakyat convention at Stadium Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah in Alor Star yesterday.

Ambiga also suggested that Pakatan also consider setting up an independent body similar to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa, to implement a policy to pardon the “small fry” involved in corruption cases,Link
Huh? A commission to implement....whaat?

I'm against corruption, Big or small. Small fry or big sharks.

You see, they usually start small. And if they're small fry in an organization, collectively, they can ruin that organization, especially if it's a government agency or department.

We talk about a new dawn, a new Malaysia. Wipe out corruption, and then we say that it's okay for the small fry. Just go for the sharks. Yes. Go for the big fish. But a crime is a crime.

They all start small and when they assume bigger and more powerful positions, they carry "that" with them.

I'm no lawyer. But lawyers themselves tell me that it is not easy to convict people for corruption. It is exhaustive and lengthy. Tons of documents to peruse and study.

Besides the fact that the accused usually have damn good lawyers to defend them.
Get off on some technicality. Hostile witnesses and so forth.

Nevertheless, we've seen some high profile cases.

When the culprit get off, we criticize the DPPs and government lawyers. We call them fools.

Perhaps, yeah. Perhaps some of them are not as good as some of those big names in the legal fraternity. (The government should hire them damn good lawyers!)

We cannot approach the war on corruption by naively (and Ambiga is not naive) saying that - oh forgive the small fry. Okay-lah you get the votes from the small fry.

Okay -- forgive the policeman for taking bribes from us? Forgive the RTD guy for asking for duit kopi. Forgive that land office boy fro asking "tips" for handling your application?

It all starts small and grows to become big. And a culture.

That said -- I can see why the small fry are corruptible and look to bribes as easy money. No increase in pay structure for centuries (I exaggerate, but you get my point) and cost of living getting higher and higher.....

Anyway, that call for a truth and reconciliation....??? I don't see any parallel, any commonality.

Okay. Enough said.

By the way, I have never offered a policeman a bribe. Never had to. Never

Have you?


Jamie said...

Ive never ever been asked for a bribe. Maybe if you come across as someone who is not indulgent enough to offer a bribe, no one would dare to approach you for one. If you start offering, of course there'll be takers. It is the giver or the offeror who should be punished more. No offer, no taker.

sepa said...

agree with mr Jamie. its not only corruption we are against, collusion as well.

bruno said...

Nuraina,I know that what I am going to say,you definitely will not agree with me.Rampant corruption.

The political secretaries of the country's top two leaders have been accused of corruption.A deputy
minister and an official in charge of religious affairs have been accused of using zakat money for their personal use.

Corruption happening under the noses of the PM and DPM.What is most dissapointing and troubling is zakat money is supposed only to be used for needy Muslims.If zakat money is not safe from the wolves,how can the chickens be safe from the foxes.

To submit a file for expedited or regular application,one has to pay the office boy to the top.How much will depends on how fast one wants it to be done.If one doesn't pay the files will never see daylight again.

Just look at the number of massage parlours.All these are fronts for illegal activities.And they are flourishing all over the place.Does the anti vice and mata mata not know about these.These establishments,numbers and sports betting are cash cows for the PDRM.
And on and on for miles the list goes on.

To eradicate corruption,at least ten to twenty percent of civil servants will have to go,that is including PDRM,customs and the rest.And how about the ministers and their cronies.We might have to called in the armed forces to round these criminals up.

I totally agreed with you that all small or big fish should be punished.Corruption is corruption.No two ways.


jamie,i don't know whether i look like someone "who is not indulgent enough to offer a bribe"..
i hv been stopped for exceeding speed limit during the usual "operations". I take the ticket and nothing more. I've been given summons for parking in no-parking areas. etc etc..i dutifully pay..of course, i ask for reduction. if i get it, fine, otherwise I pay becos i committed an offence. i do sometime offer an explanation, and they do listen.

however, i was party to the rampant "corruption" in RTD for which i had no control. i know car salesmen give some kind of duit kopi to have their applications for RTD matters done quickly. I resent that but there's nothing i can do. But there's something mACC can do. Why are people not reporting that to the MACC? Just like customs. and when MACC investigates, the witness or suspect dies in custody due to whatever reason which would be investigated, we crucify the MACC. We all agree that MACC must improve their practices but come one, surely not to bring it down. Like we condemn the we want to bring it all down?
We can debate until the cows come home on this issue, but the fact is, no one condones corruption.


sepa: ditto



i agree with you.
why did you think i won't. you are right. and especially on zakat. and the baitulmal. where are the audited accounts of baitulmal? let me say that if the baitulmal is used for its purpose, there will not be a single poor soul in this country...
but you know, corruption under the noses of PM and DPM -- happens to the best of leaders. it is a crime only if the leaders know and do nothing.